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A Growing TimeLove In Time2009
A Love Like ThisRiver Of Souls1993
A Love Like ThisLove Songs1995
A Love Like ThisThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
A Voice For PeaceRiver Of Souls1993
Aireshire LamentThe Innocent Age1981
All There IsRiver Of Souls1993
Along The RoadPhoenix1979
Anastasia's EyesThe Wild Places1990
Anyway I Love YouHome Free1972
As The Raven FliesSouvenirs1974
Aspen - These DaysCaptured Angel1975
At Christmas TimeThe First Christmas Morning1999
Aurora NovaThe Wild Places1990
Aurora Nova (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Be On Your WayHome Free1972
Beggar's GamePhoenix1979
Believe In MeWindows And Walls1984
Believe In MeThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Believe In Me (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Bell Fantasy - Hark The Herald Angels SingThe First Christmas Morning1999
Better ChangeSouvenirs1974
Beyond The EdgeExiles1987
BirdsLove In Time2009
Blind To The TruthThe Wild Places1990
Bones In The SkyThe Wild Places1990
Captured AngelCaptured Angel1975
Changing HorsesSouvenirs1974
Christ The KingThe First Christmas Morning1999
Come To The HarborLove In Time2009
Comes And GoesCaptured Angel1975
County ClareNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
CrowCaptured Angel1975
Cry In The Forest (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Dancing ShoesNether Lands1977
Days To ComeLove In Time2009
Diamonds To DustLove In Time2009
Down The RoadHigh Country Snows1985
Drawing PicturesFull Circle2003
Earth AnthemFull Circle2003
Empty CagesThe Innocent Age1981
Ever OnThe Wild Places1990
Face Of LoveNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
Face The FirePhoenix1979
Faces Of AmericaRiver Of Souls1993
False FacesNether Lands1977
Feast Of FoolsThe First Christmas Morning1999
First Christmas MorningThe First Christmas Morning1999
ForefathersThe Wild Places1990
Forever JungNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
Full CircleFull Circle2003
GhostsThe Innocent Age1981
Give Me Some TimeNether Lands1977
Go Down EasyHigh Country Snows1985
Gone Too FarWindows And Walls1984
Guitar Etude No. 3Twin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Gypsy WindPhoenix1979
Half Moon BayFull Circle2003
Hard To SayThe Innocent Age1981
Hard To SayGreatest Hits1982
Hard To SayThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Hard To StayLove Songs1995
Heart HotelsPhoenix1979
Heart HotelsGreatest Hits1982
Heart HotelsLove Songs1995
Heart HotelsThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Heart Hotels (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Hearts In DeclineExiles1987
Hickory GroveHome Free1972
High Country SnowsHigh Country Snows1985
Higher GroundRiver Of Souls1993
Holy RoadRiver Of Souls1993
Hurtwood AlleyTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
I Saw Three ShipsThe First Christmas Morning1999
Icarus AscendingFull Circle2003
In The Bleak MidwinterThe First Christmas Morning1999
In The PassageThe Innocent Age1981
IntimidationTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Intimidation (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Is This MagicNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
Isle au HautNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
It Doesn't MatterExiles1987
Lahaina LunaTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Language Of Love (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Lazy SusanTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Leader Of The BandThe Innocent Age1981
Leader Of The BandGreatest Hits1982
Leader Of The BandLove Songs1995
Leader Of The BandThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Leader Of The Band (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Lessons LearnedNether Lands1977
Let Her GoWindows And Walls1984
Lonely In LoveExiles1987
Lonely In LoveLove Songs1995
Lonely In LoveThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Lonely In Love (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Long Way Home (Live In The Country)Home Free1972
LongerGreatest Hits1982
LongerLove Songs1995
LongerThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Looking For A LadyHome Free1972
Loose EndsNether Lands1977
Lost In The SunThe Innocent Age1981
Love Gone ByNether Lands1977
Love In TimeLove In Time2009
Lovers In A Dangerous TimeThe Wild Places1990
Magic Every MomentRiver Of Souls1993
Magic Every MomentThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Make Love StayGreatest Hits1982
Make Love StayLove Songs1995
Make Love StayThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Make Love Stay (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Man In The Mirror - Below The SurfaceCaptured Angel1975
Missing YouGreatest Hits1982
Missing YouThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Missing You (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
More Than EverHome Free1972
Morning SkySouvenirs1974
Mountain PassHigh Country Snows1985
Nature Of The GameLove In Time2009
Nether LandsNether Lands1977
Nether LandsThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Next TimeCaptured Angel1975
NexusThe Innocent Age1981
O TannenbaumThe First Christmas Morning1999
Old TennesseeCaptured Angel1975
Old Tennessee (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Once In LoveFull Circle2003
Once Upon A TimeNether Lands1977
Only The Heart May KnowThe Innocent Age1981
Our Last FarewellExiles1987
Over And Over (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Paris NocturneTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Part Of The PlanSouvenirs1974
Part Of The PlanGreatest Hits1982
Part Of The PlanThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Part Of The Plan (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Power Of GoldTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Power Of Gold (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Promises MadeNether Lands1977
Reach Haven PostcardFull Circle2003
Reason To RunFull Circle2003
Rhythm Of The RainThe Wild Places1990
Rhythm Of The RainThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Rhythm Of The Rain (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
River Of SoulsRiver Of Souls1993
Road Beneath My Wheels (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Run For The RosesThe Innocent Age1981
Run For The RosesGreatest Hits1982
Run For The RosesLove Songs1995
Run For The RosesThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Run For The Roses (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Same Auld Lang SyneLove Songs1995
Same Old Lang SyneThe Innocent Age1981
Same Old Lang SyneGreatest Hits1982
Same Old Lang SyneThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Same Old Lang Syne (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Scarecrow's DreamNether Lands1977
Seeing You AgainExiles1987
Seeing You AgainLove Songs1995
Serengeti MoonRiver Of Souls1993
Shallow RiversHigh Country Snows1985
She Don't Look BackExiles1987
She Don't Look BackThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
Since You've AskedTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
SketchesNether Lands1977
SnowfallThe First Christmas Morning1999
So Many ChangesLove In Time2009
Soft VoiceLove In Time2009
Sometimes A SongLove In Time2009
Song From Half MountainSouvenirs1974
Song Of The SeaThe Wild Places1990
SongbirdNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
Spirit Trail (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
StarsHome Free1972
StasiaNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
Stolen MomentsThe Innocent Age1981
SunlightNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
Sutter's MillHigh Country Snows1985
Sweet Magnolia (And The Traveling Salesman)Windows And Walls1984
Tell Me To My FaceTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Telling You StoriesSouvenirs1974
The Colors Of EveLove In Time2009
The Higher You ClimbHigh Country Snows1985
The Innocent AgeThe Innocent Age1981
The Language Of LoveWindows And Walls1984
The Language Of LoveThe Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg2001
The Last NailCaptured Angel1975
The Last To KnowPhoenix1979
The Lion's ShareThe Innocent Age1981
The Long WaySouvenirs1974
The Loving CupWindows And Walls1984
The MinstrelRiver Of Souls1993
The OutlawHigh Country Snows1985
The Power Of GoldGreatest Hits1982
The ReachThe Innocent Age1981
The RiverHome Free1972
The Sand And The FoamThe Innocent Age1981
The Spirit TrailThe Wild Places1990
The Way It Must BeExiles1987
The Wild PlacesThe Wild Places1990
There's A Place In The World For A GamblerSouvenirs1974
There's A Place In The World For A Gambler (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Think Of What You've DoneHigh Country Snows1985
This Endris NightThe First Christmas Morning1999
This HeartFull Circle2003
Three KingsThe First Christmas Morning1999
Times Like TheseThe Innocent Age1981
To The MorningHome Free1972
Todos SantosNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)Windows And Walls1984
Tullamore DewPhoenix1979
Twins ThemeTwin Sons Of Different Mothers1978
Twins Theme (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Wandering ShepherdHigh Country Snows1985
What Child Is ThisThe First Christmas Morning1999
What You're DoingExiles1987
When You're Not Near MeFull Circle2003
Whispers In The WindFull Circle2003
Wild Places (live)Live: Greetings From The West1991
Windows And WallsWindows And Walls1984
WindwardNo Resemblance Whatsoever1995
WinterskølThe First Christmas Morning1999
Wishing On The MoonPhoenix1979
Wolf CreekHigh Country Snows1985
WysteriaHome Free1972
Yule DanceThe First Christmas Morning1999

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