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(Yeah) You're EvilGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
A Letter To youGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
A Letter To YouThe Epic Years1992
A Letter To You (live)Let's Boogie1987
A Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind)The Epic Years1992
A Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind) (live)Let's Boogie1987
A Love Worth Waiting ForThe Bop Won't Stop1983
A Love Worth Waiting ForGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
A Love Worth Waiting ForThe Epic Years1992
A Love Worth Waiting For (live)Let's Boogie1987
A Rockin' Good Way (+ Bonnie Tyler)Greatest Hits Vol. 11984
A Rockin' Good Way (+ Bonnie Tyler)The Epic Years1992
A Rockin' Good Way (live)Let's Boogie1987
Ah, Poor Little BabyTake One1979
Ain't It A ShameLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
As Long AsThe Bop Won't Stop1983
As Long As I Have YouLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
Baby BlueShakin' Stevens1978
Baby If We TouchMarie, Marie1980
Baby It's YouNow Listen2007
Baby, You're A ChildShaky1981
Bad ReputationLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
Because I Love YouThe Epic Years1992
Because I Love You (live)Let's Boogie1987
Behind Those Secrets And LiesEchoes Of Our Times2016
Blue ChristmasGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Blue ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Boppity BopGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Brand New ManThe Bop Won't Stop1983
Breaking Up My HeartGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Breaking Up My HeartThe Epic Years1992
Can't Believe You Wanna LeaveShakin' Stevens1978
Christmas WishMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Come See About Me (live)Let's Boogie1987
Cry Just A Little BitGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Cry Just A Little BitThe Epic Years1992
Cry Just A Little Bit (live)Let's Boogie1987
Diddle IThe Bop Won't Stop1983
Do What You DidTake One1979
Do You Really Love Me TooA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
Don't Be Two FacedThe Bop Won't Stop1983
Don't Bug Me BabyShaky1981
Don't Knock Upon My DoorLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
Don't Lie To MeLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
Don't She Look GoodShaky1981
Don't Tell Me We're ThroughGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Don't Tell Me Your TroublesShaky1981
Don't Turn You BackShaky1981
Down In The HoleEchoes Of Our Times2016
Down Into Muddy WatersEchoes Of Our Times2016
Echoes Of Our TimesEchoes Of Our Times2016
Fire Down BelowNow Listen2007
Forever You (live)Let's Boogie1987
Get TogetherNow Listen2007
Give Me Your Heart TonightGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Give Me Your Heart TonightGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Give Me Your Heart TonightThe Epic Years1992
Give Me Your Heart Tonight (live)Let's Boogie1987
Got My Mind Set On YouNow Listen2007
Green DoorShaky1981
Green DoorGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Green DoorThe Epic Years1992
Green Door (live)Let's Boogie1987
HeartbeatA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
Hello JosephineA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
Hey MaeMarie, Marie1980
Hot DogTake One1979
Hot DogGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Hot DogThe Epic Years1992
Hot Dog (live)Let's Boogie1987
How Could It Be Like ThatNow Listen2007
How Many Tears Can You HideA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
I Cry Just A Little BitThe Bop Won't Stop1983
I Got BurnedTake One1979
I Guess I Was A FoolTake One1979
I Hear You Knockin'Now Listen2007
I MightThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
I MightThe Epic Years1992
I'll Be Home This ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone1991
I'll Be SatisfiedGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
I'll Be SatisfiedGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
I'll Be SatisfiedThe Epic Years1992
I'll Be Satisfied (live)Let's Boogie1987
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A LetterShaky1981
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A LetterA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
I'm Knockin'Shaky1981
I'm Leaving YouLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
I'm Lookin'Shaky1981
I'm ReadyShakin' Stevens1978
If I Lose YouThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
Is A Bluebird BlueTake One1979
It's A ShameNow Listen2007
It's Gonna Be A Lonely ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone1991
It's LateThe Bop Won't Stop1983
It's LateGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
It's LateThe Epic Years1992
It's Late (live)Let's Boogie1987
It's RainingShaky1981
It's RainingGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
It's RainingThe Epic Years1992
It's Raining (live)Let's Boogie1987
Jenny, JennyShakin' Stevens1978
JezebelA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
JosephineGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Just One LookA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
JustineShakin' Stevens1978
Last Man AliveEchoes Of Our Times2016
Let Me Show You HowShaky1981
Let's DanceShakin' Stevens1978
Lipstick, Powder And PaintLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
Lipstick, Powder And PaintThe Epic Years1992
Little PigeonTake One1979
Livin' Lovin' WreckThe Bop Won't Stop1983
Lonely Blue BoyMarie, Marie1980
Lonely Too LongNow Listen2007
Love AttackThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
Love AttackThe Epic Years1992
Love Me TonightThe Bop Won't Stop1983
Love The WorldEchoes Of Our Times2016
Love You Out LoudLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
LovestruckTake One1979
Make It Right TonightMarie, Marie1980
Make Me Know You're MineMarie, Marie1980
Marie, MarieMarie, Marie1980
Marie, MarieGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Marie, MarieThe Epic Years1992
Marie, Marie (live)Let's Boogie1987
Medley (live)Let's Boogie1987
Merry Christmas EveryoneMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Merry Christmas Pretty BabyMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Mona LisaShaky1981
Mona LisaA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
MoveMarie, Marie1980
My Cutie CutieThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
NobodyMarie, Marie1980
Now ListenNow Listen2007
Oh JulieGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Oh JulieGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
Oh JulieA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
Oh JulieThe Epic Years1992
Oh Julie (live)Let's Boogie1987
Pink ChampagneThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
Pump It UpNow Listen2007
Que Sera, SeraGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Queen Of The HopThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
RadioThe Epic Years1992
Revenue ManMarie, Marie1980
Rockin' Good WayThe Bop Won't Stop1983
Rockin' Little ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Rockin' The Night AwayThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
SapphireGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Sea Of LoveA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
Shame Shame ShameTake One1979
ShirleyGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
ShirleyGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
ShirleyThe Epic Years1992
Shirley (live)Let's Boogie1987
Shooting GalleryMarie, Marie1980
Shotgun BoogieTake One1979
Silent NightMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Slippin' And Slidin'Marie, Marie1980
So Glad You're MineShakin' Stevens1978
So Long Baby GoodbyeLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
So Long ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Somewhere In The NightNow Listen2007
Such A NightShakin' Stevens1978
Suffer Little ChildrenEchoes Of Our Times2016
Sure Won't Seem Like ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Tear It UpThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
TeardropsGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
TeardropsThe Epic Years1992
Teardrops (live)Let's Boogie1987
Tell MeThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
That's AlrightTake One1979
The Best Christmas Of Them AllMerry Christmas Everyone1991
The Bop Won't StopThe Bop Won't Stop1983
The Fire In Her BloodEchoes Of Our Times2016
The Night Time Is The Right TimeThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
The Shape I'm InLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
This Ole HouseMarie, Marie1980
This Ole HouseGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
This Ole HouseThe Epic Years1992
This Ole House (live)Let's Boogie1987
This TimeShaky1981
Till I Waltz Again With YouShakin' Stevens1978
Tired Of Toein' The LineA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
To Spread The WordEchoes Of Our Times2016
Too Too MuchGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Train Of TimeEchoes Of Our Times2016
TroubleNow Listen2007
True LoveA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
Turning AwayLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
Turning AwayThe Epic Years1992
Tutti FruttiShakin' Stevens1978
VanessaGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Wait And SeeShakin' Stevens1978
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me ForA Whole Lotta Shaky1988
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me ForThe Epic Years1992
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For (live)Let's Boogie1987
White ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone1991
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnShakin' Stevens1978
Why Do You Treat Me This WayThe Bop Won't Stop1983
With My HeartLipstick, Powder And Paint1985
Without A LoveTake One1979
Woman (What Have You Done To Me)A Whole Lotta Shaky1988
Yes I DoThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990
You Can't Sit DownShakin' Stevens1978
You Drive Me CrazyShaky1981
You Drive Me CrazyGreatest Hits Vol. 11984
You Drive Me CrazyThe Epic Years1992
You Drive Me Crazy (live)Let's Boogie1987
You Never Talked About MeGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
You Shake Me UpThere Are Two Kinds Of Music Rock'n' Roll1990

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