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1000 Million PiecesNu Folk2003
7 Drunken SailorsSports Day At Killaloe2009
A Bottle A DayWinners And Boozers2013
A Bottle A Day25 Blarney Roses2015
A Bottle A Day25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
A Night in DublinWinners And Boozers2013
A Night In Dublin25 Blarney Roses2015
A Night In Dublin25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
All The WayDevil's Dozen2016
All These FeelingsDrive Me Mad!2007
All These Feelings (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Annabel LeeFiddler's Green1992
Another Ring Of FireKing Shepherd1995
Another SkyAnother Sky2000
Another Spring SongDrive Me Mad!2007
Another Spring Song25 Blarney Roses2015
Another Spring Song (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
ApologySports Day At Killaloe2009
As I Roved OutBlack Sheep1993
As I Roved Out (live)Stagebox1999
Back Of BeyondSpin Around1998
Back Of Beyond (live)Stagebox1999
Bad BoysDevil's Dozen2016
Better You Say NoHeyday2019
Black Sheep RagBlack Sheep1993
Blacksmith ReelWinners And Boozers2013
Blame It On MeDevil's Dozen2016
Blame It On Me (Punk Session)Heyday2019
Blarney RosesFiddler's Green1992
Blarney Roses25 Blarney Roses2015
Blarney Roses25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Blarney Roses (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Blarney Roses (live)Celebrate!2005
Blarney Roses (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Boat On The RiverDevil's Dozen2016
Bold O'DonahueSports Day At Killaloe2009
Bonnie Ship The DiamondFolk Raider2002
Born To Be A RoverHeyday2019
Bottom Of Our GlassSports Day At Killaloe2009
Bottom Of Our Glass (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Bottoms UpDevil's Dozen2016
Break The SilenceSpin Around1998
BretonixDrive Me Mad!2007
Bretonix (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Brun The BridgesOn And On1997
BuccaneerWinners And Boozers2013
Bugger OffSports Day At Killaloe2009
Bugger Off25 Blarney Roses2015
Bugger Off (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Bugger Off (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Burn My FantasiesAnother Sky2000
Burning The Night25 Blarney Roses2015
Burning The Night25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Captain Kennedy (live)Stagebox1999
Captain SongDrive Me Mad!2007
Captain Song (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Captain Song (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
CelebrateNu Folk2003
Celebrate (live)Celebrate!2005
ChangeSports Day At Killaloe2009
Cheer UpHeyday2019
Come BackSpin Around1998
ConnemaraBlack Sheep1993
Count Me OutSpin Around1998
Crack In The BorderKing Shepherd1995
Days Of YoreFiddler's Green1992
Dead End StreetSports Day At Killaloe2009
Devil's DozenDevil's Dozen2016
Don't Come AgainFiddler's Green1992
Don't Come Again (live)Stagebox1999
Don't Come Again (live)Celebrate!2005
Don't Let GoDrive Me Mad!2007
Don't Look BackWinners And Boozers2013
Don't Stand SoFolk Raider2002
Don't Turn AwayFiddler's Green1992
Don't Turn AwayMake Up Your Mind1996
Don'T Turn Away (live)Stagebox1999
Donkey RidingAnother Sky2000
DownDevil's Dozen2016
Down By The HillsideSports Day At Killaloe2009
Down By The Hillside25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Drive Me MadDrive Me Mad!2007
Drive The Golden Spike - Keep It Up - Edmonten Airbus (live)Stagebox1999
Dublin Streets - Irish Washer Woman (live)Stagebox1999
Dublin Streets - Irish Washerwoman25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Empty Pockets, Empty FridgeSports Day At Killaloe2009
Fall For UAnother Sky2000
Fiddler's GreenFiddler's Green1992
Fiddler's Green (live)Celebrate!2005
Fiddler's Green - (High Noon) (live)Stagebox1999
Fiddler's Green II (There's More Than One)Black Sheep1993
Folk RaiderFolk Raider2002
Folk Raider (live)Celebrate!2005
Folk's Not DeadDrive Me Mad!2007
Folk's Not Dead25 Blarney Roses2015
Folk's Not Dead25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Folk's Not Dead (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Folk's Not Dead (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
FragileNu Folk2003
Freeman (live)Stagebox1999
Friendly ReunionSports Day At Killaloe2009
Gallant MurraySpin Around1998
Gallant Murray (live)Stagebox1999
Girls Along The RoadFolk Raider2002
Give Me The TimeAnother Sky2000
Goldwatch BluesNu Folk2003
Goldwatch Blues (live)Celebrate!2005
GospelOn And On1997
Greens And Fellows25 Blarney Roses2015
Greens And Fellows25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
HarkBlack Sheep1993
Haughs Of CromdaleOn And On1997
Haughs Of Cromdale (live)Stagebox1999
HauntedKing Shepherd1995
Here We Go AgainDevil's Dozen2016
Highland RoadSports Day At Killaloe2009
Hip HurrayKing Shepherd1995
Hip Hurray (live)Stagebox1999
HomeSpin Around1998
Home (live)Stagebox1999
I Won't Follow You Up To CarlowBlack Sheep1993
I Won't Follow You Up To Carlow (live)Stagebox1999
I Wont Follow You Up To CarlowMake Up Your Mind1996
I'll Be ThereNu Folk2003
I'm Here Because I'm HereDrive Me Mad!2007
I'm Here Because I'm Here (Punk Session)Heyday2019
Into The DarknessMake Up Your Mind1996
Into The DarknessOn And On1997
Into The Sunset AgainWinners And Boozers2013
Into Your MindDrive Me Mad!2007
Irish AirDrive Me Mad!2007
Irish Air (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Irish Air (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Irish AirmanBlack Sheep1993
Irish Airman (live)Stagebox1999
JacobitesOn And On1997
Jacobites (live)Stagebox1999
John KanakaHeyday2019
JohnnyDevil's Dozen2016
Johnson Boys (live)Celebrate!2005
Johnson Boys - Cotton-Eyed JoeNu Folk2003
Jump25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Kiss U Miss UOn And On1997
KMA GoodbyeOn And On1997
Knock On WoodAnother Sky2000
Lanigan's BallKing Shepherd1995
Lanigan's Ball (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Leaving Of LiverpoolDevil's Dozen2016
Life (Bonus Track)Heyday2019
Life Full Of Pain (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Life Full Of PeinSports Day At Killaloe2009
Limerick StyleHeyday2019
Little BeggarmanKing Shepherd1995
Little Beggarman (live)Stagebox1999
LondonBlack Sheep1993
Long GoneDrive Me Mad!2007
Long Gone25 Blarney Roses2015
LukeyDrive Me Mad!2007
LullabyNu Folk2003
Make No WarNu Folk2003
Make Up Your MindMake Up Your Mind1996
Make Up Your Mind (live)Stagebox1999
MariaWinners And Boozers2013
Marie's WeddingDrive Me Mad!2007
Marie's Wedding (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Market DayKing Shepherd1995
Mary MackSpin Around1998
Mary Mack (live)Stagebox1999
Mary Mack (live)Celebrate!2005
Matty GroovesOn And On1997
Midnight RamblerFiddler's Green1992
Midnight RamblerMake Up Your Mind1996
Midnight SunFiddler's Green1992
Mr. TickleDevil's Dozen2016
Mrs. McGrathSports Day At Killaloe2009
Mrs. McGrath (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
My Baby's GoneFolk Raider2002
My WayAnother Sky2000
Never AgainSpin Around1998
Never HideWinners And Boozers2013
Never Hide25 Blarney Roses2015
Never Hide25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
New TemptationMake Up Your Mind1996
No AnthemHeyday2019
No Buts About ItAnother Sky2000
No LullabyWinners And Boozers2013
No More PawnWinners And Boozers2013
No NeedAnother Sky2000
Now Or NeverSpin Around1998
NU ChicksNu Folk2003
O'Mahoney's Frolics - Battle Of Aughrim - Jack Keane's ReelFiddler's Green1992
Old Dun CowWinners And Boozers2013
Old Dun Cow25 Blarney Roses2015
Old Dun Cow25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Old PolinaWinners And Boozers2013
On And OnOn And On1997
Once In A WhileSports Day At Killaloe2009
One Fine DayHeyday2019
One Way OutKing Shepherd1995
Out Of ControlFiddler's Green1992
Out Of The DarknessAnother Sky2000
Out Of The RainFolk Raider2002
Out Of Your LifeFolk Raider2002
Part Of ItNu Folk2003
Part Of It (live)Celebrate!2005
Perfect GangDevil's Dozen2016
Picard JigsFolk Raider2002
Pofiteers (live)Stagebox1999
PolkasKing Shepherd1995
PopcornNu Folk2003
ProfiteersOn And On1997
Queen Of ArgyllAnother Sky2000
Queen Of Argyll (live)Celebrate!2005
Ra Ra RaKing Shepherd1995
Raggle Taggle GypsyFiddler's Green1992
Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Raggle Taggle Gypsy (live)Celebrate!2005
Rainbow WarriorKing Shepherd1995
Raise Your ArmsWinners And Boozers2013
Ramblin RoverAnother Sky2000
Rocky Road To DublinFiddler's Green1992
Rocky Road To DublinStagebox1999
Rocky Road To Dublin25 Blarney Roses2015
Rocky Road To Dublin (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Rocky Road To Dublin (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Rollin'Drive Me Mad!2007
Rose In The HeatherSports Day At Killaloe2009
Rose In The Heather (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Rose Of BallymoreKing Shepherd1995
Rose Of Ballymore (live)Stagebox1999
SalonikaDrive Me Mad!2007
Scolding Wife25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Secret FireFiddler's Green1992
Shakin' An Egg JigFiddler's Green1992
Shamrock BuskerKing Shepherd1995
Shamrock BusterMake Up Your Mind1996
Shamrock TunesDrive Me Mad!2007
Sherwood ForrestKing Shepherd1995
Shot In The DarkOn And On1997
Shut Up And DanceNu Folk2003
Shut Up And Dance (live)Celebrate!2005
SilenceNu Folk2003
Silence (live)Celebrate!2005
Slainte (Punk Session)Heyday2019
Song For The LivingWinners And Boozers2013
Spin Around The WorldSpin Around1998
Spin Around The World (live)Stagebox1999
Splendid IsolationFolk Raider2002
Sporting DaySports Day At Killaloe2009
Sporting Day (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
Sports Day ThemeSports Day At Killaloe2009
Star Of The County DownOn And On1997
Star Of The County Down (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
Star Of The County Down (live)Celebrate!2005
Stay By My SideKing Shepherd1995
Stay By My Side - Blarney RosesStagebox1999
Stay By My Side -(Album Version '97)On And On1997
Steady FlowHeyday2019
Step It OutSpin Around1998
Step It Out (live)Stagebox1999
StopBlack Sheep1993
Storm InsideAnother Sky2000
Straight AheadBlack Sheep1993
Strike BackSports Day At Killaloe2009
Summer SongFiddler's Green1992
Take Me Back25 Blarney Roses2015
Take Me Back25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Take Me ToFolk Raider2002
TangerineFolk Raider2002
Tarry TrousersNu Folk2003
Tarry Trousers (live)Celebrate!2005
The Athole Highlanders - Highroad To LintonAnother Sky2000
The Blarney F*#° Jig-PackBlack Sheep1993
The Congress ReelHeyday2019
The CrawlFolk Raider2002
The CreelFiddler's Green1992
The Creel 2007Drive Me Mad!2007
The Freak Of EnniskillenHeyday2019
The Jolly BeggarBlack Sheep1993
The MermaidKing Shepherd1995
The Mermaid (live)Stagebox1999
The Mermaid (Punk Session)Heyday2019
The More The MerrierWinners And Boozers2013
The More The Merrier25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
The Night Pat Murphy DiedDrive Me Mad!2007
The Night Pat Murphy Died25 Blarney Roses2015
The Night Pat Murphy Died (Bonus Track)Sports Day At Killaloe2009
The Night Pat Murphy Died (live)Folk's Not Dead - Live2010
The Reel Jig BagOn And On1997
The Reel Jig Bag (live)Stagebox1999
This Old ManSports Day At Killaloe2009
This Old Man (Punk Session)Heyday2019
Too DrunkBlack Sheep1993
Too Drunk (live)Celebrate!2005
Tribal DanceKing Shepherd1995
Tribal Dance (live)Stagebox1999
TullochgorumAnother Sky2000
Turn The PageOn And On1997
Victor And His Demons25 Blarney Roses2015
Victor And His Demons25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Walking High25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
We Don't CareWinners And Boozers2013
We Don't Care25 Blarney Roses2015
We Don't Care25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
We Won't Die TonightDevil's Dozen2016
Weaver's ReelFolk Raider2002
Weaver's Reel (live)Celebrate!2005
Whack MeDrive Me Mad!2007
Whale SongSpin Around1998
Whale Song (live)Stagebox1999
What A DaySpin Around1998
What A Day (live)Stagebox1999
When Will We Be MarriedDrive Me Mad!2007
Whiskey In The SpaFolk Raider2002
Wild LifeNu Folk2003
Wish U WellSpin Around1998
Wish U Well (live)Stagebox1999
Worker's SongKing Shepherd1995
Yindy25 Blarney Roses2015
Yindy25 Blarney Roses - Live in Cologne 20152015
Yindy (Punk Session)Heyday2019

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