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Across The SeaSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Amhran (Song Of The Winds)Vinland Saga2005
Angel And The GhostSymphonies Of The Night2013
AnkomstVinland Saga2005
Beowulf (Bonus Track)Sign Of The Dragonhead2018
Black Butterfly (+ Clementine Delauney)The Last Viking2020
Blazing Waters (+ Lindy-Fay Hella)King Of Kings2015
Break Into The Sky Of AeonThe Last Viking2020
Chain Of The Golden HornThe Last Viking2020
Dark Love EmpressThe Last Viking2020
Death Of A KingThe Last Viking2020
Edge Of SteelKing Of Kings2015
Eileen's Ardency (Bonus Track)Symphonies Of The Night2013
ElegyVinland Saga2005
Eleonore de ProvenceSymphonies Of The Night2013
Emerald IslandNjord2009
Empty HorizonMeredead2011
Fading EarthSymphonies Of The Night2013
Fairer Than The SunSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Farewell Proud MenVinland Saga2005
Feast Of The YearKing Of Kings2015
Fires In The NorthSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Flames In The SkyThe Last Viking2020
For AmelieLovelorn2004
For Amelie (New Version) (Bonus Track)Vinland Saga2005
For VictoryThe Last Viking2020
Froya's ThemeNjord2009
GalswinthaSymphonies Of The Night2013
Halvdan The BlackKing Of Kings2015
HaraldskvaediKing Of Kings2015
Heal (Bonus Track)Vinland Saga2005
Hell To The HeavensSymphonies Of The Night2013
Hymn To The Lone SandsSymphonies Of The Night2013
Into Your LightLovelorn2004
Irish RainNjord2009
JomsborgSign Of The Dragonhead2018
King Of KingsKing Of Kings2015
Landscape Of The Dead (Bonus Track)Njord2009
Leaves' EyesVinland Saga2005
Les Champs de Lavande (Bonus Track)Njord2009
Like A MountainSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Maid Of LorraineSymphonies Of The Night2013
Mine Taror er ei GrimmeMeredead2011
Misseri (Turn Green Meadows Into Grey)Vinland Saga2005
Mourning TreeVinland Saga2005
My DestinyNjord2009
New Found LandVinland Saga2005
Night Of The RavensThe Last Viking2020
NightshadeSymphonies Of The Night2013
Norwegian LovesongLovelorn2004
Ocean's WayLovelorn2004
One Caress (Bonus Track)Symphonies Of The Night2013
OpheliaSymphonies Of The Night2013
Return To LifeLovelorn2004
Riders On The WindSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Rulers Of Wind And WavesSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Sacred VowKing Of Kings2015
Saint CeceliaSymphonies Of The Night2013
Scarborough FairNjord2009
SerklandThe Last Viking2020
Serpents And DragonsThe Last Viking2020
Shadows In The NightSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Sign Of The DragonheadSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Solemn SeaVinland Saga2005
Sorhleod (Bonus Track)Meredead2011
Spellbound (Bonus Track)King Of Kings2015
Spirits MasqueradeMeredead2011
SwevenKing Of Kings2015
Swords In RockKing Of Kings2015
Symphony Of The NightSymphonies Of The Night2013
Take The Devil In MeNjord2009
Tale Of The Sea MaidLovelorn2004
Tell - Tale EyesMeredead2011
The DreamLovelorn2004
The Holy BondNjord2009
The Last VikingThe Last Viking2020
The ThornVinland Saga2005
The Waking EyeKing Of Kings2015
Through Our VeinsNjord2009
To FranceMeredead2011
Trail Of Blood (Bonus Track)King Of Kings2015
Twilight SunVinland Saga2005
Two Kings One RealmThe Last Viking2020
VarangiansThe Last Viking2020
Velvet HeartMeredead2011
Vengeance VenomKing Of Kings2015
Vinland SagaVinland Saga2005
VölvaSign Of The Dragonhead2018
War Of KingsThe Last Viking2020
Waves Of EuphoriaSign Of The Dragonhead2018
Winter Nights (Bonus Track)Sign Of The Dragonhead2018

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