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42147In Memory1996
42147The Politics Of Ecstasy1996
A Future UncertainThis Godless Endeavor2005
All Play DeadDreaming Neon Black1999
AmbivalentEnemies Of Reality2003
And The Maiden SpokeThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
Believe In NothingDead Heart In A Dead World2000
Beyond WithinDreaming Neon Black1999
Bittersweet FeastThis Godless Endeavor2005
BornThis Godless Endeavor2005
Born (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
CenotaphDreaming Neon Black1999
Chances Three (Bonus Track)Nevermore1995
Create The InfiniteEnemies Of Reality2003
Dead Heart In A Dead World (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
Dead Heart, In A Dead WorldDead Heart In A Dead World2000
Death Of PassionDreaming Neon Black1999
DeconstructionDreaming Neon Black1999
Dreaming Neon BlackDreaming Neon Black1999
Dreaming Neon Black (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
Emptiness UnobstructedThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
Enemies Of RealityEnemies Of Reality2003
Enemies Of Reality (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
Engines Of HateDead Heart In A Dead World2000
Evolution 169Dead Heart In A Dead World2000
Fault Of FleshDreaming Neon Black1999
Final ProductThis Godless Endeavor2005
Final Product (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
ForeverDreaming Neon Black1999
Garden Of GrayNevermore1995
Heart CollectorDead Heart In A Dead World2000
I Am The DogDreaming Neon Black1999
I Am The Dog (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
I, VoyagerEnemies Of Reality2003
I, Voyager (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
In MemoryIn Memory1996
Inside Four WallsDead Heart In A Dead World2000
Inside Four Walls (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
InsignificantDead Heart In A Dead World2000
LostThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
Lotus EatersDreaming Neon Black1999
Love BitesThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
MatricideIn Memory1996
Matricide (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
Medicated NationThis Godless Endeavor2005
Moonrise (Through Mirrors Of Death)The Obsidian Conspiracy2010
My Acid WordsThis Godless Endeavor2005
My Acid Words (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
NarcosynthesisDead Heart In A Dead World2000
Narcosynthesis (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
Never PurifyEnemies Of Reality2003
Next In LineThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
Next In LineThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
Next In Line (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
No More WillDreaming Neon Black1999
NoumenonEnemies Of Reality2003
OphidianDreaming Neon Black1999
Optimist Or PessimistIn Memory1996
PassengerIn Memory1996
PassengerThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
Poison GodmachineDreaming Neon Black1999
PrecognitionThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
River Dragon Has ComeDead Heart In A Dead World2000
Sea Of PossibilitiesNevermore1995
Seed AwakeningEnemies Of Reality2003
Sell My Heart For StonesThis Godless Endeavor2005
Sentient (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
Sentient 6This Godless Endeavor2005
She Comes In ColorsThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
Silent Hedges - Double DareIn Memory1996
Sorrowed ManIn Memory1996
Sound Of SilenceDead Heart In A Dead World2000
The Blue Marble And The New SoulThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
The Day You Built The WallThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
The Dreaming Mind (Bonus Track)Nevermore1995
The Heart Collector (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
The Holocaust Of ThoughtThis Godless Endeavor2005
The Hurting WordsNevermore1995
The LearingThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
The Learning (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
The Obsidian ConspiracyThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
The Politics Of EcstacyThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
The Politics Of Ecstasy (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
The Psalm Of LydiaThis Godless Endeavor2005
The River Dragon Has Come (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
The Sanity AssassinNevermore1995
The Seven Tongues Of GodIn Memory1996
The Seven Tongues Of GodThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
The System's Failing (Bonus Track)Nevermore1995
The Termination ProclamationThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
The Tiananmen ManIn Memory1996
The Tiananmen ManThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
This Godless EndeavorThis Godless Endeavor2005
This Godless Endeavor (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
This SacramentIn Memory1996
This SacramentThe Politics Of Ecstasy1996
Timothy LearyNevermore1995
Tomorrow Turned Into YesterdayEnemies Of Reality2003
Utopia (Bonus Track)Nevermore1995
We DisintegrateDead Heart In A Dead World2000
What Tomorrow KnowsNevermore1995
What Tomorrow Knows (Bonus Track)Nevermore1995
What Tomorrow Knows - Garden Of Grey (live)The Year Of The Voyager2008
Who DecidesEnemies Of Reality2003
Without MoralsThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010
World Unborn (Bonus Track)Nevermore1995
Your Poison ThroneThe Obsidian Conspiracy2010

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