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Always Never NowBefore And After1993
Are We One Or Are We TwoBig Canoe1986
Astounding MoonImaginary Kingdom2006
Been There, Done ThatTim Finn1989
Big CanoeBig Canoe1986
Big Wave RiderSay It Is So1999
Birds Swim Fish FlyTim Finn1989
Can't Do BothBefore And After1993
Carve You In MarbleBig Canoe1986
CommonplaceFeeding The Gods2001
Couldn't Be DoneImaginary Kingdom2006
CrescendoTim Finn1989
CurrentsSay It Is So1999
Dead FlowersImaginary Kingdom2006
Dead ManFeeding The Gods2001
Death Of A Popular SongSay It Is So1999
Don't Bury My HeartBig Canoe1986
Fraction Too Much FrictionEscapade1983
Funny WayBefore And After1993
Good TogetherSay It Is So1999
Grand AdventuresEscapade1983
Growing PainsEscapade1983
Hit The Ground RunningBefore And After1993
Hole In My HeartBig Canoe1986
HorizonImaginary Kingdom2006
How'm I Gonna SleepTim Finn1989
HyacinthBig Canoe1986
I Only Want To KnowEscapade1983
I'll Never KnowFeeding The Gods2001
In A Minor KeyEscapade1983
In Love With It AllBefore And After1993
In Your SwayBefore And After1993
Incognito In CaliforniaFeeding The Gods2001
Made My DayEscapade1983
Many's The Time (In Dublin)Before And After1993
Midnight ComaImaginary Kingdom2006
Need To Be RightSay It Is So1999
No Thunder, No Fire, No RainBig Canoe1986
Not Even CloseTim Finn1989
Not For NothingEscapade1983
ParihakaTim Finn1989
Party Was YouFeeding The Gods2001
PersuasionBefore And After1993
ProtectedBefore And After1993
RestSay It Is So1999
Resting (Your Hand Lightly)Imaginary Kingdom2006
RoadtripSay It Is So1999
Salt To The SeaImaginary Kingdom2006
Sawdust And SplintersFeeding The Gods2001
Say It Is SoFeeding The Gods2001
Searching The StreetsBig Canoe1986
ShiverSay It Is So1999
Show A Little MercyTim Finn1989
Show YourselfImaginary Kingdom2006
So DeepBig Canoe1986
So PreciousImaginary Kingdom2006
Some Dumb ReasonSay It Is So1999
SonglineFeeding The Gods2001
Spiritual HungerBig Canoe1986
Staring At The EmbersEscapade1983
Still The SongImaginary Kingdom2006
Strangeness And CharmBefore And After1993
Subway DreamingFeeding The Gods2001
Suicide On Downing StTim Finn1989
Tears InsideTim Finn1989
Through The YearsEscapade1983
TimmyBig Canoe1986
TwinkleSay It Is So1999
Underwater MountainSay It Is So1999
UnsinkableImaginary Kingdom2006
Wait And SeeEscapade1983
Waiting For Your MomentFeeding The Gods2001
Walk You HomeBefore And After1993
Water Into WineBig Canoe1986
What You've DoneFeeding The Gods2001
Winter LightImaginary Kingdom2006
Young MountainTim Finn1989

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