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Angels Of PainStigmata1995
Angels Of Pain (live)Undead Indeed2008
As OneStigmata1995
Ashes To The StarsCrows Fly Back2006
Ashes To The Stars (live)Undead Indeed2008
Back In The FireThe Spell Of Iron1986
Back In The Fire (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
Before The Skies Come DownCrows Fly Back2006
Before The Skies Come Down (live)Undead Indeed2008
Beyond TroyFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
Bleeding DustCrows Fly Back2006
Bleeding Dust (live)Undead Indeed2008
Blood Runs Cold - Happy EndFollow Me Into Madness1988
Born Into The FlameTo Live Forever1993
Breathing FireFollow Me Into Madness1988
Calling Down The RainGravity Of Light2010
Caught In The DeadlightsGravity Of Light2010
Children Of The GraveTo Live Forever1993
ConvulsionsSuffer Our Pleasures2003
CrawlspaceFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
Crawlspace (live)Undead Indeed2008
Crows Fly BlackCrows Fly Back2006
Crows Fly Black (live)Undead Indeed2008
Dancing On The WireThe Spell Of Iron1986
Dancing On The Wire (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
Dark Star BurningFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
De Mortui Nil Nisi BeneThe Spell Of Iron1986
De Mortui Nil Nisi Bene (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
Descendants Of PowerFollow Me Into Madness1988
Do You Wanna Live ForeverTo Live Forever1993
Dreamer In The DarkGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
Echoes Through TimeGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
End Of EverythingGravity Of Light2010
Expected To HealStigmata1995
Follow Me Into MadnessFollow Me Into Madness1988
Follow Me Into Madness (live)Undead Indeed2008
Follow The BlindSuffer Our Pleasures2003
From The ShadowsSuffer Our Pleasures2003
From The VoidSuffer Our Pleasures2003
Ghosts Of MeFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
Glimpse Of The DawnGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
GoneGravity Of Light2010
GreyCrows Fly Back2006
Guardian AngelTo Live Forever1993
Heavy Weighs The CrownGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
Hell KnowsGravity Of Light2010
HowlCrows Fly Back2006
I Don't Care AnymoreFollow Me Into Madness1988
I RuleSuffer Our Pleasures2003
I Rule (live)Undead Indeed2008
I Spit VenomFollow Me Into Madness1988
I Walk ForeverGravity Of Light2010
I Walk Forever (live)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
I'm HereFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
IceFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
In My BloodTo Live Forever1993
Iron StarsTo Live Forever1993
Lady DeceiverFollow Me Into Madness1988
Leshys WarningGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
Live Hard Die HardTo Live Forever1993
Love's Not Made For My KindThe Spell Of Iron1986
Love's Not Made For My Kind (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
Magic And TechnologyGravity Of Light2010
Messenger Of GodsCrows Fly Back2006
Midwinter NightsThe Spell Of Iron1986
Midwinter Nights (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
My EnslaverTo Live Forever1993
Never ForeverThe Spell Of Iron1986
Never Forever (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
No ReturnFollow Me Into Madness1988
Of Time And DustSuffer Our Pleasures2003
PainlessSuffer Our Pleasures2003
PharaoThe Spell Of Iron1986
Pharao (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
Pilot Of All DreamsGravity Of Light2010
Pyre Of GodsSuffer Our Pleasures2003
Pyre Of Gods (live)Undead Indeed2008
Race The LightStigmata1995
Rider Of The Last DaySuffer Our Pleasures2003
Rider Of The Last Day (live)Undead Indeed2008
RiseGravity Of Light2010
Rose On The GraveFollow Me Into Madness1988
Satan Is DeadGravity Of Light2010
Shades In GlassStigmata1995
Shadow In My HeartFollow Me Into Madness1988
ShameTo Live Forever1993
Shining BlackFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
Sleep In The DarkGravity Of Light2010
Spell Of IronThe Spell Of Iron1986
State Of GraceStigmata1995
Stigmata (I Feel For You)Stigmata1995
Sunken GravesTo Live Forever1993
Tears Of SteelTo Live Forever1993
The ChosenTo Live Forever1993
The Colour Of Your BloodTo Live Forever1993
The HarrierGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
The Invisible HandTo Live Forever1993
The PunishmentFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
The ScourgerFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
The Spell Of Iron (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
The TeethStigmata1995
The Vagabonds ReturnGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
The Winding RoadGlimpse Of The Dawn2024
Things That Crawl At NightThe Spell Of Iron1986
Things That Crawl At Night (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
TidesCrows Fly Back2006
Tides (live)Undead Indeed2008
TraitorCrows Fly Back2006
Traitor (live)Undead Indeed2008
Undead SonSuffer Our Pleasures2003
Undead Son (live)Undead Indeed2008
Veteran Of Psychic WarsCrows Fly Back2006
WarheadFor The Glory Of Nothing1998
Wings Of DarknessThe Spell Of Iron1986
Wings Of Darkness (Version 2011)The Spell Of Iron MMXI2011
YouCrows Fly Back2006
You (live)Undead Indeed2008

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