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9 PM ('till I Come)Seven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
9 PM (Till I Come)Movin' Melodies1999
9 PM (Till I Come) (Signum Mix)Movin' Melodies1999
A New DayFuture Memories2009
A Place Like You (+ Mister BlondevNext2017
After The FlameNo Silence2004
All I Need Is You (feat. Sean Ryan)Distant Earth2011
Apollo Road (+ Dash Berlin)Distant Earth2011
Apollo Road (Club Version) (+ Dash Berlin)Distant Earth2011
Arms Wide Open (+ Vanessa)Contact2014
Authentic Reaction (presents Apple And Stone)Future Memories2009
Back HomeNext2017
Basic LoveDedicated2002
Be Like You (feat. JanSoon)Distant Earth2011
Beach Vibes (Eff)Movin' Melodies1999
Beam Me Up (+ Boss + Swan)Contact2014
Beautiful WorldsTrilogy2007
Behind (presents Flanders)Future Memories2009
Behind (presents Flanders) (ATB's Ambient Version)Future Memories2009
Believe In MeSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Better Give UpTrilogy2007
Black NightsNo Silence2004
Breach (+ ATB + Myon + Ethan Thompson)Next2017
Break My HeartAddicted To Music2003
Breathe (+ Anova)Contact2014
Bring It BackTwo Worlds2000
Cabana MoonAddicted To Music2003
CarelessFuture Memories2009
Chapter One (+ Josh Gallahan)Distant Earth2011
Circular SymetryNo Silence2004
City Of HopeDistant Earth2011
Close Enough To Touch (+ Alyx Ander + Maria Z.)Next2017
Collides With BeautyNo Silence2004
Communicates (presents Jades)Future Memories2009
Connected (+ Andrew Rayel)Next2017
Cursed By BeautyContact2014
Desperate ReligionTrilogy2007
Distant EarthDistant Earth2011
Do You Love MeAddicted To Music2003
Don't StopMovin' Melodies1999
Don't StopSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
EcstasyNo Silence2004
EcstasySeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
EmotionMovin' Melodies1999
Endless SilenceTwo Worlds2000
Engrossing MomentsTwo Worlds2000
Enigmatic EncounterTwo Worlds2000
Eternal SwellsNo Silence2004
Everything Is Beautiful (+ Taylr)Contact2014
Everything Is WrongAddicted To Music2003
Expanded PerceptionDistant Earth2011
Face To Face (+ Stanfour)Contact2014
Faith (+ Tilsen)Next2017
Fall AsleepTwo Worlds2000
Far BeyondSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Feel AliveTrilogy2007
Feel YouTwo Worlds2000
Feel You Like A RiverTwo Worlds2000
First LoveTwo Worlds2000
Flash X (+ Mike Schmid)Next2017
Future MemoriesFuture Memories2009
Gentle MelodyAddicted To Music2003
Get HighDedicated2002
Gold (feat. JanSoon)Distant Earth2011
GravityFuture Memories2009
Green SandNext2017
Hard To Cure (+ JES)Contact2014
Heart Of Stone (+ Mike Schmid)Next2017
Heartbeat (+ Amurai feat. Melissa Loretta)Distant Earth2011
Here With MeNo Silence2004
Here With MeSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Hold YouDedicated2002
Hold YouSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
HorizonFuture Memories2009
HumanitySeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Hyponotic BeachTwo Worlds2000
I Can't StandDedicated2002
I Don't Wanna StopAddicted To Music2003
I Don't Wanna StopSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
I See ItDedicated2002
I Wanna CryDedicated2002
I Will Not ForgetAddicted To Music2003
I'm Here (+ Jan Loechel)Next2017
If It Takes All Night (+ Cavale)Next2017
If It's Love (feat. Melissa Loretta)Distant Earth2011
In Love With The D.J.Seven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
In Love With The DJAddicted To Music2003
IntencityNo Silence2004
Jetstream (+ Anova)Contact2014
KayamaMovin' Melodies1999
KillerSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Killer 2000Movin' Melodies1999
Killing Me Inside (feat. Sean Ryan)Distant Earth2011
KlangweltTwo Worlds2000
L.A. NightsFuture Memories2009
Let U GoTwo Worlds2000
Let U GoDedicated2002
Let U GoSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Let U Go (2005 Reworked)Seven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Listen To MeFuture Memories2009
Living Life OverFuture Memories2009
Long Way HomeAddicted To Music2003
Long Way HomeSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Loose The GravityTwo Worlds2000
Love The SilenceContact2014
Love Will Find YouTwo Worlds2000
Luminescence (presents Josh Gallahan)Future Memories2009
Made Of GlassTrilogy2007
Magnetic GirlDistant Earth2011
Malibu RoadFuture Memories2009
MarrakechNo Silence2004
MarrakechSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
Message Out To You (+ F51 + Robbin + Jonnis)Next2017
MissingFuture Memories2009
Moments In PeaceDistant Earth2011
Move On (Club Version) (feat. JanSoon)Distant Earth2011
Move On (feat. JanSoon)Distant Earth2011
Movin' MelodiesMovin' Melodies1999
Moving Backwards (feat. Kate Louise Smith)Distant Earth2011
Moving Cloudbreak (+ Fade)Next2017
My DreamMovin' Melodies1999
My EverythingFuture Memories2009
My Saving GraceFuture Memories2009
Mysterious SkiesNo Silence2004
Never StopNext2017
Never Without You (+ Sean Ryan)Next2017
Now Or Never (+ JanSoon)Contact2014
ObsessionMovin' Melodies1999
One More (feat. Christina Soto)Distant Earth2011
OrbitDistant Earth2011
Pacific Avenue (+ Fade)Contact2014
Pages (+ Haliene)Next2017
Peace Is IllusionAddicted To Music2003
Project XNext2017
Raging Bull (+ Boss + Swan)Contact2014
Red SunContact2014
Remember When (+ Lenachka)Next2017
RepulseTwo Worlds2000
Right Back To You (+ York + YES)Contact2014
Route 66 (+ Anova)Next2017
Running A Wrong Way (+ Rea Garvey)Distant Earth2011
See U AgainTwo Worlds2000
SensualityTwo Worlds2000
Silent MeaningFuture Memories2009
Some Things Just Are The Way They AreTrilogy2007
Stars Come OutTrilogy2007
Stay With Me (+ Mike SchmidvNext2017
Sternwanderer (feat. Anova)Distant Earth2011
Still HereFuture Memories2009
Still Here (ATB's Anthem 2014 Version) (+ Tiff Lacey)Contact2014
Straight To The Stars (+ Sean Ryan)Contact2014
Summervibes With 9PMFuture Memories2009
Sun Goes DownNo Silence2004
SunburnMovin' Melodies1999
Sunset GirlAddicted To Music2003
Swept AwayFuture Memories2009
Take Me OverSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
TalismanicFuture Memories2009
Terra 260273Future Memories2009
The Autumn LeavesNo Silence2004
The Chosen OnesTrilogy2007
The Fields Of LoveTwo Worlds2000
The Fields Of LoveSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
The First TonesMovin' Melodies1999
The MissionContact2014
The SummerTwo Worlds2000
The SummerSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
The Summer (Ibiza Influence Version)Two Worlds2000
These DaysTrilogy2007
This Is Your Life (feat. Fuldner)Distant Earth2011
TimelessTwo Worlds2000
Together (+ KES)Contact2014
Too Much Rain (Woody Van Eyden Mix)Movin' Melodies1999
Trace Of LifeContact2014
Trilogie Part 2Seven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
TrilogyAddicted To Music2003
TrinityDistant Earth2011
TwilightFuture Memories2009
Twisted Love (Distant Earth Vocal Version) (feat. Cristina Soto)Distant Earth2011
Underwater WorldMovin' Melodies1999
Vice Versa (+ Armin van Buuren)Distant Earth2011
VoicesFuture Memories2009
Wait For Your HeartNo Silence2004
Walking Awake (+ Boss + Swan)Contact2014
We BelongAddicted To Music2003
What About UsFuture Memories2009
What Are You Waiting For (+ JanSoon)Contact2014
When Angels Travel (+ Stefan Erbe)Contact2014
When It Ends It Starts Again (+ Sean Ryan)Contact2014
When It Ends It Starts Again (Ambient Version) (+ Sean Ryan)Next2017
Where You Are (feat. Kate Louise Smith)Distant Earth2011
White Letters (feat. Melissa Loretta)Distant Earth2011
Within A DreamNext2017
You're Not AloneDedicated2002
You're Not AloneSeven Years (1998 - 2005)2005
ZwischenstückMovin' Melodies1999

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