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A New DayThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
A Southern SkyBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
Absent FriendsDemocracy1996
Absolute DissentAbsolute Dissent2010
AdorationsBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
AdorationsThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Age Of GreedExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
AmericaOutside The Gate1988
AmericaThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Another Bloody ElectionDemocracy1996
Apotheosis (Bonus Track)Pylon2015
Asteroid  Killing Joke (2003)2003
Autonomous ZonePylon2015
Big BuzzPylon2015
Birds Of A FeatherThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Black MoonPandemonium1994
Blood On Your Hands  Killing Joke (2003)2003
BloodsportKilling Joke1980
ButcherWhat's This For...!1981
Chapter IIIRevelations1982
ChessboardsBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
Chop ChopThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Colony CollapseMMXII2012
ComplicationsKilling Joke1980
Corporate ElectMMXII2012
Corporate ElectThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Dark Forces  Killing Joke (2003)2003
Darkness Before DawnNight Time1985
Dawn Of The HivePylon2015
DemocracyThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
DepthchargeAbsolute Dissent2010
Dollar 0.36Killing Joke1980
DominatorFire Dances1983
EightiesNight Time1985
EightiesThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Empire SongRevelations1982
Empire SongThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
EndgameAbsolute Dissent2010
EuropeNight Time1985
European Super StateAbsolute Dissent2010
European Super StateThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
ExitWhat's This For...!1981
ExorcismThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
ExtremitiesExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
Feast Of BlazeFire Dances1983
Fema CampMMXII2012
Follow The LeadersWhat's This For...!1981
Follow The LeadersThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
FrenzyFire Dances1983
Fresh Fever From The SkiesAbsolute Dissent2010
Fresh Fever From The SkiesThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Fun And GamesFire Dances1983
Ghosts Of Ladbroke GroveAbsolute Dissent2010
Ghosts Of Ladbroke GroveThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Good SamaritanRevelations1982
GratitudeHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
HarlequinFire Dances1983
Have A Nice DayRevelations1982
Here Comes The SingularityAbsolute Dissent2010
Honour The FireAbsolute Dissent2010
Hosannas From The Basements Of HellHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
Hosannas From The Basements Of HellThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
I Am The VirusPylon2015
Implant  Killing Joke (2003)2003
ImplosionHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
In CytheraMMXII2012
In CytheraThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
In ExcelsisAbsolute Dissent2010
In ExcelsisThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Inside The Termite MoundExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
Into The UnknownPylon2015
IntravenousExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
InvocationHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
JanaThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Judas GoatHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
KaliyugaExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
Kings And QueensNight Time1985
Kings And QueensThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Land Of Milk And HoneyRevelations1982
Let's All Go (To The Fire Dances)Fire Dances1983
Let's All Go (To The Fire Dances)The Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Loose CannonThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Loose Cannon  Killing Joke (2003)2003
Love Like BloodNight Time1985
Love Like BloodThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Love Of The MassesBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
Lust AlmightyFire Dances1983
MadnessWhat's This For...!1981
MajesticHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
Mathematics Of ChaosPandemonium1994
Me Or YouThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Medicine WheelDemocracy1996
MillenniumThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Money Is Not Our GodExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
Money Is Not Our GodThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
MultitudesNight Time1985
My Love Of This LandOutside The Gate1988
My Love Of This LandThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Nervous SystemThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
New Cold WarPylon2015
New JerusalemPylon2015
Night TimeNight Time1985
North Of The BorderExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
ObsessionOutside The Gate1988
On All Hallow`s EveMMXII2012
Outside The GateOutside The Gate1988
PandemoniumThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Panopticon (Bonus Track)Pylon2015
Plague (Bonus Track)Pylon2015
Pleasures Of The FleshPandemonium1994
Pole ShiftMMXII2012
PrimitiveKilling Joke1980
Prozac PeopleDemocracy1996
RejuvenationFire Dances1983
RequiemKilling Joke1980
RequiemThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
RubiconBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
SanityBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
SanityThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Savage FreedomDemocracy1996
Seeing RedThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
Seeing Red  Killing Joke (2003)2003
SlipstreamExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
Snakedance (Youth 'rattlesnake Dub' Remix) (Bonus Track)Pylon2015
SolitudeExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
Song And DanceFire Dances1983
Star Spangled (Bonus Track)Pylon2015
Stay One Jump AheadOutside The Gate1988
StruggleExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
TabazanNight Time1985
TensionWhat's This For...!1981
The Beautiful DeadExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions1990
The Beautiful DeadThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
The CallingOutside The Gate1988
The Courtauld TalksThe Courtauld Talks1989
The Death And Resurrection Show  Killing Joke (2003)2003
The Fall Of BecauseWhat's This For...!1981
The GatheringFire Dances1983
The Great CullAbsolute Dissent2010
The House That Pain Built  Killing Joke (2003)2003
The HumRevelations1982
The LightbringerHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
The Pandys Are ComingRevelations1982
The Raven KingAbsolute Dissent2010
The WaitKilling Joke1980
This Tribal AntidoteHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
This World HellAbsolute Dissent2010
TiahuanacoOutside The Gate1988
Tomorrow's WorldKilling Joke1980
Total Invasion  Killing Joke (2003)2003
Twilight Of The MortalBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
UnspeakableWhat's This For...!1981
Unto The Ends Of The EarthOutside The Gate1988
Walking With GodsHosannas From The Basements Of Hell2006
War On FreedomPylon2015
WardanceKilling Joke1980
WardanceThe Singles Collection 1979 - 20122013
We Have JoyRevelations1982
Who Told You HowWhat's This For...!1981
WintergardensBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986
You'll Never Get To Me  Killing Joke (2003)2003

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