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After The Love Is GoneEden's Curse2007
Angels And DemonsThe Second Coming2008
Angels And Demons (live)Live With The Curse2015
Band Introductions (live)Live With The Curse2015
Black WidowTrinity2011
Black Widow (live)Live With The Curse2015
Book Of Life (Intro)Eden's Curse2007
Break The SilenceSymphony Of Sin2013
Break The Silence (live)Live With The Curse2015
Can't Fool The DevilTrinity2011
Children Of The TideTrinity2011
Dare To Be DifferentTrinity2011
Devil In DisguiseSymphony Of Sin2013
Devil In Disguise (live)Live With The Curse2015
Don't Bring Me DownEden's Curse2007
Eden's CurseEden's Curse2007
Evil And DivineSymphony Of Sin2013
Evil And Divine (live)Live With The Curse2015
Eyes Of The WorldEden's Curse2007
Fallen From GraceSymphony Of Sin2013
Fallen From Grace (live)Live With The Curse2015
Fallen KingEden's Curse2007
Find My WayCardinal2016
Fly AwayEden's Curse2007
Fly Away (live)Live With The Curse2015
Games People PlayThe Second Coming2008
Great UnknownSymphony Of Sin2013
Guardian AngelTrinity2011
Guitar Solo (live)Live With The Curse2015
Heaven Touch MeEden's Curse2007
Jerusalem SleepsTrinity2011
Jerusalem Sleeps (live)Live With The Curse2015
Judgement DayEden's Curse2007
Judgement Day (live)Live With The Curse2015
Just Like JudasThe Second Coming2008
Just Like Judas (live)Live With The Curse2015
Kingdom Of SolitudeCardinal2016
Losing My FaithSymphony Of Sin2013
Lost In WonderlandThe Second Coming2008
Lost SoulThe Second Coming2008
Man Against The WorldThe Second Coming2008
Masquerade BallThe Second Coming2008
Masquerade Ball (live)Live With The Curse2015
Messiah ComplexCardinal2016
No Holy ManTrinity2011
No Holy Man (live)Live With The Curse2015
Prophets Of DoomCardinal2016
Raven's RevengeThe Second Coming2008
Reign Of Terror (Intro)The Second Coming2008
Ride The StormThe Second Coming2008
Rivers Of DestinyTrinity2011
Rock BottomSymphony Of Sin2013
Rock Bottom (live)Live With The Curse2015
Rock'n' Roll ChildrenTrinity2011
Rome's On FireCardinal2016
Sail OnThe Second Coming2008
Saints And SinnersCardinal2016
Saints Of TomorrowTrinity2011
Sell Your SoulCardinal2016
Sign Of The CrossSymphony Of Sin2013
Signs Of Your LifeThe Second Coming2008
Stronger Than The FlameEden's Curse2007
Symphony Of SinSymphony Of Sin2013
Symphony Of Sin (live)Live With The Curse2015
The Bruce (Intro)Eden's Curse2007
The Great PretenderCardinal2016
The Voice InsideEden's Curse2007
This Is Our MomentCardinal2016
Time To Breathe (live)Live With The Curse2015
Trinitas Sanctus (Intro)Trinity2011
Trinity (live)Live With The Curse2015
Turn The PageSymphony Of Sin2013
UnbreakableSymphony Of Sin2013
Unbreakable (live)Live With The Curse2015
Unconditional (+ Liv Kristine)Cardinal2016
Utopian DreamsCardinal2016
We All Die YoungEden's Curse2007
We Climb (Bonus Track)Trinity2011
West Wind BlowsThe Second Coming2008
What Are You Waiting ForEden's Curse2007
What Are You Waiting For (Alt. Mix)Eden's Curse2007
Where Is The LoveSymphony Of Sin2013
Wings To FlySymphony Of Sin2013
Wings To Fly (live)Live With The Curse2015

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