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32 PenniesDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
32 PenniesThe Best Of Warrant1996
32 Pennies (Meeks Remix)Greatest And Latest1999
32 Pennies (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
All 4 UBelly To Belly1996
All My Bridges Are BurningDog Eat Dog1992
Andy Warhol Was RightDog Eat Dog1992
AngelsBorn Again2006
Apr 31Dog Eat Dog1992
AymBelly To Belly1996
AYMThen And Now: Warrant2004
Bad TattooGreatest And Latest1999
Bed Of RosesCherry Pie1990
Bed Of RosesThe Best Of Warrant1996
Big SandyLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Big TalkDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
Big TalkThe Best Of Warrant1996
Blind FaithCherry Pie1990
BonfireDog Eat Dog1992
Bourbon County LineBorn Again2006
Cherry PieCherry Pie1990
Cherry PieThe Best Of Warrant1996
Cherry Pie (live)Then And Now: Warrant2004
Cherry Pie (Sigue Sigue Sputnik Remix)Greatest And Latest1999
Cherry Pie (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
Choose Your FateLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Coffee HouseBelly To Belly1996
Cold SweatDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
Come And Get ItUnter The Influence2001
Crawl SpaceUltraphobic1995
D.R.F.S.R (live)Then And Now: Warrant2004
D.R.F.S.R.Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
D.R.F.S.R.The Best Of Warrant1996
Dead, Jail, Or Rock'n' RollUnter The Influence2001
Devil DancerLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Devil's JuiceBorn Again2006
Dirty JackBorn Again2006
Down BoysDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
Down BoysThe Best Of Warrant1996
Down Boys (Julian Beeston Remix)Greatest And Latest1999
Down Boys (live)Then And Now: Warrant2004
Down Boys (Razed In Black Remix)Greatest And Latest1999
Down Boys (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
Down In DiamondsBorn Again2006
Down Payment BluesUnter The Influence2001
FaceUnter The Influence2001
FadedLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Falling DownBelly To Belly1996
Family PicnicUltraphobic1995
Family PicnicThen And Now: Warrant2004
Feels GoodBelly To Belly1996
Feels GoodThen And Now: Warrant2004
FollowedThen And Now: Warrant2004
GlimmerBorn Again2006
Good TimesBorn Again2006
Hair Of The DogUnter The Influence2001
HeavenDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
HeavenThe Best Of Warrant1996
Heaven ('99')Greatest And Latest1999
Heaven (live)Then And Now: Warrant2004
Hell, CaBorn Again2006
Hole In My WallThe Best Of Warrant1996
HollywoodUnter The Influence2001
Hollywood (So Far, So Good)Dog Eat Dog1992
Hollywood (So Far, So Good) (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
I Saw RedCherry Pie1990
I Saw Red (Acoustic Version)The Best Of Warrant1996
I Saw Red (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
In The End (There's Nothing)Belly To Belly1996
In The SticksDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
Indian GiverBelly To Belly1996
Indian GiverThen And Now: Warrant2004
Inside OutDog Eat Dog1992
Interlude #1Belly To Belly1996
Interlude #2Belly To Belly1996
Let It GoLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Let It RainDog Eat Dog1992
Letter To A FriendBelly To Belly1996
Lincolns, Mercurys And Fords (Bonus Track)Dog Eat Dog1992
Live Inside Of YouUltraphobic1995
Louder, Harder, FasterLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Love In StereoCherry Pie1990
Love Strikes Like LightningBorn Again2006
Machine GunDog Eat Dog1992
Machine GunThe Best Of Warrant1996
Machine Gun (live)Then And Now: Warrant2004
Mr. RainmakerCherry Pie1990
Mr. RainmakerThe Best Of Warrant1996
New RebellionLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Nobody ElseBelly To Belly1996
Ode To Tipper Gore (live)Cherry Pie1990
Only Broken HeartLouder, Harder, Faster2017
PerfectLouder, Harder, Faster2017
QuicksandDog Eat Dog1992
Ride #2Ultraphobic1995
Ridin' HighDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
Roller CoasterBorn Again2006
Room With A ViewBelly To Belly1996
RoxyBorn Again2006
Sad TheresaDog Eat Dog1992
So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against The Law)Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
SolidBelly To Belly1996
Sometimes She CriesDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
Sometimes She CriesThe Best Of Warrant1996
Sometimes She Cries (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
Song And Dance ManCherry Pie1990
Southern ComfortGreatest And Latest1999
Stronger NowUltraphobic1995
Stronger NowThen And Now: Warrant2004
Sub HumanUnter The Influence2001
Suffragette CityUnter The Influence2001
Sum Of OneUltraphobic1995
Sure Feels Good To MeCherry Pie1990
Sure Feels Good To MeThe Best Of Warrant1996
SurrenderUnter The Influence2001
The Bitter PillDog Eat Dog1992
The Hole In My WallDog Eat Dog1992
The JonesGreatest And Latest1999
Thin DisguiseThe Best Of Warrant1996
Thin Disguise (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
Tie Your Mother DownUnter The Influence2001
Toys In The AtticUnter The Influence2001
Train, TrainCherry Pie1990
U In My LifeLouder, Harder, Faster2017
Uncle Tom's CabinCherry Pie1990
Uncle Tom's CabinThe Best Of Warrant1996
Uncle Tom's Cabin (live)Then And Now: Warrant2004
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Version 1999)Greatest And Latest1999
Velvet NooseBorn Again2006
VertigoBelly To Belly1996
We Will Rock YouThe Best Of Warrant1996
You're The Only Hell Your Mama Ever RaisedCherry Pie1990

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