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AfflictionLove And Other Diasters2008
AftermathOnly Inhuman2007
All About UsOnly Inhuman2007
Another Soldier DownSonic Syndicate2014
Beauty And The FreakWe Rule The Night2010
Before You Finally BreakSonic Syndicate2014
Black And BlueWe Rule The Night2010
Black Hole HaloSonic Syndicate2014
Blue Eyed FiendOnly Inhuman2007
Break Of DayWe Rule The Night2010
Burn This CityWe Rule The Night2010
CallousOnly Inhuman2007
Catching FireSonic Syndicate2014
ContradictionLove And Other Diasters2008
Damage ControlLove And Other Diasters2008
Day Of The DeadSonic Syndicate2014
Dead PlanetLove And Other Diasters2008
DeniedOnly Inhuman2007
Diabolical Work Of ArtSonic Syndicate2014
Double Agent 616Only Inhuman2007
EncagedLove And Other Diasters2008
EnclaveOnly Inhuman2007
FalloutLove And Other Diasters2008
FlashbackOnly Inhuman2007
FreelancerOnly Inhuman2007
Hellgate: WorcesterLove And Other Diasters2008
It Takes MeSonic Syndicate2014
Jack Of DiamondsLove And Other Diasters2008
Leave Me AloneWe Rule The Night2010
Long Road HomeSonic Syndicate2014
Miles ApartWe Rule The Night2010
Mission Undertaker (Bonus Track)Love And Other Diasters2008
My EscapeLove And Other Diasters2008
My Own LifeWe Rule The Night2010
My RevengeSonic Syndicate2014
Only InhumanOnly Inhuman2007
Plans Are For PeopleWe Rule The Night2010
Power ShiftLove And Other Diasters2008
Psychic SuicideOnly Inhuman2007
Red Eyed FriendLove And Other Diasters2008
Revolution, BabyWe Rule The Night2010
RuinLove And Other Diasters2008
See What I SeeSonic Syndicate2014
So AddictedSonic Syndicate2014
The Flame That Changed The WorldSonic Syndicate2014
Turn It UpWe Rule The Night2010
UnbreakableSonic Syndicate2014
Unknown EntityOnly Inhuman2007
What We SharedSonic Syndicate2014

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