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A Demon's FateThe Unforgiving2011
All I NeedThe Heart Of Everything2007
All I Need (live)Black Symphony2008
All I Need (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
And We Run (+ Xzibit)Hydra2014
And We Run (live)Let Us Burn2014
AngelsThe Silent Force2004
Angels (live)Black Symphony2008
Angels (live)Let Us Burn2014
AquariusThe Silent Force2004
Bittersweet (Bonus Track)Mother Earth2000
Bleed OutBleed Out2023
CagedMother Earth2000
Caged (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
Candles (live)Let Us Burn2014
Covered By RosesHydra2014
Covered By Roses (live)Let Us Burn2014
Cyanide LoveBleed Out2023
Dangerous (+ Howard Jones)Hydra2014
Dangerous (live)Let Us Burn2014
Dark WingsMother Earth2000
Deceiver Of FoolsMother Earth2000
Deceiver Of Fools (live)Black Symphony2008
Deep WithinEnter1997
Dog DaysHydra2014
Don't Pray For MeBleed Out2023
Edge Of The WorldHydra2014
Edge Of The World (live)Let Us Burn2014
Endless WarResist2018
Enter (Bonus Track)Mother Earth2000
Entertain YouBleed Out2023
FasterThe Unforgiving2011
Faster (live)Let Us Burn2014
Faster (live)Let Us Burn2014
Final DestinationThe Heart Of Everything2007
Fire And IceThe Unforgiving2011
Fire And Ice (live)Let Us Burn2014
Firelight (+ Jasper Steverlinck)Resist2018
ForgivenThe Heart Of Everything2007
Forgiven (live)Black Symphony2008
Forgiven (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
ForsakenThe Silent Force2004
FrozenThe Heart Of Everything2007
Frozen (live)Black Symphony2008
Frozen (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
Hand Of SorrowThe Heart Of Everything2007
Hand Of Sorrow (live)Black Symphony2008
Holy GroundResist2018
Ice QueenMother Earth2000
Ice Queen (live)Black Symphony2008
Ice Queen (live)Let Us Burn2014
Ice Queen (live)Let Us Burn2014
In Perfect HarmonyMother Earth2000
In The Middle Of The NightThe Unforgiving2011
In The Middle Of The Night (live)Let Us Burn2014
In The Middle Of The Night (live)Let Us Burn2014
In VainResist2018
IntroMother Earth2000
IntroThe Silent Force2004
IronThe Unforgiving2011
Iron (live)Let Us Burn2014
Iron (live)Let Us Burn2014
It's The FearThe Silent Force2004
Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)The Silent Force2004
Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) (live)Black Symphony2008
Let Us BurnHydra2014
Let Us Burn (live)Let Us Burn2014
LostThe Unforgiving2011
Mad WorldResist2018
MemoriesThe Silent Force2004
Memories (live)Black Symphony2008
Memories (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
Mercy MirrorResist2018
Mother EarthMother Earth2000
Mother Earth (live)Black Symphony2008
Mother Earth (live)Let Us Burn2014
Mother Earth (live)Let Us Burn2014
MurderThe Unforgiving2011
Never-Ending StoryMother Earth2000
Our FarewellMother Earth2000
Our Solemn HourThe Heart Of Everything2007
Our Solemn Hour (live)Black Symphony2008
Our Solemn Hour (live)Let Us Burn2014
Ouverture (live)Black Symphony2008
PaleThe Silent Force2004
Pale (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
Paradise (What About Us) (+ Tarja)Hydra2014
Paradise (What About Us) (live)Let Us Burn2014
Pearls Of LightEnter1997
Raise Your Banner (+ Anders Friden)Resist2018
Restless (Bonus Track)Mother Earth2000
RitualBleed Out2023
Sanctuary Intro (live)Let Us Burn2014
Say My Name (live)Let Us Burn2014
See Who I AmThe Silent Force2004
Shed My SkinBleed Out2023
Shot In The DarkThe Unforgiving2011
Silver MoonlightHydra2014
Silver Moonlight (live)Let Us Burn2014
SineadThe Unforgiving2011
Sinead (live)Let Us Burn2014
Sinead (live)Let Us Burn2014
SomewhereThe Silent Force2004
Somewhere (live)Black Symphony2008
Somewhere (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
Stairway To The SkiesThe Unforgiving2011
Stairway To The Skies (live)Let Us Burn2014
Stand My GroundThe Silent Force2004
Stand My Ground (live)Black Symphony2008
Stand My Ground (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
Stand My Ground (live)Let Us Burn2014
Stand My Ground (live)Let Us Burn2014
Tell Me WhyHydra2014
The CrossThe Heart Of Everything2007
The Cross (live)Black Symphony2008
The Cross (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
The Dance (Bonus Track)Mother Earth2000
The Heart Of EverythingThe Heart Of Everything2007
The Heart Of Everything (live)Black Symphony2008
The HowlingThe Heart Of Everything2007
The Howling (live)Black Symphony2008
The Last Dance (live)Let Us Burn2014
The Other Half (Of Me) (live)Black Symphony2008
The PromiseMother Earth2000
The Promise (live)Black Symphony2008
The Promise (live)Let Us Burn2014
The PurgeBleed Out2023
The Reckoning (+ Jacoby Shaddix)Resist2018
The Swan Song (live)Black Symphony2008
The Truth Beneath (live)Black Symphony2008
The Truth Beneath RoseThe Heart Of Everything2007
Towards The End (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
Trophy HunterResist2018
UnbrokenBleed Out2023
Utopia (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
We Go To WarBleed Out2023
What Have You DoneThe Heart Of Everything2007
What Have You Done (live)Black Symphony2008
What Have You Done (live)An Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009
What Have You Done (live)Let Us Burn2014
Where Is The EdgeThe Unforgiving2011
Whole World Is Watching (+ Dave Pirner)Hydra2014
Whole World Is Watching (live)Let Us Burn2014
Why Not MeThe Unforgiving2011
WirelessBleed Out2023
Worth Dying ForBleed Out2023

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