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A Day At The MallStardust We Are1997
A Kings PrayerSpace Revolver2000
A Million StarsBy Royal Decree2022
A New SpeciesIslands2020
A Room With A ViewStardust We Are1997
A Vampire's ViewAdam And Eve2004
Adam And EveAdam And Eve2004
AfterlifeFlower Power1999
Agent Supreme (Bonus Track)The Rainmaker2001
All I Need Is LoveIslands2020
Ascending To The StarsWaiting For Miracles2019
Astral DogFlower Power1999
Atomic Prince - KaleidoscopeBack In The World Of Adventures1995
BabylonAdam And Eve2004
Bavarian SkiesParadox Hotel2006
Between Hope And FearIslands2020
Big PuzzleBack In The World Of Adventures1995
Black And WhiteUnfold The Future2002
Black FlagWaiting For Miracles2019
Black SwanIslands2020
Blessing Of A SmileThe Rainmaker2001
BlindedBy Royal Decree2022
Blood Of EdenDesolation Rose2013
Blue PlanetParadox Hotel2006
Busking At BrobankWaiting For Miracles2019
Butterfly Queen (Bonus Track)Flower Power1999
Calling HomeFlower Power1999
Captain CapstanFlower Power1999
Check InParadox Hotel2006
Chickenfarmer SongSpace Revolver2000
ChristianopelUnfold The Future2002
Church Of Your HeartStardust We Are1997
Circus BrimstoneStardust We Are1997
City Of AngelsThe Rainmaker2001
CompassionStardust We Are1997
CorruptionFlower Power1999
Cosmic CircusAdam And Eve2004
Crying ClownStardust We Are1997
Dark Fascist SkiesDesolation Rose2013
Days Gone ByAdam And Eve2004
Deaf, Numb And BlindFlower Power1999
Desolation RoadDesolation Rose2013
Devil's PlaygroundUnfold The Future2002
Different PeopleStardust We Are1997
Don Of The UniverseStardust We Are1997
Dream On DreamerSpace Revolver2000
Driver's SeatAdam And Eve2004
ElaineThe Rainmaker2001
End Of A Century (Bonus Track)Flower Power1999
End On A High NoteParadox Hotel2006
EvolutionBy Royal Decree2022
Excerpt From Valkyrian (Bonus Track)The Rainmaker2001
Fast LaneUnfold The Future2002
Fireghosts (Bonus Track)Banks Of Eden2012
Flight 999 Brimstone Air (Tomas Bodin)The Sum Of No Evil2007
Flora MajoraRetropolis1996
Fool's GoldIslands2020
For The Love Of GoldBanks Of Eden2012
For Those About To DrownBanks Of Eden2012
From The GroundIslands2020
Funeral PyresBy Royal Decree2022
Garden Of DreamsFlower Power1999
Genie In A BottleUnfold The Future2002
Ghost Of The Red CloudStardust We Are1997
Go West JudasBack In The World Of Adventures1995
Going Up (Bonus Track)Banks Of Eden2012
Goodbye OutrageIslands2020
Grand Old WorldUnfold The Future2002
Heart Of The ValleyIslands2020
Hidden AnglesIslands2020
Hit Me With A HitParadox Hotel2006
Hotel NirvanaStardust We Are1997
House Of CardsWaiting For Miracles2019
House Of Cards (Reprise)Waiting For Miracles2019
Hudson River Sirens Call 1998Flower Power1999
I Am The Sun - Part OneSpace Revolver2000
I Am The Sun - Part TwoSpace Revolver2000
If 28Stardust We Are1997
Ikea By NightFlower Power1999
Illuminati (Bonus Track)Banks Of Eden2012
In The Eyes Of The WorldStardust We Are1997
JealousyParadox Hotel2006
Just This OnceStardust We Are1997
Kingdom Of LiesStardust We Are1997
Last CarnivoreDesolation Rose2013
Last Minute On EarthThe Rainmaker2001
LetterBy Royal Decree2022
Life In MotionThe Sum Of No Evil2007
Life Will Kill YouParadox Hotel2006
Looking For AnswersIslands2020
Love Is The Only AnswerThe Sum Of No Evil2007
Love SupremeAdam And Eve2004
Lucy Had A DreamParadox Hotel2006
Magic PieFlower Power1999
Man In A Two Peace SuitIslands2020
Man Of The WorldParadox Hotel2006
Man OverboardUnfold The Future2002
Minor Giant StepsParadox Hotel2006
Miracles For America (Edit)Waiting For Miracles2019
Mommy Leave The Light OnParadox Hotel2006
Monkey BusinessUnfold The Future2002
Monster WithinSpace Revolver2000
Monsters And MenParadox Hotel2006
Morning NewsIslands2020
MothBy Royal Decree2022
Mr. Hope Goes To Salzburg (Bonus Track)The Rainmaker2001
My Cosmic LoverBack In The World Of Adventures1995
No Lines (Bonus Track)Banks Of Eden2012
Northern LightsIslands2020
NumbersBanks Of Eden2012
Oblivion RoadBack In The World Of Adventures1995
One More TimeThe Sum Of No Evil2007
One Whole Half (Bonus Track)The Rainmaker2001
Open Your HeartBy Royal Decree2022
PainterFlower Power1999
PandemoniumBanks Of Eden2012
Papercup Angels (Bonus Track)Flower Power1999
Paradox HotelParadox Hotel2006
Peacock On ParadeBy Royal Decree2022
Pioneers Of AviationParadox Hotel2006
Pipes Of PeaceStardust We Are1997
Poor Mr. Rain's Ordinary GuitarStardust We Are1997
Power Of KindnessFlower Power1999
Psychedelic PostcardFlower Power1999
Racing With Blinders OnIslands2020
Red AlertThe Rainmaker2001
Regal Dinners (Bonus Track)Flower Power1999
Regal Divers (Demo) (Bonus Track)The Sum Of No Evil2007
Retropolis By NightRetropolis1996
RevolutionBy Royal Decree2022
Rhythm Of LifeRetropolis1996
Rhythm Of The SeaRetropolis1996
Rising The ImperialBanks Of Eden2012
Road To SanctuaryThe Rainmaker2001
Rollin' The DiceUnfold The Future2002
Romancing The CityRetropolis1996
Rumble Fish TwistSpace Revolver2000
Selfconsuming FireParadox Hotel2006
Serious DreamersThe Rainmaker2001
ShrineBy Royal Decree2022
Silent GraveyardsDesolation Rose2013
Silent InfernoUnfold The Future2002
Silent MassesDesolation Rose2013
Silent SorrowRetropolis1996
Silent WaysBy Royal Decree2022
Slave To MoneySpace Revolver2000
Sleep With The EnemyWaiting For Miracles2019
Sleeping BonesDesolation Rose2013
Solitary ShellUnfold The Future2002
Soul VortexUnfold The Future2002
SpiralsWaiting For Miracles2019
Stardust We AreStardust We Are1997
Starlight ManAdam And Eve2004
SteampunkWaiting For Miracles2019
Stupid GirlFlower Power1999
Sword Of GodThe Rainmaker2001
Temple Of The SnakesBack In The World Of Adventures1995
The Big FunkBy Royal Decree2022
The Blade Of CainAdam And Eve2004
The BridgeWaiting For Miracles2019
The Crowning Of GreedWaiting For Miracles2019
The Darkness In YouBy Royal Decree2022
The Devil's DanceschoolUnfold The Future2002
The End Of InnocenceStardust We Are1997
The Great PretenderBy Royal Decree2022
The Judas KissRetropolis1996
The Man Who Walked With KingsStardust We Are1997
The Melting PotRetropolis1996
The MerrygoroundStardust We Are1997
The NavigatorUnfold The Future2002
The RainmakerThe Rainmaker2001
The Rebel CircusWaiting For Miracles2019
The Resurrected JudasDesolation Rose2013
The River (Bonus Track)The Sum Of No Evil2007
The Road Back HomeRetropolis1996
The SoldierBy Royal Decree2022
The Sum Of No ReasonThe Sum Of No Evil2007
The Truth Will Set You FreeUnfold The Future2002
The Unorthodox DancinglessonParadox Hotel2006
The Way The Waters Are MovingParadox Hotel2006
The Woman With No Shadow (Bonus Track)The Rainmaker2001
The Wonder WheelBack In The World Of Adventures1995
Theme For A HeroBack In The World Of Adventures1995
There Is More To This WorldRetropolis1996
Thru The WallsThe Rainmaker2001
Time The Great HealerBy Royal Decree2022
TimelinesAdam And Eve2004
Too Late For Tomatoes (Bonus Track)Unfold The Future2002
Touch My HeavenParadox Hotel2006
Tower ONEDesolation Rose2013
Trading My SoulThe Sum Of No Evil2007
Train To NowhereBack In The World Of Adventures1995
Turn The Stone (Bonus Track)The Sum Of No Evil2007
UnderdogSpace Revolver2000
VertigoWaiting For Miracles2019
Violent Brat (Bonus Track)The Rainmaker2001
Vox HumanaUnfold The Future2002
We Can Make It WorkBy Royal Decree2022
We Were Always HereWaiting For Miracles2019
What If God Is AloneParadox Hotel2006
White TuxedosDesolation Rose2013
Wicked Old SymphonyWaiting For Miracles2019
World Gone CrazyBy Royal Decree2022
World Of AdventuresBack In The World Of Adventures1995
World Without A HeartThe Rainmaker2001
You Don't Know What You've GotSpace Revolver2000

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