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Amazones And GladiatorsBy Your Side2003
An der Eckn rauslassnSeeheim2020
Before You DieBy Your Side2003
Break The WavePaper Walls2006
BreathePaper Walls2006
By Your SideBy Your Side2003
Can't RememberBy Your Side2003
Chaos AheadSeeheim2020
DaydreamerThe Solitude And Me2010
De ganze NochtSeeheim2020
Every MomentBy Your Side2003
Fade AwayThe Solitude And Me2010
Far AwaySeeheim2020
Fliang ohne FedanMitternach2016
FreezingPaper Walls2006
Frozen TearsBy Your Side2003
GhostsPaper Walls2006
Glasscheama fliangMitternach2016
Going To DrownPaper Walls2006
Heast du miSeeheim2020
Heaz stehtSeeheim2020
I muass ois segnMitternach2016
If You DareBy Your Side2003
In My VisionThe Solitude And Me2010
Koid und alloaMitternach2016
Kumm geh dochSeeheim2020
Lean On The StarsBy Your Side2003
Leicht weanMitternach2016
Like OnePaper Walls2006
Loan de oMitternach2016
Love LiesThe Solitude And Me2010
Lucky ManThe Solitude And Me2010
Mei HeazMitternach2016
Morning GlowBy Your Side2003
Motherless ChildPaper Walls2006
Nix Bliat, Fix UpSeeheim2020
Nix gsogt, is gred gnuaSeeheim2020
Not In This WorldPaper Walls2006
Out Of The SnowThe Solitude And Me2010
Passing ByPaper Walls2006
Rise And ShineThe Solitude And Me2010
Safer LandThe Solitude And Me2010
Secret PlacePaper Walls2006
Silent RestPaper Walls2006
Silent SeaThe Solitude And Me2010
Slow Motion SuicidePaper Walls2006
Somebody Shot JesusBy Your Side2003
Stai de ins LiachtMitternach2016
SymphonyBy Your Side2003
The EndThe Solitude And Me2010
The Solitude And MeThe Solitude And Me2010
White FlowersPaper Walls2006
Wuida RittSeeheim2020

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