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2 HeartsKingdom Of Desire1992
21st Century BluesToto XIV2015
99Past To Present 1977 - 19901990
99In The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
9940 Trips Around The Sun2018
99 (live)Live In Poland2014
A Million Miles AwayTurn Back1981
A Secret LoveHydra1979
A Thousand YearsThe Seventh One1988
Afraid Of LoveToto IV1982
Afraid Of Love40 Trips Around The Sun2018
AfricaToto IV1982
AfricaPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
AfricaIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Africa40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Africa (Live)XX - 1977 - 19971998
Africa (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Africa (live)Live In Poland2014
Africa (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
After You've GoneMindfields1999
All The Tears That ShineToto XIV2015
All Us BoysHydra1979
Alone40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Alone (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Angel Don't CryIsolation1984
Angela (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
AnimalPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
AnnaThe Seventh One1988
Baba Mnumzane (Live)XX - 1977 - 19971998
Baby He's Your ManTambu1995
Better World (live)Live In Poland2014
Better World (Parts I, II + III)Mindfields1999
BodhisattvaThrough The Looking Glass2002
Bottom Of Your SoulFalling In Between2006
Bottom Of Your Soul (live)Falling In Between Live2007
BurnToto XIV2015
Burn Down The MissionThrough The Looking Glass2002
Can You Hear What I'm SayingPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
Can't Stand It Any LongerFahrenheit1986
CarmenIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Caught In The BalanceMindfields1999
Caught In The Balance (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Change Of HeartIsolation1984
Child's AnthemToto1978
Child's AnthemIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
ChinatownToto XIV2015
Could This Be LoveFahrenheit1986
Could You Be LovedThrough The Looking Glass2002
Cruel (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Dave's Gone SkiingTambu1995
Dave's Gone Skiing (Live)XX - 1977 - 19971998
Don't Chain My HeartKingdom Of Desire1992
Don't Chain My Heart (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Don't Stop Me NowFahrenheit1986
Don't Stop Me NowIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Drag Him To The RoofTambu1995
Drag Him To The Roof (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Dune (Desert Theme)In The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Dune (Desert Theme) (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Dying On My FeetFalling In Between2006
Dying On My Feet (live)Falling In Between Live2007
EndlessIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
English EyesTurn Back1981
English Eyes (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Falling In BetweenFalling In Between2006
Falling In Between (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Falling In Between (live)Live In Poland2014
FortuneToto XIV2015
Georgy PorgyToto1978
Georgy PorgyPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
Georgy PorgyIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Georgy Porgy40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Georgy Porgy (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Gift Of FaithTambu1995
Gift Of FaithIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Gift Of Faith (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Gift With A Golden GunTurn Back1981
Girl GoodbyeToto1978
Girl Goodbye (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Goin' HomeXX - 1977 - 19971998
Goin' Home (live)Live In Poland2014
Goobye ElenoreIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Good For YouToto IV1982
Good For YouIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Goodbye ElenoreTurn Back1981
Great ExpectationsToto XIV2015
Gypsy TrainKingdom Of Desire1992
High Price Of HateMindfields1999
Hold The LineToto1978
Hold The LinePast To Present 1977 - 19901990
Hold The LineIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Hold The Line40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Hold The Line (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Hold The Line (live)Live In Poland2014
Hold The Line (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Holy WarToto XIV2015
Holyanna (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Home Of The BraveThe Seventh One1988
Home Of The BraveIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Home Of The Brave (live)Live In Poland2014
HookedFalling In Between2006
House Of The Rising SunThrough The Looking Glass2002
How Does It FeelIsolation1984
How Many TimesKingdom Of Desire1992
How Many Times (live)Live In Poland2014
Human Nature (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Hydra (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Hydra (live)Live In Poland2014
I Can't Get Next To YouThrough The Looking Glass2002
I Think I Could Stand You ForeverTurn Back1981
I Will RememberTambu1995
I Will RememberIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
I Will Remember (live)Falling In Between Live2007
I Will Remember (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
I Won't Hold You BackToto IV1982
I Won't Hold You BackPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
I Won't Hold You BackIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
I Won't Hold You Back40 Trips Around The Sun2018
I Won't Hold You Back (live)Live In Poland2014
I'll Be Over YouPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
I'll Be Over YouIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
I'll Be Over You40 Trips Around The Sun2018
I'll Be Over You (live)Falling In Between Live2007
I'll Be Over You (live)Live In Poland2014
I'll Supply The LoveToto1978
I'll Supply The LoveIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
I'll Supply The Love40 Trips Around The Sun2018
I'll Supply The Love (live)Falling In Between Live2007
If It's The Last NightTurn Back1981
If You Belong To MeTambu1995
IlLl Be Over YouFahrenheit1986
In A WordXX - 1977 - 19971998
Intro (live)Live In Poland2014
Intro Tape (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Isolation (live)Falling In Between Live2007
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To CryThrough The Looking Glass2002
It's A FeelingToto IV1982
It's A FeelingIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
It's A Feeling (live)Live In Poland2014
Jake To The BoneKingdom Of Desire1992
Jake To The BoneIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Jake To The Bone40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Jake To The Bone (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Just Can't Get To YouTambu1995
Kick Down The WallsKingdom Of Desire1992
King Of The WorldFalling In Between2006
King Of The World (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Kingdom Of DesireKingdom Of Desire1992
Kingdom Of Desire (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Last LoveMindfields1999
Last NightXX - 1977 - 19971998
LeaIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Lea40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Lea (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Let It GoFalling In Between2006
Lion (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Live For TodayTurn Back1981
Living For The CityThrough The Looking Glass2002
Love Has The PowerPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
Love Is A Man's WorldXX - 1977 - 19971998
Lovers In The NightToto IV1982
Lovers In The Night (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Mad About YouMindfields1999
Mad About YouIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Maiden Voyage/ButterflyThrough The Looking Glass2002
Make BelieveToto IV1982
Make Believe (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Manuela RunToto1978
Medley: On The Run - Child's Anthem - Goodbye Elenore (live)Live In Poland2014
MelanieIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Miss SunXX - 1977 - 19971998
Miss SunIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Miss Sun (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Modern EyesXX - 1977 - 19971998
Moodido (The Match) (European Re-mix)In The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Mr. FriendlyIsolation1984
Mrs. JohnsonXX - 1977 - 19971998
MushangaThe Seventh One1988
Mushanga (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Mysterious WaysMindfields1999
Never EnoughKingdom Of Desire1992
No End In SightFalling In Between2006
No LoveMindfields1999
No Love (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
On The Run (Live)XX - 1977 - 19971998
One RoadMindfields1999
Only The ChildrenThe Seventh One1988
Only YouKingdom Of Desire1992
OrphanToto XIV2015
Out Of LovePast To Present 1977 - 19901990
PamelaThe Seventh One1988
PamelaPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
PamelaIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Pamela40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Pamela (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Pamela (live)Live In Poland2014
Right Part Of MeXX - 1977 - 19971998
RosannaToto IV1982
RosannaPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
RosannaIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Rosanna40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Rosanna (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Rosanna (live)Live In Poland2014
Rosanna (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Running Out Of TimeToto XIV2015
She Knows The DevilKingdom Of Desire1992
Simple LifeFalling In Between2006
Slipped AwayTambu1995
Somewhere TonightFahrenheit1986
Spanish Sea40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Spanish Sea (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Spiritual ManFalling In Between2006
St George And The Dragon (live)Live In Poland2014
St. George And The DragonHydra1979
Stay AwayThe Seventh One1988
Stop Loving YouThe Seventh One1988
Stop Loving YouPast To Present 1977 - 19901990
Stop Loving YouIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Stop Loving You40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Stop Loving You (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Stop Loving You (live)Live In Poland2014
Stop Loving You (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Straight For The HeartThe Seventh One1988
Stranger In TownIsolation1984
Stranger In TownIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Stranger In Town40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Stranger In Town (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
Struck By Lightning40 Trips Around The Sun2018
Sunshine Of Your LoveThrough The Looking Glass2002
Taint Your WorldFalling In Between2006
Taint Your World (live)Falling In Between Live2007
Takin' It BackToto1978
Tale Of A ManXX - 1977 - 19971998
Tale Of A ManIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
The Little ThingsToto XIV2015
The Muse (live)Live In Poland2014
The Other End Of TimeTambu1995
The Other End Of TimeIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
The Other SideKingdom Of Desire1992
The Road Goes OnTambu1995
The Road Goes On (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
The Turning PointTambu1995
These ChainsThe Seventh One1988
Till The EndFahrenheit1986
Till The EndIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Time Is The EnemyTambu1995
Turn BackTurn Back1981
Unknown Soldier (For Jeffrey)Toto XIV2015
Waiting For Your LoveToto IV1982
Watching The DetectivesThrough The Looking Glass2002
We Can Make It TonightFahrenheit1986
We Made ItToto IV1982
While My Guitar Gently WeepsThrough The Looking Glass2002
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (live)40 Tours Around The Sun2019
White SisterHydra1979
White Sister (live)Live In Poland2014
Wings Of TimeKingdom Of Desire1992
Wings Of TimeIn The Blink Of An Eye 1977 - 20112011
Wings Of Time (live)Live In Poland2014
Without Your LoveFahrenheit1986
You Are The FlowerToto1978
You Got MeThe Seventh One1988

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