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A New Day Will RiseDawn Of The Nine2015
By Celtic And British ShoresOdalheim2012
By The Western WallThe Hunt For White Christ2018
Dawn Of The NineDawn Of The Nine2015
Defenders Of MidgardDawn Of The Nine2015
Did You Struggle With GodNo Sign Of Life2021
Gathering The BattalionsOdalheim2012
GramThe Hunt For White Christ2018
Here At The End Of The WorldNo Sign Of Life2021
It Is FinishedNo Sign Of Life2021
Land Of The Thousand LakesDawn Of The Nine2015
Lead Us Into WarThe Hunt For White Christ2018
Let The Hammer FlyDawn Of The Nine2015
Midgard Warriors For LifeNo Sign Of Life2021
No Sign Of LifeNo Sign Of Life2021
Open To All The WorldThe Hunt For White Christ2018
Rise Of The Maya WarriorsOdalheim2012
Stand Your GroundThe Hunt For White Christ2018
Terror ChristThe Hunt For White Christ2018
The Bolt ThrowerDawn Of The Nine2015
The City Of Jorsala Shall FallThe Hunt For White Christ2018
The Great Battle Of OdalheimOdalheim2012
The Highest IdealNo Sign Of Life2021
The Hour Of DefeatOdalheim2012
The Hunt For White ChristThe Hunt For White Christ2018
The King Lost His CrownNo Sign Of Life2021
The Shepherd Has Left The FlockNo Sign Of Life2021
The Soil Of Our FathersOdalheim2012
They Came To DieDawn Of The Nine2015
They Rape The LandThe Hunt For White Christ2018
Tyr Wields The SwordNo Sign Of Life2021
VidaurgelmthulThe Hunt For White Christ2018
Welcome The Son Of Thor!Dawn Of The Nine2015
Where Can You FleeNo Sign Of Life2021
Where Churches Once BurnedDawn Of The Nine2015
Where Is Your God NowDawn Of The Nine2015
White ChristOdalheim2012
You Are The Warrior!No Sign Of Life2021
You Will FallThe Hunt For White Christ2018

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