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90's NewsState Of Affairs1996
99 Miles To JCPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
A Place In SpaceThe Force1977
All My TimeGangland2001
All Night LongOpen Sesame1976
All She Wants To Do Is DanceSweat1989
All to MyselfPerfect Union2021
AmericaStill Kool2007
Ancestral CeremonySpirit Of The Boogie1975
As OneAs One1982
At The PartyEverybody's Dancin'1978
B. Ball - BrownUnite1993
Bad WomanEmergency1984
Ballin' In ChilltownGangland2001
Bang Bang With The GangStill Kool2007
Be My LadySomething Special1981
Better Late Than NeverUnite1993
Big Chief FunkumEverybody's Dancin'1978
Big FunAs One1982
Big FunGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Bigg ThanksGangland2001
Blow UpGangland2001
Blowin' In The WindMusic Is The Message1972
Breeze And SoulKool And The Gang1969
Caribbean FestivalSpirit Of The Boogie1975
CelebrationGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Celebration (Kool And The Gang featuring Lulu And The London Community Gospel Choir)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Celebration - Ladies Night - Get Down On ItStill Kool2007
CherishGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Cherish (Kool And The Gang featuring Ashanti)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Cherish (Version 2001)Gangland2001
Chocolate ButtermilkKool And The Gang1969
Chocolate ButtermilkLive At The Sex Machine1971
Color LineState Of Affairs1996
Come TogetherLove And Understanding1976
Concrete JungleGangland2001
Cosmic EnergyLove And Understanding1976
Country JunkyGood Times1973
Crabs In A BarrelState Of Affairs1996
Dancin' ShoesEverybody's Dancin'1978
DaveStill Kool2007
Do It Right NowLove And Understanding1976
Dujii (live)Live At PJ's1971
Early In The MorningGangland2001
Electric Frog, Pt. 1Music Is The Message1972
Electric Frog, Pt. 2Music Is The Message1972
Everybody's Dancin'Everybody's Dancin'1978
Everything's Gonna ChangeStill Kool2007
Father, FatherGood Times1973
For The Woman In YouPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
FreeThe Force1977
FreshGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Fresh (Kool And The Gang featuring Liberty X)The Hits: Reloaded2004
FriendsState Of Affairs1996
FruitmanLight Of Worlds1974
Funk Done Gone Hip HopGangland2001
Funky GrannyMusic Is The Message1972
Funky ManLive At The Sex Machine1971
Funky StuffWild And Peaceful1973
Game Of LoveState Of Affairs1996
Get Down On ItSomething Special1981
Get Down On ItGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Get Down On It (Kool And The Gang featuring Blue & Lil Kim)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Get Down On It (Remix Eiffel 65)Get Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Gift Of LoveOpen Sesame1976
Give It UpKool And The Gang1969
Give It UpStill Kool2007
Give LovePeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Give Right Now To YouUnite1993
Go Get ItPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
God's CountryForever1986
Good TimePerfect Union2021
Good Time TonightSomething Special1981
Good TimesGood Times1973
Goody GoodyGangland2001
Got You Into My LifeLadies' Night1979
Hangin' OutLadies' Night1979
Heavan At OnceWild And Peaceful1973
Heaven's GiftPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Here AfterLight Of Worlds1974
Hi De Hi, Hi De HoAs One1982
Hi De Hi, Hi De HoGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
HighPerfect Union2021
Higher PlaneLight Of Worlds1974
Hit Me On The HipGangland2001
Hold OnPerfect Union2021
Hollywood Swingin' (Kool And The Gang featuring Jamiroquai)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Hollywood SwingingWild And Peaceful1973
Hollywood SwingingLove And Understanding1976
Home Is Where The Heart IsIn The Heart1983
How Can I Get Close To YouSweat1989
I Like MusicEverybody's Dancin'1978
I Remember John W. ColtraneGood Times1973
I SwetSweat1989
I Think I Love YouUnite1993
I Want It AllPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
I Want To Take You HigherLive At The Sex Machine1971
I'll Follow You AnywhereSweat1989
If You Feel Like Dancin'Ladies' Night1979
Ike's Mood - You've Lost That Loving Feeling (live)Live At PJ's1971
In The HeartIn The Heart1983
In The HoodState Of Affairs1996
In Your CompanySweat1989
Is What It IsStill Kool2007
It's All You NeedEverybody's Dancin'1978
Jazziacs At The Kool Jazz CafeGangland2001
JoannaIn The Heart1983
JoannaGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Joanna (Kool And The Gang featuring Blazin' Squad)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Jones Vs Jones (Kool And The Gang featuring Angie Stone)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Jones Vs. JonesCelebrate!1980
Jungle BoogieWild And Peaceful1973
Jungle BoogieGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Jungle In My HouseGangland2001
Jungle JazzSpirit Of The Boogie1975
Just Be TrueThe Force1977
Just FriendsCelebrate!1980
Klassical Kool - God Will Find YouUnite1993
Kool And The GangKool And The Gang1969
Kool ItLive At The Sex Machine1971
Kool's Back AgainKool And The Gang1969
L-O-V-EOpen Sesame1976
Ladies NightGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Ladies Night (Kool And The Gang featuring Atomic Kitten)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Ladies' NightLadies' Night1979
Leave It On The Dance FloorPerfect Union2021
Let The Music Take Your MindKool And The Gang1969
Let's Go Dancin' (Kool And The Gang featuring Jimmy Cliff & Bounty Killer)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Let's Go DancingAs One1982
Let's Go DancingGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Let's PartyPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Life In The 90'sState Of Affairs1996
Life Is What You Make ItWild And Peaceful1973
Life's A SongThe Force1977
Light Of WorldsLight Of Worlds1974
Little ChildrenOpen Sesame1976
Livin' In The 21Still Kool2007
Love AffairCelebrate!1980
Love And UnderstandingLove And Understanding1976
Love Come DownUnite1993
Love FestivalCelebrate!1980
Love The Life You Live, Pt. 1-2Music Is The Message1972
Lucky For Me (live)Live At PJ's1971
Made For LoveStill Kool2007
Making Merry MusicGood Times1973
Mighty, Mighty HighThe Force1977
MiraclesStill Kool2007
MisledGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Mo Bigg ThangsGangland2001
Money Makes The World Go RoundGangland2001
More Funky StuffWild And Peaceful1973
Morning StarCelebrate!1980
Mother EarthSpirit Of The Boogie1975
Movie StarPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Music Is The MessageMusic Is The Message1972
My BodyState Of Affairs1996
My Search Is OverUnite1993
My WeaknessPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
N.T. (live)Live At PJ's1971
Na Na NaPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Never Give UpSweat1989
Night PeopleCelebrate!1980
No ShowSomething Special1981
North, East, South, WestGood Times1973
Now Is The Time - UniteUnite1993
OasisThe Force1977
ObsessionPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Open SesameOpen Sesame1976
Open SesameGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Party PeopleStill Kool2007
Pass It OnSomething Special1981
Peace To The UniverseEverybody's Dancin'1978
People Just Wanna Have FunPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Place For UsIn The Heart1983
PneumoniaLive At The Sex Machine1971
Pretty BabyAs One1982
Pretty Little Sexy MissUnite1993
Pursuit Of HappinessPerfect Union2021
Pursuit Of Happiness (Rap Version)Perfect Union2021
R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. (Kool And The Gang Mix)Perfect Union2021
Rated XGood Times1973
Raw HamburgerKool And The Gang1969
ReunitedState Of Affairs1996
Rhyme Tyme PeopleLight Of Worlds1974
Rhythm And RideUnite1993
Ricksonata (live)Live At PJ's1971
Ride The RhythmSpirit Of The Boogie1975
Rollin'In The Heart1983
Ronnie's Groove (live)Live At PJ's1971
Sailing (Instrumental)Still Kool2007
Salute To The LadiesState Of Affairs1996
Sea Of TranquilityKool And The Gang1969
Second ThoughtsState Of Affairs1996
September LoveIn The Heart1983
Sexy (Where'd You Get Yours)Perfect Union2021
Show Us The Way To LoveUnite1993
Since I Lost My BabyKool And The Gang1969
Slick SuperchickThe Force1977
Sombrero Sam (live)Live At PJ's1971
Someone Like YouStill Kool2007
SorryStill Kool2007
Soul VibrationsMusic Is The Message1972
Spatial RelationshipsUnite1993
Special WayForever1986
Spirit Of The BoogieSpirit Of The Boogie1975
Stand Up And SingSomething Special1981
State Of The Earth - The WeightUnite1993
Stay AwhileEverybody's Dancin'1978
Steppin' Into LoveStill Kool2007
Steppin' OutSomething Special1981
Steppin' OutGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Steppin' Out (Kool And The Gang featuring Beverly Knight)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Stone LoveForever1986
StopSomething Special1981
Stop, Look, ListenMusic Is The Message1972
Straight AheadIn The Heart1983
Straight AheadGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Straight Ahead (Kool And The Gang featuring Jamelia)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Street Corner SymphonyLight Of Worlds1974
Street KidsAs One1982
Stressin' The Hits: Reloaded2004
SugarLove And Understanding1976
Summer MadnessLight Of Worlds1974
Summer MadnessLove And Understanding1976
Summer Madness (Kool And The Gang featuring Youssu N'Dour)The Hits: Reloaded2004
SunshineOpen Sesame1976
Sunshine And LoveSpirit Of The Boogie1975
Super BandOpen Sesame1976
Take It To The TopCelebrate!1980
Take My HeartSomething Special1981
Take My HeartGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
That's RightGangland2001
That's What I Love About YouPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
The ForceThe Force1977
The Gang's Back AgainKool And The Gang1969
The Penguin (live)Live At PJ's1971
The WeekendPerfect Union2021
Think It OverAs One1982
This Is What A Love Can DoSweat1989
This Is You, This Is MeWild And Peaceful1973
TonightIn The Heart1983
TonightGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Tonight's The NightLadies' Night1979
Too HotLadies' Night1979
Too HotGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
Too Hot (Kool And The Gang featuring Lisa Stansfield)The Hits: Reloaded2004
Too Low For ZeroStill Kool2007
Touch Of YouLive At The Sex Machine1971
Trust MeStill Kool2007
Trying To Make A Fool Of MeLive At The Sex Machine1971
Turn It OutGangland2001
Universal SoundLove And Understanding1976
VictoryGet Down On It: The Very Best Of Kool And The Gang2000
VIPPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
Walk On ByLive At The Sex Machine1971
We Are The PartyPeople Just Wanna Have Fun2023
What Would The World Be Like ...Live At The Sex Machine1971
What's HappeningStill Kool2007
Where Da Boogie AtGangland2001
Whisper SoftlyOpen Sesame1976
Whiting H. And G.Light Of Worlds1974
Who's Gonna Take The WeightLive At The Sex Machine1971
Wichita LinemanLive At The Sex Machine1971
Wild And PeacefulWild And Peaceful1973
Wild Is LoveGood Times1973
Winter SadnessSpirit Of The Boogie1975
Wkool - SummerUnite1993
Woman, Lover, FriendState Of Affairs1996
You Are The Meaning Of FriendSweat1989
You Are The OneEmergency1984
You Can Do ItIn The Heart1983
You Deserve A Break TodayEverybody's Dancin'1978
You Don't Have To ChangeLight Of Worlds1974
You Got My Heart On FireSweat1989

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