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10.000 Volts10.000 Volts2024
2 Young 2 DieTrouble Walkin'1989
30 Days In The HoleOrigins Vol. 22020
A Little Below The AngelsAnomaly2009
Back Into My Arms Again10.000 Volts2024
Back To SchoolTrouble Walkin'1989
Blinded10.000 Volts2024
BreakoutFrehley's Comet1987
Breakout12 Picks1997
Bring It On HomeOrigins Vol. 12016
Bronx BoySpaceman2018
Calling To YouFrehley's Comet1987
ChangeSpace Invader2014
Change The WorldAnomaly2009
Cherry Medicine10.000 Volts2024
Cold Gin12 Picks1997
Cold GinOrigins Vol. 12016
Constantly Cute10.000 Volts2024
Cosmic Heart10.000 Volts2024
Deuce12 Picks1997
Do YaTrouble Walkin'1989
Do YaLoaded Deck1998
DollsFrehley's Comet1987
EmeraldOrigins Vol. 12016
Fightin' For Life10.000 Volts2024
Fire And WaterOrigins Vol. 12016
Five Card StudTrouble Walkin'1989
Fox On The RunAnomaly2009
Foxy And FreeAnomaly2009
Fractured IIITrouble Walkin'1989
Fractured IIILoaded Deck1998
Fractured MirrorAce Frehley1978
Fractured QuantumAnomaly2009
Fractured TooFrehley's Comet1987
Fractured TooLoaded Deck1998
Genghis KhanAnomaly2009
Gimme A Feelin'Space Invader2014
Give It To Me AnywayLoaded Deck1998
Good Times, Bad TimesOrigins Vol. 22020
Hide Your HeartTrouble Walkin'1989
Hide Your Heart12 Picks1997
I Wanna Go BackSpaceman2018
I Wanna Hold YouSpace Invader2014
I'm DownOrigins Vol. 22020
I'm In Need Of LoveAce Frehley1978
Immortal PleasuresSpace Invader2014
Insane12 Picks1997
Inside The VortexSpace Invader2014
Into The NightFrehley's Comet1987
Into The Night12 Picks1997
It's Over NowLoaded Deck1998
Its A Great LifeAnomaly2009
Jumpin' Jack FlashOrigins Vol. 22020
KicksOrigins Vol. 22020
Life Of A Stranger10.000 Volts2024
LolaOrigins Vol. 22020
Lost In LimboTrouble Walkin'1989
Love Me RightFrehley's Comet1987
Magic Carpet RideOrigins Vol. 12016
Manic DepressionOrigins Vol. 22020
Mission To MarsSpaceman2018
Never In My LifeOrigins Vol. 22020
New York GrooveAce Frehley1978
New York Groove (live)Loaded Deck1998
Off My BackSpaceman2018
One Plus OneLoaded Deck1998
Outer SpaceAnomaly2009
OzoneAce Frehley1978
Pain In The NeckAnomaly2009
ParasiteOrigins Vol. 12016
Past The Milk WaySpace Invader2014
PoliticianOrigins Vol. 22020
Pursuit Of Rock And RollSpaceman2018
Quantum FluxSpaceman2018
RecklessSpace Invader2014
Reckless (Different Remix Version)Space Invader2014
Remember MeTrouble Walkin'1989
Remember MeLoaded Deck1998
Rip It OutAce Frehley1978
Rip It Out12 Picks1997
Rock N Roll HellOrigins Vol. 12016
Rock SoldiersFrehley's Comet1987
Rock Soldiers12 Picks1997
Rock SoldiersLoaded Deck1998
Rocket Ride12 Picks1997
Rockin' With The BoysSpaceman2018
SeparateLoaded Deck1998
SheOrigins Vol. 22020
Shock Me12 Picks1997
Shot Full Of RockTrouble Walkin'1989
Shot Full Of RockLoaded Deck1998
Snow BlindAce Frehley1978
Something MovedFrehley's Comet1987
Space BearAnomaly2009
Space InvaderSpace Invader2014
Space Truckin'Origins Vol. 22020
Spanish Castle MagicOrigins Vol. 12016
Speedin' Back To My BabyAce Frehley1978
StarshipSpace Invader2014
Stranger In A Strange LandFrehley's Comet1987
Stranger In A Strange LandLoaded Deck1998
Stratosphere10.000 Volts2024
Street Fighting ManOrigins Vol. 12016
The JokerSpace Invader2014
The Joker (Extended Version)Space Invader2014
Till The End Of The DayOrigins Vol. 12016
Too Many FacesAnomaly2009
ToysSpace Invader2014
Trouble Walkin'Trouble Walkin'1989
Trouble Walkin'12 Picks1997
Up In The Sky10.000 Volts2024
Walkin' On The Moon10.000 Volts2024
We Got Your RockFrehley's Comet1987
We Gotta Get Out Of This PlaceOrigins Vol. 22020
What Every Girl WantsSpace Invader2014
What's On Your MindAce Frehley1978
White RoomOrigins Vol. 12016
Wild ThingOrigins Vol. 12016
Wiped-OutAce Frehley1978
Without You I'm NothingSpaceman2018
Words Are Not Enough12 Picks1997
Your Wish Is My CommandSpaceman2018

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