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14 YearsUse Your Illusion II1991
Ain't It FunThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
Ain't It FunGreatest Hits2004
Anything GoesAppetite For Destruction1987
AttitudeThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
Back Off BitchUse Your Illusion I1991
Bad ApplesUse Your Illusion I1991
Bad ObsessionUse Your Illusion I1991
BetterChinese Democracy2008
Black LeatherThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
BreakdownUse Your Illusion II1991
Buick Makane (Big Dumb Sex)The Spaghetti Incident?1993
Catcher N' The RyeChinese Democracy2008
Chinese DemocracyChinese Democracy2008
Civil WarUse Your Illusion II1991
Civil WarGreatest Hits2004
ComaUse Your Illusion I1991
Dead HorseUse Your Illusion I1991
Don't CryUse Your Illusion I1991
Don't CryUse Your Illusion II1991
Don't CryGreatest Hits2004
Don't Cry (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Don't Damn MeUse Your Illusion I1991
Double Talkin' JiveUse Your Illusion I1991
Down On The FarmThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
Dust'n BonesUse Your Illusion I1991
Dust'N Bones (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
EstrangedUse Your Illusion II1991
Estranged (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Garden Of EdenUse Your Illusion I1991
Get In The RingUse Your Illusion II1991
Hair Of The DogThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
Human BeingThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
I Don't Care About YouThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
I.R.S.Chinese Democracy2008
If the WorldChinese Democracy2008
It's Alright (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
It's So EasyAppetite For Destruction1987
It's So Easy (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Knockin' On Heavan's Door (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Knockin' On Heaven's DoorUse Your Illusion II1991
Knockin' On Heaven's DoorGreatest Hits2004
Live And Let DieUse Your Illusion I1991
Live And Let DieGreatest Hits2004
LocomotiveUse Your Illusion II1991
Look At Your Game, GirlThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
MadagascarChinese Democracy2008
Mama Kin (live)GNR Lies1988
Move To The City (live)GNR Lies1988
Move To The City (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Mr. BrownstoneAppetite For Destruction1987
Mr. Brownstone (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
My MichelleAppetite For Destruction1987
My Michelle (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
My WorldUse Your Illusion II1991
New RoseThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
Nice Boys (live)GNR Lies1988
NightrainAppetite For Destruction1987
Nightrain (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
November RainUse Your Illusion I1991
November RainGreatest Hits2004
November Rain (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
One In A MillionGNR Lies1988
Out Ta Get MeAppetite For Destruction1987
Out Ta Get Me (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Paradise CityAppetite For Destruction1987
Paradise CityGreatest Hits2004
Paradise City (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
PatienceGNR Lies1988
PatienceGreatest Hits2004
Patience (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Perfect CrimeUse Your Illusion I1991
Pretty Tied UpUse Your Illusion II1991
Pretty Tied Up (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
ProstituteChinese Democracy2008
Raw PowerThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
Reckless Life (live)GNR Lies1988
Riad N' The BedouinsChinese Democracy2008
Right Next Door To HellUse Your Illusion I1991
Rocket QueenAppetite For Destruction1987
Rocket Queen (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
ScrapedChinese Democracy2008
Shackler's RevengeChinese Democracy2008
Shotgun BluesUse Your Illusion II1991
Since I Don't Have YouThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
Since I Don't Have YouGreatest Hits2004
So FineUse Your Illusion II1991
SorryChinese Democracy2008
Street Of DreamsChinese Democracy2008
Sweet Child O' MineAppetite For Destruction1987
Sweet Child O' MineGreatest Hits2004
Sweet Child O' Mine (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Sympathy For The DevilGreatest Hits2004
The GardenUse Your Illusion I1991
There Was A TimeChinese Democracy2008
Think About YouAppetite For Destruction1987
This I LoveChinese Democracy2008
Used To Love HerGNR Lies1988
Used To Love Her (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
Welcome To The JungleAppetite For Destruction1987
Welcome To The JungleGreatest Hits2004
Welcome To The Jungle (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
YesterdaysUse Your Illusion II1991
YesterdaysGreatest Hits2004
Yesterdays (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
You Ain't The FirstUse Your Illusion I1991
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A MemoryThe Spaghetti Incident?1993
You Could Be MineUse Your Illusion II1991
You Could Be MineGreatest Hits2004
You Could Be Mine (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999
You're CrazyAppetite For Destruction1987
You're CrazyGNR Lies1988
You're Crazy (live)Live Era: '87 - '931999

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