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A Glass Of ChampagneTrouble1975
A Glass Of ChampagneGreatest Hits Vol.11978
A Glass Of ChampagneLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
A Glass Of Champagne (live)Live In Berlin1998
A Glass Of Champagne (Version 1991)Sailor (1991)1991
All I Need Is A GirlGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Ashes And DiamondsHideaway1978
Big BambooSailor (1991)1991
Blame It On The Soft SpotSailor1974
Blame It On The Soft Spot (live)Live In Berlin1998
Blue DesertSailor1974
Catwalk GirlsLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Champagne Reprise (live)Live In Berlin1998
Checkpoint CharlieCheckpoint1977
Cool BreezeThe Third Step1976
CopacabanaLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
DancingThe Third Step1976
Danger On The TitanicDressed For Drowning1980
Don't Look A Gift HorseDressed For Drowning1980
Don't Send FlowersDressed For Drowning1980
Down By The DocksCheckpoint1977
Down By The DocksGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Girls Girls GirlsTrouble1975
Girls Girls GirlsGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Girls Girls GirlsLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Girls Girls Girls (live)Live In Berlin1998
Girls Girls Girls (Version 1991)Sailor (1991)1991
Give Me La SambaThe Third Step1976
Give Me ShakespeareHideaway1978
Give Me Shakespeare (live)Live In Berlin1998
HananStreet Lamp1992
HannaThe Third Step1976
Hat Check GirlDressed For Drowning1980
Hat Check GirlLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
I Wish I Had A Way With WomenHideaway1978
Istanbul 6.25Checkpoint1977
Istanbul 6.25Legacy - Greatest And Latest1996
It Takes Two To TangoStreet Lamp1992
Jamaica GirlHideaway1978
Joe's PianolaCheckpoint1977
Josephine BakerSailor1974
Josephine BakerGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Karma ChameleonLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Keep Off The Streets At NightCheckpoint1977
Knock KnockSailor (1991)1991
La Bamba Medley (live)Live In Berlin1998
La CumbiaSailor (1991)1991
La CumbiaLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
La Cumbia (live)Live In Berlin1998
Latin EyesLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Latino LoverStreet Lamp1992
Let's Go To TownSailor1974
Let's Go To TownGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Lovers BluesStreet Lamp1992
Mack The Knife (live)Live In Berlin1998
Mambo LocoStreet Lamp1992
MarineroStreet Lamp1992
MelancholyThe Third Step1976
Memory LaneSailor (1991)1991
MusicSailor (1991)1991
My Girl (She Knows What To Do)Checkpoint1977
My Kind Of GirlTrouble1975
Nickelodeon NightsLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Nothing Has ChangedCheckpoint1977
One Drink Too ManyThe Third Step1976
One Drink Too ManyGreatest Hits Vol.11978
One Drink Too ManyLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
One Drink Too Many (live)Live In Berlin1998
One Life One Love One DayHideaway1978
Open Up The DoorSailor1974
Out Of MoneyThe Third Step1976
Panama (live)Live In Berlin1998
Pearl HarborDressed For Drowning1980
People In LoveTrouble1975
Pop Muzik - Ghostbusters Medley (live)Live In Berlin1998
Precious FormStreet Lamp1992
Private EyeDressed For Drowning1980
Put Your Mouth Where The Money IsCheckpoint1977
Put Your Mouth Where The Money IsGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Pyjama PartyHideaway1978
Quay HotelThe Third Step1976
RomanceGreatest Hits Vol.11978
RunawayDressed For Drowning1980
SailorGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Sailor's Night On The TownSailor1974
SoaplandSailor (1991)1991
St. John (St. Jean)Sailor (1991)1991
StarlightDressed For Drowning1980
Stay The NightHideaway1978
Stay The NightLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Stay The Night (live)Live In Berlin1998
Stay With Me NowCheckpoint1977
Stiletto HeelsThe Third Step1976
Stiletto HeelsGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Stiletto HeelsLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Stop That ManTrouble1975
Stranger In ParisHideaway1978
Stranger In ParisLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Street LampStreet Lamp1992
The Girls Of AmsterdamSailor1974
The Old Nickelodeon SoundTrouble1975
The Old Nickelodeon SoundGreatest Hits Vol.11978
The Old Nickelodeon Sound (live)Live In Berlin1998
The RunawayGreatest Hits Vol.11978
The SecretarySailor (1991)1991
The SecretaryLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
The Secretary (live)Live In Berlin1998
The StreetSailor1974
Traffic JamSailor1974
Traffic JamGreatest Hits Vol.11978
Traffic JamLegacy - Greatest And Latest1996
Traffic Jam (live)Live In Berlin1998
Trouble In Hong KongTrouble1975
Two Ladies On The CornerThe Third Step1976
Under The MoonStreet Lamp1992
Vera From VeracruzStreet Lamp1992
Vera From Veracruz (live)Live In Berlin1998
When It Hurts YouHideaway1978
When My Ship Comes InStreet Lamp1992
Who CaresStreet Lamp1992
Who Will Stop The RainDressed For Drowning1980

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