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Adventures In ParadiseFlowers1998
All For YouThe Golden Ratio2010
All That She WantsHappy Nation1992
All That She WantsSingles Of The 90's1999
All That She WantsGreatest Hits2008
All That She Wants (Banghra Version)Happy Nation1992
All That She Wants (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Always Have, Always WillFlowers1998
Always Have, Always WillSingles Of The 90's1999
Always Have, Always WillGreatest Hits2008
Angel EyesThe Bridge1995
Beautiful LifeThe Bridge1995
Beautiful LifeSingles Of The 90's1999
Beautiful LifeGreatest Hits2008
Beautiful Life (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Beautiful MorningDa Capo2002
Beautiful MorningGreatest Hits2008
Black SeaThe Golden Ratio2010
Blooming 18The Bridge1995
C'est la vie (Always 21)Singles Of The 90's1999
C'est la vie (Always 21)Greatest Hits2008
C'est la vie (Always 21) (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Captain NemoFlowers1998
Change With The LightDa Capo2002
Come To MeHidden Gems2015
Cruel SummerFlowers1998
Cruel SummerSingles Of The 90's1999
Cruel SummerGreatest Hits2008
Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix)Flowers1998
Cruel Summer (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Da CapoDa Capo2002
Da CapoGreatest Hits2008
Dancer In A DaydreamHappy Nation1992
Dimension Of Depth (Instrumental)Happy Nation1992
Don't Go AwayFlowers1998
Don't StopHidden Gems2015
Don't Turn AroundSingles Of The 90's1999
Don't Turn AroundGreatest Hits2008
Don't Turn Around (Bonus Track)Happy Nation1992
Don't Turn Around (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
DoreenThe Golden Ratio2010
Dr. SunFlowers1998
Edge Of HeavenThe Bridge1995
Everytime It RainsSingles Of The 90's1999
Experience PearlsThe Bridge1995
Fashion PartyHappy Nation1992
Giving It Up (Remake)Hidden Gems2015
Go Go GoHidden Gems2015
Hallo HalloSingles Of The 90's1999
Hallo HalloGreatest Hits2008
Hallo Hallo (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Happy NationHappy Nation1992
Happy NationSingles Of The 90's1999
Happy NationGreatest Hits2008
Happy Nation (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
He DecidesFlowers1998
Hear Me Calling (Bonus Track)Happy Nation1992
Hey DarlingDa Capo2002
I PrayFlowers1998
Into The Night Of BlueHidden Gems2015
JulietThe Golden Ratio2010
Just 'n ImageThe Bridge1995
Life Is A FlowerFlowers1998
Life Is A FlowerSingles Of The 90's1999
Life Is A FlowerGreatest Hits2008
Life Is A Flower (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Living In DangerSingles Of The 90's1999
Living In DangerGreatest Hits2008
Living In Danger (Bonus Track)Happy Nation1992
Living In Danger (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Look Around MeHidden Gems2015
Love In DecemberSingles Of The 90's1999
Lucky LoveThe Bridge1995
Lucky LoveSingles Of The 90's1999
Lucky LoveGreatest Hits2008
Lucky Love (Acoustic Version)The Bridge1995
Lucky Love (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Make My DayHidden Gems2015
MegamixGreatest Hits2008
Mercy MercyHidden Gems2015
Moment Of MagicHidden Gems2015
Mr. ReplayThe Golden Ratio2010
Münchhausen (Just Chaos)Happy Nation1992
My Deja VuThe Bridge1995
My Mind (Mindless Mix)Happy Nation1992
Never Gonna Say I'm SorryThe Bridge1995
Never Gonna Say I'm SorrySingles Of The 90's1999
Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
No Good LoverHidden Gems2015
On The RadioThe Golden Ratio2010
One DayThe Golden Ratio2010
Ordinary DayDa Capo2002
Perfect WorldThe Bridge1995
Pole PositionHidden Gems2015
PreciousThe Golden Ratio2010
Prime TimeHidden Gems2015
Que SeraThe Bridge1995
RavineThe Bridge1995
Remember The WordsDa Capo2002
Show Me LoveDa Capo2002
Southern CaliforniaThe Golden Ratio2010
Strange WaysThe Bridge1995
Summer DaysHidden Gems2015
Sunset In Southern CaliforniaHidden Gems2015
The Golden RatioThe Golden Ratio2010
The JuvenileDa Capo2002
The SignSingles Of The 90's1999
The SignGreatest Hits2008
The Sign (Bonus Track)Happy Nation1992
The Sign (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Tokyo GirlFlowers1998
Told My MaThe Golden Ratio2010
Travel To RomantisFlowers1998
Travel To Romantis (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
UnspeakableDa Capo2002
UnspeakableGreatest Hits2008
Vision In BlueThe Golden Ratio2010
Voulez-Vous DanserHappy Nation1992
Waiting For MagicHappy Nation1992
Wave Wet SandThe Bridge1995
What's The Name Of The GameDa Capo2002
Wheel Of FortuneHappy Nation1992
Wheel Of FortuneSingles Of The 90's1999
Wheel Of FortuneGreatest Hits2008
Wheel Of Fortune (Original Club Mix)Happy Nation1992
Wheel Of Fortune (Remix)Greatest Hits2008
Whispers In BlindnessThe Bridge1995
Who I AmThe Golden Ratio2010
Wonderful LifeDa Capo2002
World Down UnderDa Capo2002
Would You BelieveHidden Gems2015
You And IThe Bridge1995
Young And ProudHappy Nation1992

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