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As Bridges BurnThe Silent Vigil2018
As My Heart Grows ColdTo The End2021
Austerity KillsRequiem For Mankind2019
Bleed The SameThe Silent Vigil2018
Corrupted SystemFor The Fallen2017
Each Step (One Closer To The Grave)To The End2021
Failure To ComplyTo The End2021
Fixed BayonetsRequiem For Mankind2019
FlatlineFor The Fallen2017
From The FlamesThe Silent Vigil2018
In The Midst Of DesolationRequiem For Mankind2019
IntermentRequiem For Mankind2019
Last WordsFor The Fallen2017
Mass PsychosisTo The End2021
MemoriamFor The Fallen2017
Never The VictimRequiem For Mankind2019
No EffectTo The End2021
No Known GraveThe Silent Vigil2018
Nothing RemainsThe Silent Vigil2018
Onwards Into BattleTo The End2021
Reduced To ZeroFor The Fallen2017
Refuse To Be LedRequiem For Mankind2019
Requiem For MankindRequiem For Mankind2019
ResistanceFor The Fallen2017
Shell ShockRequiem For Mankind2019
Soulless ParasiteThe Silent Vigil2018
Surrounded (By Death)For The Fallen2017
The New Dark AgesThe Silent Vigil2018
The Silent VigilThe Silent Vigil2018
The VeteranRequiem For Mankind2019
This War Is WonTo The End2021
To The EndTo The End2021
UndefeatedRequiem For Mankind2019
Vacant StareTo The End2021
War Rages OnFor The Fallen2017
Weaponised FearThe Silent Vigil2018

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