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My Mind - Michael Mind2008:
My Mind -
Michael Mind

  1. Show Me Love
  2. Ride Like The Wind
  3. Hold On
  4. Bakerstreet
  5. Blinded By The Light
  6. Insomnia
  7. Superlover
  8. Rise And Shine
  9. Two, Three, Four
10. So Exited
11. Get Down
12. Don't Walk Away
13. Feels Good
14. Goodbye

State Of Mind - {Michael Mind} Project2013:
State Of Mind -
Michael Mind Project

  1. Antiheroes
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Don't Wanna Go Home (feat. Irresistible)
  4. Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Dante Thomas)
  5. Razorblade
  6. Give Me Love (feat. Birk Storm)
  7. We Bounce
  8. Feeling So Blue (feat. Dante Thomas)
  9. Lettin Go (feat. Niles Mason)
10. Last Night (feat. Dante Thomas)
11. Illegal
12. Carry Me
13. Hook Her Up (Michael Mind Project 2K13 Mix)
14. Rio De Ja Neiro (feat. Bobby Anthony + Rozette)
15. Ready Or Not (feat. Sean Kingston)
16. Delirious (feat. Mandy Ventrice + Carlprit)
17. Power That Let's Us Be (Fea. Francisco)
18. Show Me Love (Michael Mind Project 2K13 Remix)
19. Bakerstreet (Remady Remix)
20. Feel Your Body (Bodybangers Remix)
21. How Does It Feel (Jerome Remix)
22. Ride Like The Wind (Sunloverz Remix)
23. Blinded By The Light (Michael Mind Project 2K13 Remix)
24. Love's Gonna Get You (G+G Remix)
25. Two, Three, Four (Nils Van Gogh Remix)
26. Don't Walk Away (Eric Chase Remix)
27. Gotta Let You Go (Michael Mind Project 2K13 Remix)
28. Love's Gonna Get You (Laurent Wolf Remix)
29. Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Remix)
30. Blinded By The Light (feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band) (Remode Remix)
31. Gotta Let You Go (Dutch Mix)
32. Show Me Love (Gap 4 Remix)
33. Feeling So Blue (feat. Dante Thomas) (Dancecom Project Remix)
34. Bakerstreet (House Rockerz Remix)
35. Rio De Janeiro (Ducks On Dope Remix)
36. How Does It Feel (Dutch Mix)
37. Feel Your Body (Rockstroh Mix)
38. Show Me Love (Short Edit)
39. How Does It Feel (Radio Edit)
40. Michael Mind Project DJ Mix


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