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All By The Constant VulseDarker Handcraft2011
Angles Anonymous In TransitSeizures In Barren Praises2008
Bad NonesBlissfucker2014
Damage ProseDarker Handcraft2011
Day Eight: Destructioneer ExtraordinaireSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Eleven: ThreatnurseSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Five: Garlic BreakfastSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Four: Collapse And MarathonSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Nine: Hollow FactorySleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day One: InsomniawesomeSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Seven: Digital Dogs With Analog CollarsSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Six: Fucked As PunkSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Ten: Swine Into SilkSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Three: Instant CirculationSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Twelve: All Hands On The MedicSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Day Two: They Followed The Scent Of Jihad All The Way To Thieves ParadiseSleepwell Deconstructor2007
Drag The Wounds EternalDarker Handcraft2011
Every Walk A QuarantineDarker Handcraft2011
EvictionariesDarker Handcraft2011
Flesh And BelowSeizures In Barren Praises2008
Former Lining Wide The WallsBlissfucker2014
Fucking VivaSeizures In Barren Praises2008
Gift And Gift UnsteadyBlissfucker2014
Guignol SereneSeizures In Barren Praises2008
Gutterbomb Heaven On The GridSeizures In Barren Praises2008
HellionairesCrown Feral2016
Invertopia - Class WarmthSeizures In Barren Praises2008
Kindred DirtCrown Feral2016
Left Fall Each And Every Sedition SymptomBlissfucker2014
Luster PendulumsCrown Feral2016
Malengines Here, Where They Should BeCrown Feral2016
Manic In The GripsDarker Handcraft2011
Mission ConvincersSeizures In Barren Praises2008
Organic InfernalBlissfucker2014
Phantom AirCrown Feral2016
ProdigalaCrown Feral2016
Ransom RisenBlissfucker2014
Reincarnation Of Lost LonesSeizures In Barren Praises2008
Revival SpinesCrown Feral2016
Roam - Absent CiviliansSeizures In Barren Praises2008
SaintpeelersDarker Handcraft2011
Salted CryptsBlissfucker2014
Savage ClimbersBlissfucker2014
Scars AlignDarker Handcraft2011
Slumcult And GatherDarker Handcraft2011
Sordid EarningsDarker Handcraft2011
Sovereign Through The PinesDarker Handcraft2011
Speak NighCrown Feral2016
Stray Of The TongueCrown Feral2016
TargetsSeizures In Barren Praises2008
The FactsDarker Handcraft2011
Twitching In The AurasCrown Feral2016

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