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1984Vengeance - The Independent Story1984
1984 (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
225Thunder And Consolation1989
51St StateThe Ghost Of Cain1986
A Liberal EducationVengeance - The Independent Story1984
According To YouBetween Winde And Blood2014
After SomethingWinter2016
Afternoon SongThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
Aimless DesireStrange Brotherhood1998
All Consuming FireHigh2007
All Of ThisThe Ghost Of Cain1986
AmbitionNo Rest For The Wicked1985
Angry PlanetBetween Winde And Blood2014
Another Imperial DayCarnival2005
Archway TowersThunder And Consolation1989
Arm Yourselves And RunToday Is A Good Day2009
AutumnToday Is A Good Day2009
Bad HarvestToday Is A Good Day2009
Bad Old WorldThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
BalladThe Ghost Of Cain1986
Ballad (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Ballad Of Bodmin PillThunder And Consolation1989
Before I Get OldImpurity1990
Believe ItThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
BetchaVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Better Than ThemNo Rest For The Wicked1985
Between Dog And WolfBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Between Dog And Wolf (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
Big BlueStrange Brotherhood1998
BittersweetVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Born FeralWinter2016
Burn The CastleWinter2016
Bury The HatchetImpurity1990
Carlisle RoadCarnival2005
Christian MilitiaVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Cold WindUnbroken2024
Coming Or GoingUnbroken2024
ConversationFrom Here2019
Devil (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Devil's BargainBetween Winde And Blood2014
Devil?s Bargain (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Did You Make It Saf (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Did You Make It SafeBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Did You Make It Safe (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
Die TryingWinter2016
DisappearedToday Is A Good Day2009
Do You Really Want To Go ThereUnbroken2024
Drag It DownNo Rest For The Wicked1985
Echo NovemberWinter2016
Eleven YearsImpurity1990
End Of DaysFrom Here2019
Eyes Get Used To The DarknessWinter2016
FamilyThunder And Consolation1989
Family LifeThunder And Consolation1989
FateThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
Fireworks NightEight2000
Fireworks NightCarnival2005
First Summer AfterUnbroken2024
Flying Through The SmokeEight2000
FrightenedNo Rest For The Wicked1985
From HereFrom Here2019
Get Me OutImpurity1990
GhostsBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Gigabyte WarsStrange Brotherhood1998
God Save MeToday Is A Good Day2009
Grandmother's FootstepsNo Rest For The Wicked1985
Great DisguiseFrom Here2019
Great ExpectationsVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Green And GreyThunder And Consolation1989
Green And Grey (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
GuessingBetween Winde And Blood2014
Guessing (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Happy To Be HereBetween Winde And Blood2014
Hard WayFrom Here2019
HeadlightsStrange Brotherhood1998
Here Comes The WarThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
HeroesThe Ghost Of Cain1986
HorsemenBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Horsemen (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
I Did Nothing WrongUnbroken2024
I Love The WorldThunder And Consolation1989
I Need More TimeBetween Dog And Wolf2013
I Need More Time (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
If I Am Still MeUnbroken2024
InheritanceThunder And Consolation1989
Innocence (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Into The WindHigh2007
KillingStrange Brotherhood1998
KnievelBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Knievel (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
La PushToday Is A Good Day2009
Lean Back And FallBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Lean Back And Fall (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
Leeds Road 3AmEight2000
Lights Go OutThe Ghost Of Cain1986
Living In The RoseThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
Long GoodbyeStrange Brotherhood1998
LovesongsThe Ghost Of Cain1986
LullabyStrange Brotherhood1998
Lullaby (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Lust For PowerImpurity1990
Mambo Queen Of The Sandstone CityToday Is A Good Day2009
MapsFrom Here2019
March In SeptemberBetween Dog And Wolf2013
March In September (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
March In September (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Marry The Sea (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Master RaceThe Ghost Of Cain1986
My CountryNo Rest For The Wicked1985
My PeopleThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
Never ArrivingFrom Here2019
No Greater LoveNo Rest For The Wicked1985
No Man's LandVengeance - The Independent Story1984
No Mirror, No ShadowHigh2007
No PainStrange Brotherhood1998
No RestNo Rest For The Wicked1985
North StarToday Is A Good Day2009
Nothing Dies EasyHigh2007
Notice MeVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Ocean RisingToday Is A Good Day2009
Ocean Rising (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
One Of The ChosenHigh2007
Orange Tree RoadsEight2000
Orange Tree Roads (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Over The WireStrange Brotherhood1998
Paekakariki BeachEight2000
Part The WatersWinter2016
Passing ThroughFrom Here2019
Passing Through (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Peace Is OnlyToday Is A Good Day2009
Poison StreetThe Ghost Of Cain1986
Prayer FlagsCarnival2005
Pull The SunBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Pull The Sun (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
Purity (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Qasr el nil bridgeBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Queen Of My HeartStrange Brotherhood1998
Red EarthCarnival2005
Running In The RainVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Setting SunFrom Here2019
Seven TimesBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Seven Times (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
Sex (The Black Angel)Vengeance - The Independent Story1984
Shot 18No Rest For The Wicked1985
Shot 18 (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Sky In Your EyesHigh2007
Smalltown EnglandVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Snelsmore WoodEight2000
Someone Like JesusEight2000
Spirit Of The FalklandsVengeance - The Independent Story1984
States RadioToday Is A Good Day2009
Storm Clouds (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
StormcloudsBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Stupid QuestionsThunder And Consolation1989
Summer MoorsBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Summer Moors (live)Between Winde And Blood2014
SunriseBetween Winde And Blood2014
TensionVengeance - The Independent Story1984
The AttackNo Rest For The Wicked1985
The HuntThe Ghost Of Cain1986
The PriceVengeance - The Independent Story1984
The WeatherFrom Here2019
These WordsThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
Today Is A Good DayToday Is A Good Day2009
Tomorrow CameBetween Dog And Wolf2013
Too Close To The SunCarnival2005
Too Close To The Sun (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Understand UThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
VagabondsThunder And Consolation1989
Vagabonds (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
VengeanceVengeance - The Independent Story1984
WaitingVengeance - The Independent Story1984
Watch And LearnFrom Here2019
Weak And StrongWinter2016
Western DreamThe Ghost Of Cain1986
Where I AmFrom Here2019
White LightThe Love Of Hopeless Causes1993
Whites Of Their EyesStrange Brotherhood1998
Winter (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
Wipe OutEight2000
Wonderful Way To Go (Orchestral Version) (live)Sinfonia2023
You Weren't ThereEight2000
Young, Gifted And SkintNo Rest For The Wicked1985

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