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A Different DrumPassion1989
A Different DrumHit2003
A Wonderful Day In A One-Way WorldPeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
Across The River (live)Secret World Live1994
And StillI-O2023
And Through The WirePeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
Animal MagicPeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
Apres moiScratch My Back2010
Apres moi (live)Live Blood2012
At NightBirdy1985
Before Night FallsPassion1989
Big TimeSo1986
Big TimeShaking The Tree1990
Big TimeHit2003
BikoPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
BikoShaking The Tree1990
Biko (deutsch)Ein deutsches Album1980
Biko (live)Plays Live1983
Biko (live)Live Blood2012
Birdy's Flight (From 'not One Of Us')Birdy1985
Blood Of EdenUs1992
Blood Of Eden (live)Secret World Live1994
Blood Of Eden (live)Live Blood2012
Blood Of Eden (Radio Edit)Hit2003
Bread And WinePassion1989
Burn You Up, Burn You DownHit2003
Close Up (From 'Family Snapshot')Birdy1985
CloudlessLong Walk Home2002
Come Talk To MeUs1992
Come Talk To Me (live)Secret World Live1994
Crossing The Salt PanLong Walk Home2002
D.I.Y.Peter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
D.I.Y. (live)Plays Live1983
Darkness (live)Live Blood2012
Das FischernetzDeutsches Album1982
Der Rhytmus der HitzeDeutsches Album1982
Digging In The DirtUs1992
Digging In The DirtHit2003
Digging In The Dirt (live)Secret World Live1994
Digging In The Dirt (live)Live Blood2012
Don't Give Up (live)Secret World Live1994
Don't Give Up (live)Live Blood2012
Don't Give Up (with Kate Bush)So1986
Don't Give Up (with Kate Bush)Shaking The Tree1990
Don't Give Up (with Kate Bush)Hit2003
Down The Dolce VitaPeter Gabriel1977
Down To Earth (+ Soweto Gospel Choir)Rated PG2019
Downside Up (live)Hit2003
Downside Up (live)Live Blood2012
Dressing The WoundBirdy1985
Du bist nicht wie wirEin deutsches Album1980
Ein normales LebenEin deutsches Album1980
EindringlingEin deutsches Album1980
EverybirdRated PG2019
Excuse MePeter Gabriel1977
ExposurePeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
Family SnapshotPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
Family SnapshotShaking The Tree1990
Family Snapshot (live)Plays Live1983
Father, SonOVO2000
Father, SonHit2003
Floating DogsBirdy1985
Flotsam And JetsamPeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
FlumeScratch My Back2010
Four Kinds Of HorsesI-O2023
Fourteen Black PaintingsUs1992
Frag mich nicht immerEin deutsches Album1980
Games Without FrontiersPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
Games Without FrontiersShaking The Tree1990
Games Without FrontiersHit2003
Go Away, Mr EvansLong Walk Home2002
Gracie's RecaptureLong Walk Home2002
Growing UpUp2002
Growing UpHit2003
HandauflegenDeutsches Album1982
Here Comes The FloodPeter Gabriel1977
Here Comes The Flood (1990 Re-Recording)Shaking The Tree1990
Here Comes The Flood (1990 Version)Hit2003
HeroesScratch My Back2010
Home Sweet HomePeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
HumdrumPeter Gabriel1977
Humdrum (live)Plays Live1983
I Don't RememberPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
I Don't RememberShaking The Tree1990
I Don't Remember (live)Plays Live1983
I Go Swimming (live)Plays Live1983
I GrieveUp2002
I GrieveHit2003
I Have The TouchPeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
I Have The Touch (1983 Remix)Shaking The Tree1990
I Have The Touch (live)Plays Live1983
I Have The Touch (Robbie Robertson Mix)Hit2003
I Think It's Going To Rain TodayScratch My Back2010
In DoubtPassion1989
In Your EyesSo1986
In Your EyesRated PG2019
In Your Eyes (live)Secret World Live1994
In Your Eyes (live)Live Blood2012
In Your Eyes (Version 2011)New Blood2011
IndigoPeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
IntruderPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
Intruder (live)Plays Live1983
Intruder (live)Live Blood2012
Intruder (Version 2011)New Blood2011
It Is AccomplishedPassion1989
JigalongLong Walk Home2002
Keine SelbstkontrolleEin deutsches Album1980
Kiss Of LifePeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
Kiss That FrogUs1992
Kiss That Frog (live)Secret World Live1994
Kon-TaktDeutsches Album1982
Lay Your Hands On MePeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
Lazarus RaisedPassion1989
Lead A Normal LifePeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
Lead A Normal Life (Version 2011)New Blood2011
Listening WindScratch My Back2010
Live And Let LiveI-O2023
Love Can HealI-O2023
Love To Be LovedUs1992
Low LightOVO2000
Make TomorrowOVO2000
Mein KindDeutsches Album1982
Mercy StreetSo1986
Mercy StreetShaking The Tree1990
Mercy Street (live)Live Blood2012
Mercy Street (Version 2011)New Blood2011
MirrorballScratch My Back2010
Modern LovePeter Gabriel1977
Moodoo's SecretLong Walk Home2002
More Than ThisUp2002
More Than This (Radio Edit)Hit2003
Moribund The BurgermeisterPeter Gabriel1977
Mother Of ViolencePeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
MundzumbeatmungDeutsches Album1982
My Body Is A CageScratch My Back2010
My Head Sounds Like ThatUp2002
Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue)Long Walk Home2002
Nicht die Erde hat dich verschlucktDeutsches Album1982
No Self ControlHit2003
No Self Control (live)Plays Live1983
No Self-ControlPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
No Way OutUp2002
NocturnalRated PG2019
Not One Of UsPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
Not One Of Us (live)Plays Live1983
Of These, HopePassion1989
Of These, Hope - ReprisePassion1989
Olive TreeI-O2023
On The AirPeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
On The Air (live)Plays Live1983
On The MapLong Walk Home2002
Only UsUs1992
PerspectivePeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
PhiladelphiaScratch My Back2010
Playing For TimeI-O2023
Quiet And AloneBirdy1985
Red RainSo1986
Red RainShaking The Tree1990
Red RainHit2003
Red Rain (live)Secret World Live1994
Red Rain (live)Live Blood2012
Red Rain (Version 2011)New Blood2011
Road To JoyI-O2023
Running To The RainLong Walk Home2002
San JacintoPeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
San JacintoShaking The Tree1990
San JacintoHit2003
San Jacinto (deutsch)Deutsches Album1982
San Jacinto (live)Plays Live1983
San Jacinto (live)Live Blood2012
San Jacinto (Version 2011)New Blood2011
Schnappschuß (Ein Familienfoto)Ein deutsches Album1980
Schock den AffenDeutsches Album1982
Secret WorldUs1992
Secret World (live)Secret World Live1994
Shaking The Tree (1990 Remix)Shaking The Tree1990
Shaking The Tree (live)Secret World Live1994
Shock The MonkeyPeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
Shock The MonkeyShaking The Tree1990
Shock The MonkeyHit2003
Shock The Monkey (live)Plays Live1983
Signal To NoiseUp2002
Signal To NoiseHit2003
Signal To Noise (live)Live Blood2012
Signal To Noise (Version 2011)New Blood2011
Sketch Pad With Trumpet And VoiceBirdy1985
Sky BlueUp2002
SledgehammerShaking The Tree1990
Sledgehammer (live)Secret World Live1994
Slow MarimbasBirdy1985
Slow Marimbas (live)Secret World Live1994
Slow WaterBirdy1985
SlowburnPeter Gabriel1977
So MuchI-O2023
Solsbury HillPeter Gabriel1977
Solsbury HillShaking The Tree1990
Solsbury HillHit2003
Solsbury Hill (live)Plays Live1983
Solsbury Hill (live)Secret World Live1994
Solsbury Hill (live)Live Blood2012
Solsbury Hill (Version 2011)New Blood2011
Speak (Bol) (+ Atif Aslam)Rated PG2019
Spiel ohne GrenzenEin deutsches Album1980
StartPeter Gabriel (3 - 1980)1980
Stealing The ChildrenLong Walk Home2002
Steam (live)Secret World Live1994
Street Spirit (Fade Out)Scratch My Back2010
Taboo (+ Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)Rated PG2019
That Voice AgainSo1986
That'll Do (+ Paddy Maloney + Black Dyke Mills Band)Rated PG2019
The Barry Williams ShowUp2002
The Book Of LoveScratch My Back2010
The Book Of LoveRated PG2019
The Book Of Love (live)Live Blood2012
The Boy In The BubbleScratch My Back2010
The Boy In The Bubble (live)Live Blood2012
The CourtI-O2023
The DropUp2002
The DropHit2003
The Drop (live)Live Blood2012
The Family And The Fishing NetPeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
The Family And The Fishing Net (live)Plays Live1983
The Feeling BeginsPassion1989
The Heat (From 'the Rhythm Of The Heat')Birdy1985
The Man Who Loved The Earth - The Hand That Sold ShadowsOVO2000
The Nest That Sailed The SkyOVO2000
The Nest That Sailed The Sky (live)Live Blood2012
The Nest That Sailed The Sky (Version 2011)New Blood2011
The Power Of The HeartScratch My Back2010
The Power Of The Heart (live)Live Blood2012
The Promise Of ShadowsPassion1989
The Rabbit-Proof FenceLong Walk Home2002
The Return, Parts 1-3Long Walk Home2002
The Rhythm Of The Heart (live)Live Blood2012
The Rhythm Of The HeatPeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
The Rhythm Of The HeatHit2003
The Rhythm Of The Heat (live)Plays Live1983
The Rhythm Of The Heat (Version 2011)New Blood2011
The Time Of The TurningOVO2000
The Time Of The Turning (Reprise) - The Weavers ReelOVO2000
The Tower That Ate PeopleOVO2000
The Tower That Ate People (Steve Osborne Mix)Hit2003
The TrackerLong Walk Home2002
The Tree That Went UpOVO2000
This Is HomeI-O2023
This Is Party Man (+ Worldbeaters)Rated PG2019
This Is The PictureSo1986
Und durch den DrahtEin deutsches Album1980
Under Lock And Key (From 'Wallflower')Birdy1985
Unlocking The DoorLong Walk Home2002
Waiting For The Big OnePeter Gabriel1977
Walk Through The FireRated PG2019
Wall Of BreathPassion1989
WallflowerPeter Gabriel (4 - 1982)1982
Wallflower (live)Live Blood2012
Wallflower (Version 2011)New Blood2011
Washing Of The WaterUs1992
Washing Of The WaterHit2003
Washing Of The Water (live)Secret World Live1994
Washing Of The Water (live)Live Blood2012
Washing Of The Water (Version 2011)New Blood2011
We Do What We're ToldSo1986
White AshesOVO2000
White ShadowPeter Gabriel (2 - 1978)1978
With This LovePassion1989
With This Love - ChoirPassion1989
ZaarShaking The Tree1990

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