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Ain't Got NobodySupernatural1990
All Night LongConnected1992
Ancient Concept33 45 781989
Black GoldDouble Bubble2008
Breathe OutParadise2005
BreezeDeep Down And Dirty2001
Breeze (live)Live At The BBC2008
Bring It On33 45 781989
Bring It OnRetroactive2003
Chicken ShakeConnected1992
Chicken ShakeRetroactive2003
City LightsDouble Bubble2008
Coming HomeDouble Bubble2008
Connected (live)Live At The BBC2008
Creation (live)Live At The BBC2008
Deep Down And DirtyDeep Down And Dirty2001
Deep Down And Dirty (live)Live At The BBC2008
Deep, Down And DirtyRetroactive2003
Don't KnowParadise2005
Don't Let UpConnected1992
Early One MorningSupernatural1990
Elevate My MindSupernatural1990
Elevate My MindRetroactive2003
Elevate My Mind (live)Live At The BBC2008
Fade AwayConnected1992
Fade Away (live)Live At The BBC2008
First LoveParadise2005
Float OnParadise2005
Gee Street33 45 781989
Gee Street (live)Live At The BBC2008
Get On ItDouble Bubble2008
Goin' Back To The WildSupernatural1990
Graffiti Part 1Deep Down And Dirty2001
Graffiti Part 1 (live)Live At The BBC2008
Graffiti Part 2Deep Down And Dirty2001
Graffiti Part 2 (live)Live At The BBC2008
Gringo (Ragged And Ruthless)Double Bubble2008
Ground LevelConnected1992
Ground LevelRetroactive2003
Ground Level (live)Live At The BBC2008
Halfway To ParadiseDouble Bubble2008
Hot BloodDouble Bubble2008
HumanDouble Bubble2008
I Feel YouParadise2005
I'm A BeliverSupernatural1990
JoyDouble Bubble2008
KaraokeDouble Bubble2008
Life On The LineSupernatural1990
Lost In MusicSupernatural1990
Lost In MusicRetroactive2003
Lost In Music (live)Live At The BBC2008
Master Of My Own MindDouble Bubble2008
Move It (+ Cesare)Retroactive2003
My Merry Go RoundDouble Bubble2008
Neighbourhood33 45 781989
On 3333 45 781989
On 33Retroactive2003
Out Of ControlParadise2005
Out Of Touch33 45 781989
Part 233 45 781989
PicturesDouble Bubble2008
Playing With FireConnected1992
Playing With Fire (live)Live At The BBC2008
Pressure (live)Live At The BBC2008
Prime TimeParadise2005
RevolutionDouble Bubble2008
RunningDeep Down And Dirty2001
Scene Of The CrimeSupernatural1990
Set It OffParadise2005
Set It Off (live)Live At The BBC2008
Set Me LooserSupernatural1990
ShamelessDeep Down And Dirty2001
Show Your LightDouble Bubble2008
Smokin' With The MothermanSupernatural1990
SofisticatedDeep Down And Dirty2001
Sofisticated (live)Live At The BBC2008
Soul GirlDouble Bubble2008
Step It UpConnected1992
Step It UpRetroactive2003
Step It Up (live)Live At The BBC2008
Stir It UpDouble Bubble2008
Stop At NothingDeep Down And Dirty2001
Sunday 19th March33 45 781989
The FearParadise2005
The Here And NowDouble Bubble2008
The Other SideSupernatural1990
The Right EffectDeep Down And Dirty2001
This Ain't A Love Song33 45 781989
Toe To Toe33 45 781989
Toe To Toe (live)Live At The BBC2008
TrafficDeep Down And Dirty2001
Two Horse TownSupernatural1990
Two Horse TownRetroactive2003
UnconsciousDeep Down And Dirty2001
Use It33 45 781989
Watcha Gonna DoSupernatural1990
We Belong In This World TogetherDeep Down And Dirty2001
We Belong In This World TogetherRetroactive2003
What Is Soul33 45 781989
What Is SoulRetroactive2003
What Is Soul (live)Live At The BBC2008
What's The WordSupernatural1990
You Got It AllDouble Bubble2008

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