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10.000 Miles AwayWar Brigade2016
1545 - The BeginningVengeance2001
300 In BloodKillhammer2013
Across The Gates Of HellFireangel2009
Angels Of FireKillhammer2013
Are You Gonna Go My WayMonuments Uncovered2018
Armies Of HellKillhammer2013
Back From The DarkSatanic Curses2007
Back With The StormRavenlord2011
Because The NightMonuments Uncovered2018
Best Days Of My LifeSavage Souls2006
Burning BridgesNever-Ending2004
Burning OutWar Brigade2016
Calling From HellRegressus2003
Children Of The DamnedKillhammer2013
Crazy TrainKillhammer2013
Cross Of LiesRavenlord2011
Cross The LineHellriot2023
Curse Of The Slayer - 666: 8 MessiahMetal Division2020
DamnationSatanic Curses2007
Damnation And DarknessVengeance2001
Damned TonightRavenlord2011
Dark ForcesSatanic Curses2007
Dark Side Of The MoonVengeance2001
Dead Moon RisingNever-Ending2004
Death Under ControlFireangel2009
Deception Of HateSavage Souls2006
Demons BloodSatanic Curses2007
Demons CrownFireangel2009
Demons Of The NightHellriot2023
Die NowRavenlord2011
Die With The HammerMetal Division2020
DraculaMetal Division2020
Dust Of EvilNever-Ending2004
Endless FireRavenlord2011
Eternal FlameRegressus2003
Evil EmpiresSavage Souls2006
Evil Of DestructionSatanic Curses2007
Eye To EyeMetal Division2020
Eyes Of The DevilRavenlord2011
Fallen AngelVengeance2001
Father Save MeFireangel2009
Fight Back The LightFireangel2009
Fight For One NationWar Brigade2016
Fighting The WorldRegressus2003
Follow The BlindWar Brigade2016
Forever BetrayedFireangel2009
Forgotten SoulRegressus2003
Get It OnMonuments Uncovered2018
Gods Of WarFireangel2009
Good Day To DieWar Brigade2016
Grave Of Thousand LiesSatanic Curses2007
Hail To The KingMetal Division2020
Hate BlackKillhammer2013
Here Comes The WinterMetal Division2020
Hot StuffMonuments Uncovered2018
I'm Still StandingMonuments Uncovered2018
In HellNever-Ending2004
In The DarknessSavage Souls2006
In The DistanceVengeance2001
In The MirrorVengeance2001
In Your SinsRegressus2003
Into The FireSavage Souls2006
Kill The BeastKillhammer2013
Lords Of PainRegressus2003
Master Of SinsSavage Souls2006
Metal AttackHellriot2023
Metal BrigadeWar Brigade2016
Metal DivisionMetal Division2020
Miracle ManRavenlord2011
Mirror Of A Broken HeartMetal Division2020
Mystic ProphecyRegressus2003
Never EndingNever-Ending2004
Never SurrenderNever-Ending2004
Night Of The StormRegressus2003
Nightmares Of DemonsSavage Souls2006
ParanoidSatanic Curses2007
Pray To HellWar Brigade2016
Proud MaryMonuments Uncovered2018
Re-IncarnationMetal Division2020
Reckoning DayRavenlord2011
Regressus - Lost In TimeRegressus2003
Revenge And FireHellriot2023
Revolution EvilFireangel2009
Rising With The StormHellriot2023
River Of HateVengeance2001
Road To BabylonHellriot2023
Rock The NightSatanic Curses2007
Sacrifice MeSatanic Curses2007
Satanic CursesSatanic Curses2007
Savage SoulsSavage Souls2006
Set The World On FireKillhammer2013
Sex BombWar Brigade2016
Shadow Beyond My SoulSavage Souls2006
Shadow On The WallMonuments Uncovered2018
Sign Of The CrossRegressus2003
Sins And SorrowsSavage Souls2006
Sky's BurningVengeance2001
Space LordMonuments Uncovered2018
The CrucifixWar Brigade2016
The Devil Is BackWar Brigade2016
The Land Of The DeadRegressus2003
The StrokeMonuments Uncovered2018
The TravellerRegressus2003
Time Will TellNever-Ending2004
To Hell And BackKillhammer2013
To The Devil I PrayFireangel2009
Together We FallMetal Division2020
TokyoMonuments Uncovered2018
Under A Darkened SunNever-Ending2004
Unholy HellHellriot2023
Victim Of FateSavage Souls2006
Victory Is MineMetal Division2020
War Of LiesWar Brigade2016
War PanzerWar Brigade2016
Warriors Of LiesNever-Ending2004
Warriors Of The Northern SeasKillhammer2013
We FlySatanic Curses2007
We Kill You DieFireangel2009
We Will SurviveSatanic Curses2007
Welcome In The Damned CircleVengeance2001
When Demons ReturnRegressus2003
When I'm FallingNever-Ending2004
When Shadows FallVengeance2001
Wings Of DestinyRavenlord2011
Wings Of EternityNever-Ending2004
World On FireHellriot2023
You Keep Me Hangin' OnMonuments Uncovered2018

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