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All Of YouDay In Day Out1990
All Of YouIn Love In Vain1999
At Long Last LoveDay In Day Out1990
At Long Last LoveIn Love In Vain1999
Baby Won't You Please Come HomeClose Your Eyes1993
Baby Won't You Please Come HomeSoft And Low1999
Bad Nite (Over The Top)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Beyond The Sea (La Mer)Day In Day Out1990
Beyond The Sea (La Mer)In Love In Vain1999
But BeautifulSoft And Low1999
But BeautifulIn Love In Vain1999
By The River Sainte MarieClose Your Eyes1993
Candy SweetFull Circle2000
Close Your EyesClose Your Eyes1993
Cold NightSongs From The Saddle2005
Darlin'Frank Stallone1984
Day In Day OutDay In Day Out1990
Day In Day OutIn Love In Vain1999
Down BelowSongs From The Saddle2005
Exactly Like YouClose Your Eyes1993
Far From OverFrank Stallone1984
Far From Over (Staying Alive)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Finding Out The Hard Way (Staying Alive)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Fly TogetherFrank Stallone1984
Fly TogetherSongs From The Saddle2005
Gee Babt Ain't I Good To YouSoft And Low1999
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To YouClose Your Eyes1993
Holding OnSongs From The Saddle2005
I Can't BelieveClose Your Eyes1993
I Didn't Know What Time It WasClose Your Eyes1993
I Do Believe In YouFrank Stallone1984
I Got A Right To Sing The BluesClose Your Eyes1993
I Gotta Right To Sing The BluesSoft And Low1999
I Hope We Never Change (Staying Alive)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
I Wish I Were In Love AgainDay In Day Out1990
I Wish I Were In Love AgainIn Love In Vain1999
I'm So LuckySongs From The Saddle2005
If We Ever Get BackFrank Stallone1984
If We Ever Get BackStallone On Stallone By Request2002
In Love In VainDay In Day Out1990
In Love In VainSoft And Low1999
In Love In VainIn Love In Vain1999
Injured HeartsSongs From The Saddle2005
It's NeedlessFull Circle2000
Keeping It To MyselfFull Circle2000
Let's Be FriendsFull Circle2000
Like Someone In LoveSoft And Low1999
Like Someone In LoveIn Love In Vain1999
Lonesome RoadDay In Day Out1990
Long Ago And Far AwayClose Your Eyes1993
Love And TrustSongs From The Saddle2005
Love Is Like A LightFrank Stallone1984
Love Is Like A LightStallone On Stallone By Request2002
Love Me TonightSongs From The Saddle2005
Love Will Reveal ItselfFull Circle2000
Moody Girl (Staying Alive)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Music Is MagicFrank Stallone1984
My Guiding LightSongs From The Saddle2005
My Time Will ComeFull Circle2000
Na Na Ninni - Two Kinds Of Love (Rocky II)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Never Going To Give You Up (Staying Alive)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Once More Never AgainFrank Stallone1984
Once More, Never Again (Staying Alive)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
One For My BabySoft And Low1999
One For My BabyIn Love In Vain1999
Peace In Our Life (Rambo II)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Real RomanceSongs From The Saddle2005
Runnin'Frank Stallone1984
Saturday NightClose Your Eyes1993
She's So PopularFrank Stallone1984
Spring Is HereDay In Day Out1990
Spring Is HereSoft And Low1999
Spring Is HereIn Love In Vain1999
Stop What You're DoingFull Circle2000
Take You Back - Street Corner Song (Rocky)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
The ChainFull Circle2000
The Lonesome RoadIn Love In Vain1999
Twist ShoutFull Circle2000
Wake Up CallSongs From The Saddle2005
Waking Up (Staying Alive)Stallone On Stallone By Request2002
Waltz In The NightSongs From The Saddle2005
What Did I Do To Your LoveSongs From The Saddle2005
When She Tells Me GoodbyeSongs From The Saddle2005
Winter WhiteFull Circle2000
Wish We Could Start OverSongs From The Saddle2005
WitchcraftDay In Day Out1990
WitchcraftIn Love In Vain1999

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