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AbuseAm I Real Or What1985
Actress (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Afraid Of The DarkSunset And Other Beginnings1975
AgainAffectionately Melanie1969
Ain't No SunshineMoments From My Life2002
Alexander BeetleCandles In The Rain1970
Alexander Beetle (live)These Nights2001
All The Right Noises (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Almost Like Being In LoveSunset And Other Beginnings1975
Am I Real To YouAm I Real Or What1985
And We FallVictim Of The Moon2002
And We FallPaled By Dimmer Light2004
Animal CrackersBorn To Be1968
Animal Crackers (live)Leftover Wine1970
Another LieMelanie (1987)1987
Another LieCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
Any GuyAffectionately Melanie1969
Any Guy (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Any Guy (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Any Time At AllOld Bitch Warrior1995
Any Way That You Want MeArabesque1982
ApathySeventh Wave1983
As I See It NowAs I See It Now1974
As Tears Go ByMoments From My Life2002
Autumn LadyAs I See It Now1974
Babe RainbowThe Good Book1971
Babe Rainbow (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Babe Rainbow (Reprise)The Good Book1971
Baby DayGather Me1971
Baby Day (live)These Nights2001
Baby GuitarAffectionately Melanie1969
Baby Guitar (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
BallerinaOld Bitch Warrior1995
Beautiful PeopleAffectionately Melanie1969
Beautiful People (+ Meredith)Old Bitch Warrior1995
Beautiful People (live)Leftover Wine1970
Beautiful People (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Beautiful People (live)These Nights2001
Beautiful Sadness (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Between The Road SignsStoneground Words1972
Birthday Of The SunThe Good Book1971
Bitter Bad (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
BobBo's PartyBorn To Be1968
Bon ApetitePhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Brand New KeyGather Me1971
Brand New Key (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Brand New Key (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Brand New Key (live)These Nights2001
Brand New Key (Version 2002)Victim Of The Moon2002
Broken WingsMoments From My Life2002
Buckle Down (live)Ballroom Streets1979
California Dreamin'Phonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Candles in the RainCandles In The Rain1970
Candles In The Rain (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)Old Bitch Warrior1995
Carolina in My MindCandles In The Rain1970
Center Of The CircleGather Me1971
Centre Of The CircleVictim Of The Moon2002
Chart SongAs I See It Now1974
Chords Of FameThe Good Book1971
Chosen FewCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
Christopher Robin Is Saying His PrayersBorn To Be1968
Citiest PeopleCandles In The Rain1970
Close To It AllBorn To Be1968
Close To It All (live)Leftover Wine1970
Close To It All (live)These Nights2001
Come Softly To MeMoments From My Life2002
Crack Seeks The EdgeAm I Real Or What1985
Cut The CordAm I Real Or What1985
CycloneMelanie (1987)1987
Cyclone - Candles In The Rain (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Dance To The MusicSeventh Wave1983
Deep Down LowAffectionately Melanie1969
Deserts Of BluePaled By Dimmer Light2004
Detroit Or BuffaloArabesque1982
Detroit Or BuffaloSilence Is King1993
Didn't You Ever Love SomebodySeventh Wave1983
Do You BelieveStoneground Words1972
Do You Believe (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Do You Really Want To Hurt MeMoments From My Life2002
Don't Think Twice, It's All RightAs I See It Now1974
Don't You Wait By The WaterGarden In The City1972
Dream SellerSunset And Other Beginnings1975
Dust In The WindMoments From My Life2002
Ears To The GroundAll The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Ears To The Ground (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Ears To The Ground (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
ElementsPaled By Dimmer Light2004
Estate SaleSilence Is King1993
Every Breath Of The WaySeventh Wave1983
Every Breath Of The WayAm I Real Or What1985
ExtraordinaryPaled By Dimmer Light2004
Eyes Of ManAs I See It Now1974
Fallen AngelSilence Is King1993
Fooling YourselfArabesque1982
For My FatherAffectionately Melanie1969
Free The PeopleMoments From My Life2002
Freedom Knows My NameOld Bitch Warrior1995
Friends And CompanyPhotograph1976
Friends And Company (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Garden In The CityGarden In The City1972
Getting OutAll The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Getting Out (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Gone With The WindSilence Is King1993
Good BookThe Good Book1971
Groundhog DayPhotograph1976
Groundhog Day (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Happy Birthday (live)Leftover Wine1970
Hard RainSilence Is King1993
Here I AmStoneground Words1972
Holdin' Out (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Holding OutMadrugada1974
I Am Being Guided (Binus Track)Madrugada1974
I Am Not A Poet (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
I Am Not A Poet (Night Song)Stoneground Words1972
I Believe (live)Ballroom Streets1979
I Don't Eat Animals (live)Leftover Wine1970
I Don't Know What Love Is (+ Jonathon Edwards)Old Bitch Warrior1995
I Got DevilGather Me1971
I Got My Mo-Jo WorkingSunset And Other Beginnings1975
I Never Had A ClueVictim Of The Moon2002
I Really Loved HaroldBorn To Be1968
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForPaled By Dimmer Light2004
I Think It's Going To Rain Today (Randy Newman)Madrugada1974
I Tried To Die YoungPaled By Dimmer Light2004
I Will Get OverSilence Is King1993
I Will SurviveOld Bitch Warrior1995
I Will SurviveMoments From My Life2002
I'd Rather Leave While I'm In LovePhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
I'll Never Find Another YouMoments From My Life2002
I'm Back In TownBorn To Be1968
I'm Back In TownAffectionately Melanie1969
I'm So BluePhotograph1976
If I Needed YouPhotograph1976
If You Go Your WaySeventh Wave1983
Imaginary HeroesArabesque1982
In My Rock And Roll HeartSilence Is King1993
In The HourBorn To Be1968
In The HourAll The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
In The Hour (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
In The Hour (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
In The Hour (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Isn't It A PityThe Good Book1971
It Don't Matter NowArabesque1982
It Hurts When Love Is DeepVictim Of The Moon2002
It's A Fine WorldMelanie (1987)1987
It's Me Again (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Jammin' AloneVictim Of The Moon2002
Jammin? AlonePaled By Dimmer Light2004
Jigsaw PuzzleGarden In The City1972
Johnny BoyAffectionately Melanie1969
KansasGather Me1971
Knock On WoodPhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) (+ Edwin Hawkins Singers)Candles In The Rain1970
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) (live)These Nights2001
Lay Down SallySeventh Wave1983
Lay Lady LayGarden In The City1972
Lay Your Hands Across The Six Strings (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Leftover EmotionVictim Of The Moon2002
Leftover WineCandles In The Rain1970
Leftover Wine (live)Leftover Wine1970
Let It Be MePhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Little Bit Of MeGather Me1971
Lonesome EyesSeventh Wave1983
Look What They Done To My Song (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)Old Bitch Warrior1995
Look What They Done To My Song (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Look What They Done To My Song (live)These Nights2001
Love In My MindGarden In The City1972
Love To Lose AgainMadrugada1974
Love You To Loath MeArabesque1982
Lover Of My FriendPaled By Dimmer Light2004
Lover's CrossMadrugada1974
Lovers LullabySeventh Wave1983
Lovin' Baby GirlCandles In The Rain1970
Lovin' The Boy Next DoorSeventh Wave1983
Lovin' The Boy Next DoorCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
Loving My ChildrenSunset And Other Beginnings1975
Make It Work For MePaled By Dimmer Light2004
Mama Mama (live)These Nights2001
Maybe I Was (A Golf Ball)Stoneground Words1972
Maybe I'm LonelyAm I Real Or What1985
Maybe Not For A LifetimeMadrugada1974
Melody: Hearing The News - Seasons to Change - Peace Will Come (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Merry ChristmasBorn To Be1968
Miranda (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Momma Momma (live)Leftover Wine1970
Momma, MommaBorn To Be1968
Monongahelia RiverAs I See It Now1974
Mr. Tambourine ManBorn To Be1968
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
My FatherThe Good Book1971
My Rainbow RaceStoneground Words1972
My Rainbow Race (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Nickel SongThe Good Book1971
Nickel SongSeventh Wave1983
Nickel Song (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Nickel Song - Music Music Music (Stephan Weiss - Bernie Baum)Photograph1976
No Time To Smell The FlowersOld Bitch Warrior1995
Nothing Is RealPaled By Dimmer Light2004
Ol' Man River (Bonus Track)Sunset And Other Beginnings1975
Old Bitch WarriorOld Bitch Warrior1995
On A Lam From The LawCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
On The Lam From The LawMelanie (1987)1987
On The Lam From The Law (live)These Nights2001
Peace Will Come (According To Plan) (live)Leftover Wine1970
Pebbles In The SandAll The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Pebbles In The SandAll The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Pebbles In The Sand (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
People Are Just Getting ReadySunset And Other Beginnings1975
People In The Front RowGarden In The City1972
Perceive ItSunset And Other Beginnings1975
Perceive It (live)These Nights2001
Pine And FeatherMadrugada1974
Please Love MeAll The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Please Love Me (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Please Love Me (instrumental)All The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Poet (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Prematurely GreyCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
Pretty Boy FloydMadrugada1974
Pretty Boy Floyd (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Private PartsAm I Real Or What1985
Psychotherapy (live)Leftover Wine1970
Psychotherapy (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Racing HeartCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
RailroadGather Me1971
Record MachineAs I See It Now1974
Record PeoplePhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Right About NowVictim Of The Moon2002
Ring Around The MoonGather Me1971
Ring The Living BellGather Me1971
Ring The Living Bell (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
RoadburnMelanie (1987)1987
Rock And Roll HeartMelanie (1987)1987
Rock In The RoadOld Bitch Warrior1995
Ruby TuesdayCandles In The Rain1970
Ruby TuesdayCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
Ruby Tuesday (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)Old Bitch Warrior1995
Ruby Tuesday (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Runnin' After LovePhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Running After Love (live)Ballroom Streets1979
SandmanSunset And Other Beginnings1975
Save MePhotograph1976
Save Me (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Save The NightAll The Right Noises (Soundtrack)1971
Secret Of The DarknessPhotograph1976
Show YouMelanie (1987)1987
Show YouCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
Sign On The WindowThe Good Book1971
Silence Is KingSilence Is King1993
SmileVictim Of The Moon2002
SmilePaled By Dimmer Light2004
Some Body LoveAm I Real Or What1985
Some Day I'll Be A FarmerGather Me1971
Some Day I'll Be A Farmer (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Some Day I'll Be An Old RecordSilence Is King1993
Some Say (I Got Devil) (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Somebody Loves MeGarden In The City1972
Something WarmOld Bitch Warrior1995
Son Of A Rotten Gambler (Bonus Track)Seventh Wave1983
Song Of The SouthStoneground Words1972
Song Of The South (live)These Nights2001
Soul Sister AnnieAffectionately Melanie1969
SpunkyPhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Standing On The Other SideArabesque1982
Stars Up ThereAs I See It Now1974
Steppin'Gather Me1971
Stoneground WordsStoneground Words1972
Stop I Don't Wanna Hear It AnymoreGarden In The City1972
Summer Of LoveOld Bitch Warrior1995
Summer WeavingStoneground Words1972
Sweet MiseryAs I See It Now1974
Take Me HomeAffectionately Melanie1969
Tell Me WhyGather Me1971
The ActressMadrugada1974
The Ballad Of Crazy LovePaled By Dimmer Light2004
The Good GuysCandles In The Rain1970
The LetterPhotograph1976
The PrizeThe Good Book1971
The Punishment Fits The CrimeVictim Of The Moon2002
The Saddest ThingThe Good Book1971
The Saddest Thing (live)Leftover Wine1970
The Sun And The MoonSunset And Other Beginnings1975
These NightsOld Bitch Warrior1995
These Nights (live)These Nights2001
They Can Find You In Your DreamsPaled By Dimmer Light2004
Those Were The DaysMoments From My Life2002
Til They All Get HomeVictim Of The Moon2002
To Be A StarMelanie (1987)1987
To Be A StarCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
To Be The OnePaled By Dimmer Light2004
To Love SomebodyMoments From My Life2002
Together AloneStoneground Words1972
Together Alone (live)Melanie At Carnegie Hall1973
Together Alone (live)Ballroom Streets1979
Tonight's The Kind Of Night (live)These Nights2001
Too LateArabesque1982
Tuning My GuitarAffectionately Melanie1969
Tuning My Guitar (live)Leftover Wine1970
UndertowSilence Is King1993
Uptown DownAffectionately Melanie1969
Uptown Down (live)Leftover Wine1970
We Can Work It OutPhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
We Don't Know Where We're Going (DeVorzon - Botkin Jr)Garden In The City1972
We've Got TonightMoments From My Life2002
Wear It Like A FlagSilence Is King1993
What Do I KeepSunset And Other Beginnings1975
What Do I Keep (Bonus Track)Seventh Wave1983
What Have They Done to My Song, MaCandles In The Rain1970
What Have They Done To The RainCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
What Wondrous LoveGather Me1971
When I Need YouMoments From My Life2002
When You're Dead And GoneArabesque1982
Where's The BandSunset And Other Beginnings1975
Who's Been Sleeping In My BedAm I Real Or What1985
Wild HorsesMadrugada1974
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Bonus Track)Madrugada1974
Window PaneMelanie (1987)1987
Window PaneCowabonga - Never Turn Your Back On A Wave1988
WondererMelanie (1987)1987
Working LegendVictim Of The Moon2002
Yankee ManAs I See It Now1974
Yankee ManPhonogenic - Not Just Another Pretty Face1978
Yes Sir, That's My BabyAs I See It Now1974
You Call Yourself A WriterVictim Of The Moon2002
You Call Yourself A WriterPaled By Dimmer Light2004
You Can Find Anything HereVictim Of The Moon2002
You Can Go Fishin'The Good Book1971
You Can't Hurry Love - Mama SaidSunset And Other Beginnings1975
You Don't Know MeOld Bitch Warrior1995
You Don't Know MeVictim Of The Moon2002
You Keep Me Hangin' OnMoments From My Life2002
You're Not A Bad Ghost, Just An Old SongAs I See It Now1974

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