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A Few Small BruisesMellow2004
A Few Small BruisesWhite Turns Blue2004
All The LoveWeapon In Mind2013
All This Time (Pick-Me-Up SongCause And Effect2008
Am I Supposed To ApologizeViktoria2011
Belly UpCause And Effect2008
Bend Till I BreakGrowing Pains2015
Better Than Nothing At AllAnother Phase2002
Blame It On MeAnother Phase2002
Blame It On MeWhite Turns Blue2004
Boytoy BabyApparently Unaffected2005
Bye ByeAnother Phase2002
Calm Under The WavesApparently Unaffected2005
Caught Off Guard, Floored By LoveWeapon In Mind2013
Cause and EffectCause And Effect2008
Come In Over MeMellow2004
ConfessGrowing Pains2015
Crowded TrainAnother Phase2002
DearCause And Effect2008
EyesoreCause And Effect2008
Fragile (Free)White Turns Blue2004
FreeAnother Phase2002
Good And BadGrowing Pains2015
Good GodGrowing Pains2015
Growing PainsGrowing Pains2015
Habits (+ Mads Langer)Viktoria2011
He's Hurting MeApparently Unaffected2005
I Always Liked ThatWeapon In Mind2013
I Don't Wanna See You With HerGrowing Pains2015
I Love You TooWeapon In Mind2013
I was Made For Loving YouCause And Effect2008
I'm In LoveCause And Effect2008
I'm On Your SideCause And Effect2008
I'm Only HumanWeapon In Mind2013
If You'll Stay In My Past (Part 1)Apparently Unaffected2005
If You'll Stay In My Past (Part 2)Apparently Unaffected2005
If You'll Stay In My Past (Part 3)Apparently Unaffected2005
InterestingWeapon In Mind2013
Internal DialogueApparently Unaffected2005
It Took Me By SurpriseViktoria2011
Just A Little BitMellow2004
Just A Little BitWhite Turns Blue2004
Just Hold MeApparently Unaffected2005
Leaving YouGrowing Pains2015
Long Time ComingApparently Unaffected2005
Lose ControlMellow2004
Lose ControlWhite Turns Blue2004
Lover Let Me InWeapon In Mind2013
MadnessWeapon In Mind2013
Miss You LoveApparently Unaffected2005
Monday MorningAnother Phase2002
My Heart Still BeatsViktoria2011
My LullabyAnother Phase2002
My LullabyWhite Turns Blue2004
Nevermind MeApparently Unaffected2005
Not SoberGrowing Pains2015
Our BattlesApparently Unaffected2005
Pale PeopleAnother Phase2002
Power Trip BalladCause And Effect2008
Self-Fulfilling ProphecyCause And Effect2008
ShadowWhite Turns Blue2004
Sleep To DreamAnother Phase2002
So Sweet (featuring Thomas Dybdahl)Mellow2004
SorryWhite Turns Blue2004
Take You With MeMellow2004
Take You With MeWhite Turns Blue2004
Takes One To Know OneViktoria2011
The Art Of ForgivenessViktoria2011
The BabyGrowing Pains2015
The EndWeapon In Mind2013
The Fight-Back-Song (Fuck You)Weapon In Mind2013
These ShoesApparently Unaffected2005
They Smoke A LotAnother Phase2002
This Bottle Of WineApparently Unaffected2005
This Too Shall PassViktoria2011
Those Who Caved InAnother Phase2002
UglyAnother Phase2002
What's Another DayMellow2004
What's Another DayWhite Turns Blue2004
Where I Come FromGrowing Pains2015
Where Were YouCause And Effect2008
You Deserve BetterGrowing Pains2015
You Hurt The Ones You LoveWeapon In Mind2013
You Make Me Feel GoodWeapon In Mind2013
You're All Telling StoriesWeapon In Mind2013
You're The Only OneMellow2004
You're The Only OneWhite Turns Blue2004
Your GlassesMellow2004
Your GlassesWhite Turns Blue2004

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