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1962 (Glencoe Massacre)Exercises1972
A Day At The BeachThe Newz2008
A Veterans SongCinema1986
A Veterans SongGreatest Hits Volume 21998
All Nite RadioSound Elixir1983
All The Kings HorsesExcept No Mercy1977
AnimalsSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Another YearThe Fool Circle1980
Back 2B4Rock'n' Roll Telephone2014
Back To SchoolSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Back To The Trenches2XS1982
Backroom BoysSound Elixir1983
Bad Bad BoyRazamanaz1973
Bad Bad BoyGreatest Hits1975
Bad Bad BoyComplete Singles Collection2007
Bad Bad Boy (live)Homecoming2001
Beggar's Day (live)Snaz1981
Beggar's Day (live)Homecoming2001
Beggars Day And Rose In HeatherHair Of The Dog1975
Better Leave It OutSurviving The Law2022
Big BoyMalice In Wonderland1980
Big BoyComplete Singles Collection2007
Big Dog's Gonna HowlBig Dogz2011
Boom Bang BangRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
Born To LovePlay'n' The Game1976
Born To LoveHot Tracks1976
Born Under The Wrong SignClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
Boys In The Band2XS1982
Bring It On Home To MamaMove Me1994
Broken Down AngelRazamanaz1973
Broken Down AngelGreatest Hits1975
Broken Down AngelHot Tracks1976
Broken Down AngelComplete Singles Collection2007
Broken Down Angel (live)Homecoming2001
Burning DownMove Me1994
BustedExcept No Mercy1977
ButterflyBig Dogz2011
Called Her NameExercises1972
Can't Shake Those ShakesMove Me1994
Carry Out FeelingsClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
Carry Out FeelingsHot Tracks1976
Carry Out FeelingsComplete Singles Collection2007
Cat's Eye, Apple PieExercises1972
ChangeTattooed On My Brain2018
Changin' TimesHair Of The Dog1975
Child In The SunLoud 'N' Proud1973
Ciggies And BoozeSurviving The Law2022
CinemaComplete Singles Collection2007
Claim To FameNo Mean City1979
ClaimedBig Dogz2011
CocainThe Fool Circle1980
Cocain (live)Snaz1981
Cocaine (live)Greatest Hits Volume 21998
Country GirlNazareth1971
Cover Your HeartNo Jive1991
Crack Me UpMove Me1994
Crazy MollyTattooed On My Brain2018
Cry WolfNo Jive1991
Dear JohnNazareth1971
Dear JohnComplete Singles Collection2007
Demon AlcoholMove Me1994
Desolation RoadFrom The Vaults1983
Do You Wanna Play HouseNo Jive1991
Don't Throw Your Love AwayTattooed On My Brain2018
Donna - Get Off That CrackSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
DownFrom The Vaults1983
Down Home GirlPlay'n' The Game1976
Dream On2XS1982
Dream OnGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Dream OnComplete Singles Collection2007
Dream On (live)Homecoming2001
Dressed To KillThe Fool Circle1980
Dressed To KillGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Dressed To KillComplete Singles Collection2007
Dressed To Kill (live)Snaz1981
Dying BreedThe Newz2008
Empty Arms, Empty HeartNazareth1971
Enough LoveThe Newz2008
Every Time It RainsNo Jive1991
Every Time It RainsComplete Singles Collection2007
Every Young Man's DreamThe Fool Circle1980
Every Young Man's DreamComplete Singles Collection2007
Expect No MercyExcept No Mercy1977
Expect No Mercy (live)Snaz1981
Fallen AngelMalice In Wonderland1980
Falling In LoveSurviving The Law2022
Fast CarsMalice In Wonderland1980
Fat ManNazareth1971
FlyingPlay'n' The Game1976
Fool About YouExercises1972
Free WheelerLoud 'N' Proud1973
FriendsFrom The Vaults1983
GamesComplete Singles Collection2007
Gimme What's MineExcept No Mercy1977
GirlsSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Glad When You're GoneRampant1974
Glad When You're GoneComplete Singles Collection2007
GloriaThe Newz2008
Go Down FightingLoud 'N' Proud1973
Go Down FightingHot Tracks1976
God Of The MountainRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
God Save The SouthBoogaloo1998
Going LocoThe Newz2008
Gone Dead TrainExcept No Mercy1977
Gone Dead TrainComplete Singles Collection2007
Good LoveFrom The Vaults1983
GreensFrom The Vaults1983
GuiltyHair Of The Dog1975
Hair Of The DogHair Of The Dog1975
Hair Of The DogGreatest Hits1975
Hair Of The DogHot Tracks1976
Hair Of The DogComplete Singles Collection2007
Hair Of The Dog (live)Snaz1981
Hair Of The Dog (live)From The Vaults1983
Hair Of The Dog (live)Homecoming2001
Hang On To A DreamSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Hard LivingFrom The Vaults1983
Hard LivingComplete Singles Collection2007
Heart's Grown ColdMalice In Wonderland1980
Heart's Grown ColdGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Heart's Grown Cold (live)Snaz1981
Heart's Grown Cold (live)Homecoming2001
Hearts Grown Cold (Live)From The Vaults1983
Hearts Grown Cold (Live)Complete Singles Collection2007
HelplessSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Hire And FireNo Jive1991
Hit The FanCinema1986
HolidayMalice In Wonderland1980
HolidayGreatest Hits Volume 21998
HolidayComplete Singles Collection2007
Holiday (live)Snaz1981
Holiday (live)Homecoming2001
Holy RollerGreatest Hits1975
Holy RollerFrom The Vaults1983
Holy RollerComplete Singles Collection2007
Homesick AgainClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
I Don't Want To Go On Without YouPlay'n' The Game1976
I Don't Want To Go On WithoutyouComplete Singles Collection2007
I Had A DreamNazareth1971
I RanSound Elixir1983
I Want To (Do Everything For You)Hot Tracks1976
I Want To Do Everything For YouPlay'n' The Game1976
I Want To Do Everything For You (live)Snaz1981
I Will Not Be LedExercises1972
If You See My BabyFrom The Vaults1983
If You See My BabyComplete Singles Collection2007
In My TimeExercises1972
Java Blues (live)Snaz1981
Jet LagRampant1974
Juicy LucyFrom The Vaults1983
Just Another HeartacheCinema1986
Just To Get Into ItNo Mean City1979
Keep On Travellin'The Newz2008
Keeping Our Love AliveNo Jive1991
Kentucky Fried BluesExcept No Mercy1977
L.A. GirlsPlay'n' The Game1976
Lady LuckSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Lap Of LuxuryNo Jive1991
Last Exit BrooklynThe Catch1984
Let Me Be Your DogMove Me1994
Let Me Be Your DogGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Let Me Be Your LeaderThe Fool Circle1980
Let Me Be Your LeaderComplete Singles Collection2007
Let Me Be Your Leader (live)Snaz1981
Let The Whiskey FlowSurviving The Law2022
LiarThe Newz2008
LifeboatBig Dogz2011
Lift The LidClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
Light Comes DownBoogaloo1998
Light My WayRampant1974
Little Part Of YouThe Fool Circle1980
Local StillSound Elixir1983
Loggin'OnThe Newz2008
Lonely In The Night2XS1982
Long Long TimeRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
LorettaClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
Love BreaksSurviving The Law2022
Love HurtsGreatest Hits1975
Love HurtsHot Tracks1976
Love HurtsFrom The Vaults1983
Love HurtsComplete Singles Collection2007
Love Hurts (live)Snaz1981
Love Hurts (live)Greatest Hits Volume 21998
Love Hurts (live)Homecoming2001
Love Hurts (Orchestral Version)Complete Singles Collection2007
Love Leads To Madness2XS1982
Love Leads To MadnessGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Love Leads To MadnessComplete Singles Collection2007
Love Now You're GoneExercises1972
Love Of FreedomThe Catch1984
Loved And LostRampant1974
May Heaven Keep YouBoogaloo1998
May The SunshineNo Mean City1979
May The SunshineComplete Singles Collection2007
Mean StreetsThe Newz2008
Milk And HoneySound Elixir1983
Milk And HoneyGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Mind BombSurviving The Law2022
Miss MiseryHair Of The Dog1975
Miss Misery (live)Homecoming2001
MoondanceThe Catch1984
Moonlight EyesThe Fool Circle1980
Moonlight EyesComplete Singles Collection2007
MorgentauGreatest Hits Volume 21998
MorgentauComplete Singles Collection2007
Morning DewNazareth1971
Morning DewFrom The Vaults1983
Morning DewComplete Singles Collection2007
Morning Dew ('81)Complete Singles Collection2007
Move MeMove Me1994
Move MeComplete Singles Collection2007
My White BicycleGreatest Hits1975
My White BicycleHot Tracks1976
My White BicycleFrom The Vaults1983
My White BicycleComplete Singles Collection2007
My White Bicycle (live)Homecoming2001
My White Bicycle (unplugged)Move Me1994
Never Dance With The DevilTattooed On My Brain2018
New York Broken ToyExcept No Mercy1977
Night WomanRazamanaz1973
No Mean CityNo Mean City1979
No Mean MonsterBig Dogz2011
Not Faking ItLoud 'N' Proud1973
Not TodayRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
Nothing So GoodBoogaloo1998
On The RunFrom The Vaults1983
One From The HeartCinema1986
One Set Of BonesRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
Open Up WomanBoogaloo1998
Other Side Of YouCinema1986
Out Of TimeComplete Singles Collection2007
Party DownThe Catch1984
Party DownComplete Singles Collection2007
Party In The KremlinBoogaloo1998
Piece Of My HeartSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Piece Of My HeartGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Piece Of My HeartComplete Singles Collection2007
Place In Your HeartExcept No Mercy1977
Place In Your HeartComplete Singles Collection2007
Please Don't Judas MeHair Of The Dog1975
Pole To PoleTattooed On My Brain2018
Pop The SiloThe Fool Circle1980
Psycho SkiesSurviving The Law2022
Punch A Hole In The SkyRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
PushTattooed On My Brain2018
RadioBig Dogz2011
Rags To RichesSound Elixir1983
Railroad BoyFrom The Vaults1983
Rain On The WindowSound Elixir1983
RazamanazGreatest Hits1975
RazamanazHot Tracks1976
RazamanazComplete Singles Collection2007
Razamanaz (live)Snaz1981
Razamanaz (Live)From The Vaults1983
Razamanaz (live)Homecoming2001
Razamanaz (unplugged)Move Me1994
Red Light LadyNazareth1971
Revenge Is SweetExcept No Mercy1977
Right Between The EyesNo Jive1991
Rip It UpMove Me1994
Road To NowhereThe Catch1984
Road TripThe Newz2008
Robber And The RoadieBoogaloo1998
Rock 'n' Roll TelephoneRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
Rubik's RomanceTattooed On My Brain2018
Ruby TuesdayThe Catch1984
Ruby TuesdayGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Ruby TuesdayComplete Singles Collection2007
RunawaySurviving The Law2022
Sad SongExercises1972
Salty SaltyCinema1986
See MeThe Newz2008
See You, See MeSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Shaghai'd In ShanghaiHot Tracks1976
Shanghai'd In ShanghaiRampant1974
Shanghai'd In ShanghaiGreatest Hits1975
Shanghai'D In ShanghaiComplete Singles Collection2007
Shapes Of Things (live)Snaz1981
Shapes Of Things And Space SafariRampant1974
Ship Of DreamsMalice In Wonderland1980
Shot Me DownExcept No Mercy1977
Showdown At The BorderMalice In Wonderland1980
Silent SymphonyTattooed On My Brain2018
Silver Dollar ForgerRampant1974
Simple SolutionNo Mean City1979
Simple Solution (live)Homecoming2001
SinnerSurviving The Law2022
SleeptalkerBig Dogz2011
Sold My SoulRazamanaz1973
Somebody To RollPlay'n' The Game1976
Somebody To RollComplete Singles Collection2007
SpeakeasyRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
Spinning TopFrom The Vaults1983
Stand By Your BedsMove Me1994
StarNo Mean City1979
StarGreatest Hits Volume 21998
StarComplete Singles Collection2007
Starry EyesComplete Singles Collection2007
State Of EmergencyTattooed On My Brain2018
Stay With Me BabyComplete Singles Collection2007
SteamrollerMove Me1994
Strange DaysSurviving The Law2022
SunshineGreatest Hits1975
Sweet KissSurviving The Law2022
Sweetheart TreeThe Catch1984
Take The Rap2XS1982
Talk TalkBoogaloo1998
Talkin' 'Bout LoveMalice In Wonderland1980
Talkin' To One Of The BoysMalice In Wonderland1980
Talkin' To One Of The Boys (live)From The Vaults1983
Tattooed On My BrainTattooed On My Brain2018
Teenage Nervous BreakdownLoud 'N' Proud1973
TelegramClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
Telegram (Part 1, 2, 3) (live)Snaz1981
Tell Me That You Love MeGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Tell Me That You Love MeComplete Singles Collection2007
The Ballad Of Hollis BrownLoud 'N' Proud1973
The GatheringThe Newz2008
The Honky Tonk DownstairsComplete Singles Collection2007
The KeySnakes 'n' Ladders1989
The King Is DeadNazareth1971
The Right TimeRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
The Rowan TreeNo Jive1991
The Secret Is OutTattooed On My Brain2018
The ToastBig Dogz2011
Thinkin' Man's NightmareNo Jive1991
This Flight TonightLoud 'N' Proud1973
This Flight TonightGreatest Hits1975
This Flight TonightHot Tracks1976
This Flight TonightComplete Singles Collection2007
This Flight Tonight (1991 Version)No Jive1991
This Flight Tonight (1991 Version)Greatest Hits Volume 21998
This Flight Tonight (live)Snaz1981
This Flight Tonight (live)Homecoming2001
This Flight Tonight (unplugged)Move Me1994
This Month's MessiahThe Catch1984
Time And TideBig Dogz2011
Too Bad Too SadRazamanaz1973
TroubleSnakes 'n' Ladders1989
Turn On Your ReceiverLoud 'N' Proud1973
Turn On Your ReceiverGreatest Hits1975
Turning A New LeafMalice In Wonderland1980
Tush (live)Snaz1981
Tush (live)Greatest Hits Volume 21998
Vancouver ShakedownClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
Vancouver ShakedownHot Tracks1976
VickiClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
VictoriaThe Fool Circle1980
Vigilante ManRazamanaz1973
Waiting For The ManPlay'n' The Game1976
Waiting For The World To EndSurviving The Law2022
Walk By Yourself (live)Homecoming2001
WarningThe Newz2008
Watch Your BackBig Dogz2011
Watcha Gonna Do About ItComplete Singles Collection2007
We Are The PeopleThe Fool Circle1980
Whare Are You NowComplete Singles Collection2007
What Goes AroundTattooed On My Brain2018
What's In It For MeNo Mean City1979
Whatever You Want BabeNo Mean City1979
Whatever You Want BabeGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Whatever You Want BabeComplete Singles Collection2007
When Jesus Comes To Save The World AgainBig Dogz2011
When The Lights Come Down (live)Homecoming2001
Where Are You NowSound Elixir1983
Where Are You NowGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Whippin' BoySound Elixir1983
Whiskey Drinkin' Woman (live)Homecoming2001
Whisky Drinking WomanHair Of The Dog1975
Why Don't You Read The BookSound Elixir1983
Wild HoneyPlay'n' The Game1976
Winner On The NightGreatest Hits Volume 21998
Winner On The NightComplete Singles Collection2007
Winter SunlightRock'n' Roll Telephone2014
Witchdoctor WomanNazareth1971
Woke Up This MorningExercises1972
Woke Up This MorningRazamanaz1973
Woke Up This MorningGreatest Hits1975
You Call MeTattooed On My Brain2018
You Don't Believe In UsThe Catch1984
You Gotta Pass It AroundSurviving The Law2022
You Had It Coming'Move Me1994
You Love Another2XS1982
You Made MeSurviving The Law2022
You're The ViolinClose Enough For Rock'n' Roll1976
You're The ViolinFrom The Vaults1983
You're The ViolinComplete Singles Collection2007

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