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3 PeatTha Carter III2008
500 Degreez500 Degreez2002
6 Foot 7 Foot (featuring Cory Gunz)Tha Carter IV2011
AbortionTha Carter IV2011
Act A ALights Out2000
Ain't That A BitchTha Carter2004
American Star (feat. Shanell)Rebirth2010
Back To YouI Am Not A Human Being II2013
Ball Hard (+ Lil Twist)Funeral2020
Bastard (Satan's Kid)Funeral2020
Beat The Shit (featuring Gunplay)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
BeefLights Out2000
Believe That500 Degreez2002
Best Rapper AliveTha Carter II2005
Big Tigger Live On The Radio500 Degreez2002
Big Tigger Live On The Radio #2500 Degreez2002
Bill Gates (Lil Wayne)I Am Not A Human Being2010
Bing James (+ Jay Rock)Funeral2020
Bitches Love Me (featuring Drake + Future)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
BizniteLights Out2000
Bloodline500 Degreez2002
Blunt BlowinTha Carter IV2011
Bm J.R.Tha Carter2004
Break Me OffLights Out2000
Bring It BackTha Carter2004
Can't Be BrokenTha Carter V2018
Carter IITha Carter II2005
Cash Money MillionairesTha Carter2004
Clap For EmFuneral2020
Come OnTha Block Is Hot1999
ComfortableTha Carter III2008
Curtains (featuring Boo)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
Da Da DaRebirth2010
Dark Side Of The Moon (+ Nicki Minaj)Tha Carter V2018
Days And Days (featuring 2 Chainz)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
DedicateTha Carter V2018
DemonTha Carter V2018
Die For YouRebirth2010
Don't Cry (+ Xxxtentacion)Tha Carter V2018
DontgetitiTha Carter III2008
Dope New Gospel (+ Nivea)Tha Carter V2018
Dope Niggaz (+ Snoop Dogg)Tha Carter V2018
Dr. CarterTha Carter III2008
Drop It Like It's HotTha Block Is Hot1999
Drop The World (feat. Eminem)Rebirth2010
Enemy TurfTha Block Is Hot1999
EverythingLights Out2000
F*** The WorldTha Block Is Hot1999
F*** You500 Degreez2002
F**k Wit Me NowLights Out2000
Famous (+ Reginae Carter)Tha Carter V2018
Feel MeTha Carter II2005
FiremanTha Carter II2005
Fly InTha Carter II2005
Fly OutTha Carter II2005
Fly Talkin'500 Degreez2002
Fly Talkin' Go Home500 Degreez2002
Fo Sheezy500 Degreez2002
Gangsta And Pimps500 Degreez2002
Gangsta Shit500 Degreez2002
Get A LifeRebirth2010
Get DownTha Carter2004
Get Off The CornerLights Out2000
Get Outta My Head (+ XXXTentacion)Funeral2020
Get OverTha Carter II2005
Get That Dough500 Degreez2002
Go DJTha Carter2004
Go Hard500 Degreez2002
God Bless AmerikaI Am Not A Human Being II2013
Gonerrhea (feat. Drake)I Am Not A Human Being2010
Got MoneyTha Carter III2008
Ground ZeroRebirth2010
Grown ManLights Out2000
Grown ManTha Carter II2005
Gunwalk (featuring Gudda Gudda)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
Hello (featuring Shane Heyl)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
High Beamin'Tha Block Is Hot1999
Hit Em UpTha Carter II2005
Hit U UpLights Out2000
HittasTha Carter V2018
HoesTha Carter2004
Hold Up (feat. T Streets)I Am Not A Human Being2010
How To Hate (featuring T-Pain)Tha Carter IV2011
How To LoveTha Carter IV2011
Hustler MusikTha Carter II2005
I Am Not A Human BeingI Am Not A Human Being2010
I Do It (+ Big Sean + Lil Baby)Funeral2020
I Don't Like The Look Of It (feat. Nicki Minaj)I Am Not A Human Being2010
I Don't Sleep (+ Takeoff)Funeral2020
I Love You DwayneTha Carter V2018
I Miss My DawgsTha Carter2004
I'm A DboyTha Carter II2005
I'm Single (feat. Drake)I Am Not A Human Being2010
IANAHBI Am Not A Human Being II2013
InsideTha Carter2004
Interlude (featuring Tech N9ne)Tha Carter IV2011
IntroTha Block Is Hot1999
IntroTha Carter IV2011
It's Good (featuring Drake + Jadakiss)Tha Carter IV2011
John (featuring Rick Ross)Tha Carter IV2011
Jump JiggyLights Out2000
KishaTha Block Is Hot1999
Knockout (feat. Nicki Minaj)Rebirth2010
Know You Know (+ 2 Chainz)Funeral2020
LaTha Carter III2008
Let It All Work OutTha Carter V2018
Let It Fly (+ Travis Scott)Tha Carter V2018
Let The Beat BuildTha Carter III2008
Let's GoLights Out2000
Lights OffTha Block Is Hot1999
Lil OneLights Out2000
Line Em UpFuneral2020
Lock And LoadTha Carter II2005
LollipopTha Carter III2008
Look At Me500 Degreez2002
Loud PipesTha Block Is Hot1999
Lovely500 Degreez2002
Mama MiaFuneral2020
MegaManTha Carter IV2011
MessTha Carter V2018
MilliTha Carter III2008
Mo FireTha Carter II2005
Mona Lisa (+ Kendrick Lamar)Tha Carter V2018
Money On My MindTha Carter II2005
Mr. CarterTha Carter III2008
Mrs. OfficerTha Carter III2008
Never MindFuneral2020
Nightmares Of The BottomTha Carter IV2011
No Worries (featuring Detail)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
Not Like MeTha Block Is Hot1999
Not MeFuneral2020
Oh NoTha Carter II2005
On FireRebirth2010
On My OwnTha Carter2004
On Tha Block #1Tha Carter II2005
On Tha Block #2Tha Carter II2005
On Tha Block #3Tha Carter II2005
On The Block #1Tha Carter2004
On The Block #2Tha Carter2004
On The GrindLights Out2000
One Way Trip (feat. Kevin Rudolf)Rebirth2010
Only WayTha Carter2004
Open LetterTha Carter V2018
Open SafeTha Carter V2018
Outro (featuring Bun B, Nas, Shyne + Busta Rhymes)Tha Carter IV2011
Perfect StrangersTha Carter V2018
Phone HomeTha Carter III2008
Piano TrapFuneral2020
Playing With FireTha Carter III2008
Popular (feat. Lil Twist)I Am Not A Human Being2010
President CarterTha Carter IV2011
ProblemsTha Carter V2018
Prom Queen (feat. Shanell)Rebirth2010
RealizedLights Out2000
ReceiptTha Carter II2005
Remember MeTha Block Is Hot1999
Respect UsTha Block Is Hot1999
Rich As Fuck (featuring 2 Chainz)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
Right Above It (feat. Drake)I Am Not A Human Being2010
Rob Nice Live On The Radio500 Degreez2002
RomanceI Am Not A Human Being II2013
Runnin' (feat. Shanell)Rebirth2010
She Will (featuring Drake)Tha Carter IV2011
ShineLights Out2000
ShineTha Carter2004
Shoot Me DownTha Carter III2008
ShooterTha Carter II2005
Sights And Silencers (+ Dream)Funeral2020
SkitLights Out2000
SnitchTha Carter2004
So Over You (feat. Shanell)Rebirth2010
So Special (featuring John Legend)Tha Carter IV2011
Start This Shit Off Right (+ Ashanti + Mack Maine)Tha Carter V2018
Stop Playin With MeFuneral2020
T.O. (+ O.T. Genasis)Funeral2020
Tha MobbTha Carter II2005
That Ain't Me (feat. Jay Sean)I Am Not A Human Being2010
The Block Is HotTha Block Is Hot1999
The BluesLights Out2000
The HeatTha Carter2004
The Price Is WrongRebirth2010
This Is The CarterTha Carter2004
Tie My HandsTha Carter III2008
Took His TimeTha Carter V2018
Trigger Finger (featuring Soulja Boy)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
Trippy (featuring Juicy J)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
Trust Nobody (+ Adam Levine)Funeral2020
Up To MeTha Block Is Hot1999
UproarTha Carter V2018
Used 2Tha Carter V2018
Walk InTha Carter2004
Walk OutTha Carter2004
Watch Them PeopleLights Out2000
Watcha Wanna DoTha Block Is Hot1999
Way Of Life500 Degreez2002
Wayne's WorldFuneral2020
We Don'tTha Carter2004
Weezy BabyTha Carter II2005
What About Me (+ Sosamann)Tha Carter V2018
What Does Life Mean To Me500 Degreez2002
What's Wrong With Them (feat. Nicki Minaj)I Am Not A Human Being2010
Where You At500 Degreez2002
Who WannaTha Carter2004
Wild DogsFuneral2020
Wish You WouldLights Out2000
With You (feat. Drake)I Am Not A Human Being2010
Worry Me500 Degreez2002
Wowzers (featuring Trina)I Am Not A Human Being II2013
YM Banger (feat. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Tyga)I Am Not A Human Being2010
YM Salute (feat. Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Nicki Minaj)I Am Not A Human Being2010
You Ain't Got NuthinTha Carter III2008
You Want WarTha Block Is Hot1999
Young N' Blues500 Degreez2002
Young PlayaTha Block Is Hot1999

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