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Sunshower - Thelma Houston1969:
Sunshower -
Thelma Houston

  1. Sunshower (From His Own Dark City)
  2. Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon
  3. To Make It Easier On You
  4. Didn't We
  5. Mixed Up Girl
  6. Someone Is Standing Outside
  7. Jumpin' Jack Flash
  8. This Is Where I Came In
  9. Pocketful Of Keys
10. This Is Your Life
11. Cheap Lovin'
12. If That Was The Last Song

Thelma Houston - Thelma Houston1973:
Thelma Houston -
Thelma Houston

  1. What If
  2. There's No Such Thing As Love
  3. Me And Bobby McGee
  4. I'm Letting Go
  5. Do Something About It
  6. There Is A God
  7. Black
  8. California
  9. And I Never Did
10. Blackberries
11. And I Though You Loved Me


I've Got The Music In Me -
Thelma Houston + Pressure Cooker

  1. I've Got The Music In Me
  2. Reggae Tune (Instrumental)
  3. To Know You This To Love You
  4. Pressure Cooker (Instrumental)
  5. Don't Misunderstand
  6. Step in Time (Instrumental)
  7. Dish Rag (Instrumental)
  8. Got To Get You Into My Life - I've Got The Music In Me (Reprise)

Any Way You Like It - Thelma Houston1976:
Any Way You Like It -
Thelma Houston

  1. Any Way You Like It
  2. Don't Leave Me This Way
  3. I Don't Know Why I Love You
  4. Come To Me
  5. Don't Make Me Pay (For Another Girl's Mistake)
  6. Sharing Something Perfect Between Ourselves
  7. If It's The Last Thing I Do
  8. Differently


Thelma + Jerry - {Thelma Houston} + Jerry Butler1977:
Thelma + Jerry -
Thelma Houston + Jerry Butler

  1. Only The Beginning
  2. And You've Got Me
  3. It's A Lifetime Thing
  4. Medley:If You Leave Me Now - Love So Right
  5. I Love You Through Windows
  6. Joy Inside My Tears
  7. Sweet Love I've Found
  8. Let's Pretend
  9. Let's Get Together

The Devil In Me - Thelma Houston1978:
The Devil In Me -
Thelma Houston

  1. I'm Here Again
  2. It's Just Me Feeling Good
  3. I Can't Go On Living Without Your Love
  4. Triflin'
  5. Give Me Something To Believe In
  6. Memories
  7. I've Got The Devil in Me
  8. Baby, I Love You Too Much
  9. Your Eyes


Ready To Roll - Thelma Houston1978:
Ready To Roll -
Thelma Houston

  1. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
  2. Love Is Comin' On
  3. I Wanna Start My Life All Over Again
  4. Midnight Mona
  5. Pardon Me
  6. Everybody's Got A Story
  7. Strange
  8. Am I Expecting Too Much
  9. Can't We Try

Two To One - {Thelma Houston} + Jerry Butler1978:
Two To One -
Thelma Houston + Jerry Butler

  1. If It Would Never End
  2. Find A Way
  3. We Owe It To Yourselves
  4. I'm Not Strong Enough to Love You Again
  5. Never Gonna Get Enough
  6. Don't Pity Me
  7. Chicago Send Her Home
  8. You Gave Me Love


Ride To The Rainbow - Thelma Houston1979:
Ride To The Rainbow -
Thelma Houston

  1. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
  2. I Wanna Be Back In Love Again
  3. Love Machine
  4. Imaginary Paradise
  5. Just A Little Piece Of You
  6. Ride To The Rainbow
  7. Paying For It With My Heart
  8. Give It To Me
  9. Can't We Try

Breakwater Cat - Thelma Houston1980:
Breakwater Cat -
Thelma Houston

  1. Suspicious Minds
  2. Down The Backstairs Of My Life
  3. Understand Your Man
  4. Lost And Found
  5. Something We May Never Know
  6. Breakwater Cat
  7. Long And Lasting Love
  8. Before There Could Be Me
  9. Gone
10. What Was That Song


Reachin' All Around -
Thelma Houston

  1. You Were Never My Friend
  2. Reachin' All Around My Love
  3. I Can't Go Home Again
  4. Lies
  5. Don't Wonder Why
  6. I Never Took No For An Answer
  7. Rhythm Of Love
  8. The Best Years Of My Life
  9. A Little Bit A Heaven And A Little Bit A Hell
10. Medley: Stormy Weather - I Can't Stand The Rain

Thelma Houston (1983) - Thelma Houston1983:
Thelma Houston (1983) -
Thelma Houston

  1. Make It Last
  2. Say Goodbye To Love
  3. Running In Circles
  4. What For
  5. Just Like All The Rest
  6. Standing In The Light
  7. Take Me Through Your Lifetime
  8. Givin' It All
  9. Handsome Dudes
10. Working Girl


Qualifying Heat - Thelma Houston1984:
Qualifying Heat -
Thelma Houston

  1. It Must Be Love
  2. You Used To Hold Me So Tight
  3. Fantasy and Heartbreak
  4. I'd Rather Spend The Bad Times With You Than The Good Times With Someone New
  5. Shake You
  6. Generate Love
  7. Love Is A Dangerous Game
  8. What A Woman Feels Inside
  9. Standing In The Light (Bonus Track)

Throw You Down - Thelma Houston1990:
Throw You Down -
Thelma Houston

  1. What He Was
  2. You Can Float My Boat
  3. Throw You Down
  4. A Man Who Isn't So Smooth
  5. High
  6. Serious
  7. Short Life
  8. Got To Be Yourself
  9. I Won't Forget
10. Out Of My Hands


A Woman2007:
A Woman's Touch -
Thelma Houston

  1. Wake Up Everybody
  2. Never Too Much
  3. Brand New Day
  4. Ain't That Peculiar
  5. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  6. Distant Lover
  7. Love and Happiness
  8. Disco Heat - Mighty Real
  9. That's The Way Of The World
10. Please Send Me Someone To Love



Never Gonna Be Another One - Thelma Houston1981:
Never Gonna Be Another One -
Thelma Houston

  1. Never Give You Up
  2. Too Many Teardrops
  3. 96 Tears
  4. There's No Runnin' Away From
  5. Never Gonna Be Another One
  6. If You Feel It
  7. Don't Make Me Over
  8. Hollywood


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