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A Dreamer's Not A FoolSoulmates2002
A Dreamer's Not A FoolLegends Of Rock2004
A Dreamer's Not A FoolThank You2010
A Dreamer's Not A FoolBudaBest2013
A Dreamer's Not A Fool (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
A Pale Blue Fragile Day (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
After The FloodAquarelle2009
After The FloodThank You2010
Ain't NobodyBudaBest2013
All You Need Is LoveLegends Of Rock2004
Am I Strong EnoughPeople In Room No. 81996
Baby I Love Your Way (feat. Peter Frampton)Legends Of Rock2004
Back To BudapestPeople In Room No. 81996
Back To BudapestThe Jazz Cuts1997
Back To MyselfBack To Myself1982
Big Brother Is Watching YouOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Big Brother Is Watching YouThe Jazz Cuts1997
Blind To ReasonOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Blinded By The LightBudaBest2013
Blinded By The Light (feat. Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann's Earth Band)Legends Of Rock2004
Blue MoodPeople1993
Blue MoodThe Jazz Cuts1997
Borrowed LovePeople In Room No. 81996
Boxing ShadowOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Boxing ShadowsThe Jazz Cuts1997
Cafe EclecticaAquarelle2009
Carry Me HomePeople1993
Carry Me HomeThe Jazz Cuts1997
Carry Me Home (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Crossing The TimelineSoulmates2002
Crossing The Timeline (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Cruel Wild WorldAquarelle2009
Davy's On The Road AgainBudaBest2013
Davy's On The Road Again (feat. Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann's Earth Band)Legends Of Rock2004
DaydreamThank You2010
Daydream (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Deadly AngelStrangers In A Paradise1988
Died In Your ArmsBudaBest2013
Diggin' Down Too DeepPeople In Room No. 81996
Diggin' Down Too DeepThe Jazz Cuts1997
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (feat. Eric Burdon of The Animals)Legends Of Rock2004
EverydayPeople In Room No. 81996
Faster Than We NeedAquarelle2009
Here I Am AgainBack To Myself1982
Highest Hopes And Darkest FearsSoulmates2002
Highest Hopes And Darkest FearsThank You2010
Highest Hopes And Darkest Fears (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Highest Hopes And Darkest Fears (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Hold On To Your DreamsPeople1993
Hold On To Your DreamsPeople In Room No. 81996
Hold On To Your DreamsThank You2010
Hold The LineBudaBest2013
Hold The Line (feat. Bobby Kimball of Toto)Legends Of Rock2004
House Of The Rising Sun (feat. Eric Burdon of The Animals)Legends Of Rock2004
I Am Over You, HoneyStrangers In A Paradise1988
I BelievePeople In Room No. 81996
I Dance Through My DreamsPeople1993
I Dance Through My DreamsThe Jazz Cuts1997
I Feel The Heat AgainOut Of Key... With The Time1991
I Lost My Heart In ChinaSoulmates2002
I Lost My Heart In ChinaThank You2010
I Lost My Heart In China (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
I Owe You A SongBack To Myself1982
I Wanna Get Back HomeStrangers In A Paradise1988
If We TryPeople In Room No. 81996
If We TryThe Jazz Cuts1997
ImagineLegends Of Rock2004
In Times Of ChangePeople1993
Is There A Dream LeftSoulmates2002
Is There A Dream Left (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
KoreaStrangers In A Paradise1988
Last Day Of SummerSoulmates2002
Last Day Of SummerThank You2010
Last Day Of SummerBudaBest2013
Last Day Of Summer (String Quartet Version) (Man Doki Soulmates)Soulmates - Classic2003
Last NightPeople1993
LegendThank You2010
Let The Music Show You On The WayPeople In Room No. 81996
Let The Music Show You The WayThank You2010
Life Is Like A Strange SongPeople1993
Life Is Like A Strange SongThe Jazz Cuts1997
Life Is Like A Strange Song (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Life StoryBack To Myself1982
Light In The DarkOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Light In The DarkThank You2010
Living In The Past (feat. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull)Legends Of Rock2004
Living On The HighwayBack To Myself1982
Locomotive BreathBudaBest2013
Locomotive Breath (feat. Ian Anderson of Jetho Tull)Legends Of Rock2004
Lonely EyesOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Look Up To The SkySoulmates2002
Look Up To The Sky (Jazz Cuts Live in Köln)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Look Up To The Sky (Jazz Cuts Studio Version)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Look Up to The Sky (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Looking Up To MichaelAquarelle2009
Lost In TimeStrangers In A Paradise1988
Love And MoneyPeople1993
Love SongStrangers In A Paradise1988
Lucky ManBudaBest2013
MiniatureBack To Myself1982
More Life To LiveAquarelle2009
More Life To LiveThank You2010
Mother EuropePeople1993
Move OnAquarelle2009
Move OnThank You2010
Never Give InPeople In Room No. 81996
Never Give InThank You2010
Nothin' Is EasyBack To Myself1982
Nothing Or EverythingPeople In Room No. 81996
On And OnPeople In Room No. 81996
On And OnThank You2010
On And OnBudaBest2013
On PrincipleStrangers In A Paradise1988
On The Edge Of HellPeople1993
On The RoadBack To Myself1982
One Night A DaySoulmates2002
One Night A Day (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Pictures Of LifeSoulmates2002
Pictures Of Life (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Pictures Of Life (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Playing With The TimeSoulmates2002
Playing With The Time (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Rainbow AngelPeople In Room No. 81996
Rainbow AngelLegends Of Rock2004
Reborn DesirePeople In Room No. 81996
Reborn DesireThe Jazz Cuts1997
RefugeesOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Room No. 8Soulmates2002
Room No. 8 (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Room No. 8 (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
Sad SongOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Sad SongThe Jazz Cuts1997
Sealed In The Past Time ParadiseOut Of Key... With The Time1991
Sealed In The Past Time ParadiseThe Jazz Cuts1997
Smoke On The Water (feat. Jon Lord of Deep Purple)Legends Of Rock2004
Somebody Has To Be The NextBack To Myself1982
Songs From The Road (live)Aquarelle2009
Still Running Wild (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Strangers In A ParadiseStrangers In A Paradise1988
Sunshine Of Your LoveBudaBest2013
Sunshine Of Your Love (feat. Jack Bruce of Cream)Legends Of Rock2004
Thank YouThank You2010
Thank YouBudaBest2013
Thank You (Radio Version)Thank You2010
The End Of The RoadOut Of Key... With The Time1991
The End Of The RoadThe Jazz Cuts1997
The Endless Power Of ChangeSoulmates2002
The Endless Power Of Change (Sturcz Quartet)Soulmates - Classic2003
The Journey Is LongPeople In Room No. 81996
Über sieben BrückenBudaBest2013
We Need A Second ChanceStrangers In A Paradise1988
We'll Fall In Love AgainStrangers In A Paradise1988
We're Not Young Enough To Know Everything (Jazz Cuts)Soulmates - Jazz Cuts2003
Where I Was BornPeople In Room No. 81996
Whiter Shade Of Pale (feat. Gary Brooker of Procol Harum)Legends Of Rock2004
Why Don't You StopPeople1993
Why Don't You StopThank You2010
With Tears In My EyesOut Of Key... With The Time1991
With Tears In My EyesThank You2010
You're The VoiceBudaBest2013

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