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10.15 Saturday NightThree Imaginary Boys1979
10:15 Saturday NightStanding On A Beach1986
10:15 Saturday Night (live)Bestival Live 20112011
A ForestSeventeen Seconds1980
A ForestStanding On A Beach1986
A Forest (live)Bestival Live 20112011
A Forest (Single Mix)Greatest Hits2001
A Forest (Tree Mix)Mixed Up1990
A Letter To EliseWish1992
A Letter To EliseGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
A Letter To Elise (live)Paris1993
A Night Like ThisThe Head On The Door1985
A Night Like ThisStanding On A Beach1986
A Night Like This (live)Show1993
A Night Like This (live)Bestival Live 20112011
A Reflection (Instrumental)Seventeen Seconds1980
A Short Term EffectPornography1982
A Strange DayPornography1982
A Thousand HoursKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
AccuracyThree Imaginary Boys1979
All Cats Are GreyFaith1981
All I WantKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Alt.EndThe Cure2004
AnniversaryThe Cure2004
Another DayThree Imaginary Boys1979
Apart (live)Paris1993
At NightSeventeen Seconds1980
At Night (live)Paris1993
BananafishbonesThe Top1984
BareWild Moon Swings1996
Before ThreeThe Cure2004
Birdmad GirlThe Top1984
Boys Don't CryStanding On A Beach1986
Boys Don't CryGreatest Hits2001
Boys Don't Cry (live)Bestival Live 20112011
CatchKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
CatchGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Catch (live)Paris1993
Charlotte SometimesStanding On A Beach1986
Charlotte Sometimes (live)Paris1993
Close To MeThe Head On The Door1985
Close To MeStanding On A Beach1986
Close To Me (Closer Mix)Mixed Up1990
Close To Me (Closest Mix)Galore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Close To Me (live)Paris1993
Close To Me (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Close To Me (Single Mix)Greatest Hits2001
Closedown (live)Entreat1991
Club AmericaWild Moon Swings1996
Cut (live)Show1993
Cut HereGreatest Hits2001
Disintegration (live)Entreat1991
Disintegration (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Doing The UnstuckWish1992
Doing The Unstuck (live)Show1993
Dressing UpThe Top1984
Dressing Up (live)Paris1993
End (live)Show1993
End (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Fascination StreetDisintegration1989
Fascination StreetGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Fascination Street (Extended Mix)Mixed Up1990
Fascination Street (live)Entreat1991
Fascination Street (live)Show1993
Fascination Street (live)Bestival Live 20112011
FightKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Fire In CairoThree Imaginary Boys1979
Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix)Three Imaginary Boys1979
Freakshow4:13 Dream2008
Friday I'm In LoveWish1992
Friday I'm In LoveGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Friday I'm In LoveGreatest Hits2001
Friday I'm In Love (live)Show1993
Friday I'm In Love (live)Bestival Live 20112011
From The Edge Of The Deep Green SeaWish1992
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea (live)Show1993
Give Me ItThe Top1984
GoneWild Moon Swings1996
GoneGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Grinding HaltThree Imaginary Boys1979
Grinding Halt (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Hey You (Bonus Track)Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
HighGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
HighGreatest Hits2001
High (live)Show1993
Homesick (live)Entreat1991
Hot Hot HotKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Hot Hot Hot (Extended Mix)Mixed Up1990
Hot Hot Hot (Francois Kevorkian And Ron St. Germain Mix)Galore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Hot Hot Hot (live)Bestival Live 20112011
How Beautiful You AreKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Icing SugarKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
If Only Tonight We Could SleepKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
In Between DaysThe Head On The Door1985
In Between DaysStanding On A Beach1986
In Between DaysGreatest Hits2001
In Between Days (Shiver Mix)Mixed Up1990
In Your HouseSeventeen Seconds1980
In Your House (live)Paris1993
Inbetween Days (live)Show1993
Inbetween Days (live)Bestival Live 20112011
It's Not YouThree Imaginary Boys1979
It's Over4:13 Dream2008
Jumping Someone Else's TrainStanding On A Beach1986
Jumping Someone Else's Train (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Jupiter CrashWild Moon Swings1996
Just Like HeavenKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Just Like HeavenGreatest Hits2001
Just Like Heaven (Bob Clearmountain Mix)Galore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Just Like Heaven (live)Show1993
Just Like Heaven (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Just One KissJapanese Whispers1987
Just Say YesGreatest Hits2001
Killing An ArabStanding On A Beach1986
Killing Another (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Kyoto SongThe Head On The Door1985
La MentJapanese Whispers1987
LabyrinthThe Cure2004
Last DanceDisintegration1989
Last Dance (live)Entreat1991
Let's Go To BedStanding On A Beach1986
Let's Go To BedJapanese Whispers1987
Let's Go To BedGreatest Hits2001
Let's Go To Bed (live)Show1993
Let's Go To Bed (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Like CockatoosKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
LostThe Cure2004
LovesongGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
LovesongGreatest Hits2001
Lovesong (Extended Mix)Mixed Up1990
Lovesong (live)Paris1993
Lovesong (live)Bestival Live 20112011
LullabyGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
LullabyGreatest Hits2001
Lullaby (Extended Mix)Mixed Up1990
Lullaby (live)Show1993
Lullaby (live)Bestival Live 20112011
MSeventeen Seconds1980
Maybe SomedayBloodflowers2000
MeathookThree Imaginary Boys1979
Mint CarWild Moon Swings1996
Mint CarGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Mint CarGreatest Hits2001
NeverThe Cure2004
Never EnoughGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Never Enough (Big Mix)Mixed Up1990
Never Enough (live)Show1993
Never Enough (Single Mix)Greatest Hits2001
NumbWild Moon Swings1996
ObjectThree Imaginary Boys1979
OnThe Cure2004
One Hundred YearsPornography1982
One Hundred Years (live)Paris1993
One Hundred Years (live)Bestival Live 20112011
One More TimeKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Open (live)Show1993
Open (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Other VoicesFaith1981
Other VoicesStanding On A Beach1986
Out Of This WorldBloodflowers2000
Pictures Of YouDisintegration1989
Pictures Of YouGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Pictures Of You (Extended Dub Mix)Mixed Up1990
Pictures Of You (live)Entreat1991
Pictures Of You (live)Show1993
Pictures Of You (Single Mix)Greatest Hits2001
Piggy In The MirrorThe Top1984
Plainsong (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Play For TodaySeventeen Seconds1980
Play For TodayStanding On A Beach1986
Play For Today (live)Paris1993
Play For Today (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Prayers For RainDisintegration1989
Prayers For Rain (live)Entreat1991
PrimaryStanding On A Beach1986
Primary (live)Bestival Live 20112011
PushThe Head On The Door1985
Push (live)Bestival Live 20112011
ReturnWild Moon Swings1996
Round And Round And RoundWild Moon Swings1996
ScrewThe Head On The Door1985
SecretsSeventeen Seconds1980
Seventeen SecondsSeventeen Seconds1980
Shake Dog ShakeThe Top1984
Shake Dog Shake (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Shiver And ShakeKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Siamese TwinsPornography1982
SinkingThe Head On The Door1985
Sirensong4:13 Dream2008
Six Different WaysThe Head On The Door1985
Sleep When I'm Dead4:13 Dream2008
So WhatThree Imaginary Boys1979
Speak My LanguageJapanese Whispers1987
Strange AttractionWild Moon Swings1996
Strange AttractionGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Subway SongThree Imaginary Boys1979
Switch4:13 Dream2008
Taking OffThe Cure2004
Tape (live)Show1993
The 13thWild Moon Swings1996
The 13th (Swing Radio Mix)Galore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
The Baby ScreamsThe Head On The Door1985
The BloodThe Head On The Door1985
The CaterpillarThe Top1984
The CaterpillarStanding On A Beach1986
The CaterpillarGreatest Hits2001
The Caterpillar (Flicker Mix)Mixed Up1990
The Caterpillar (live)Bestival Live 20112011
The DreamJapanese Whispers1987
The Drowning ManFaith1981
The Empty WorldThe Top1984
The End Of The WorldThe Cure2004
The End Of The World (live)Bestival Live 20112011
The FigureheadPornography1982
The Figurehead (live)Paris1993
The Final Sound (Instrumental)Seventeen Seconds1980
The Funeral PartyFaith1981
The Hanging GardenPornography1982
The Hanging GardenStanding On A Beach1986
The Holy HourFaith1981
The Hungry Ghost4:13 Dream2008
The Hungry Ghost (live)Bestival Live 20112011
The KissKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
The Last Day Of SummerBloodflowers2000
The Loudest SoundBloodflowers2000
The Love CatsStanding On A Beach1986
The Love CatsJapanese Whispers1987
The Love CatsGreatest Hits2001
The Lovecats (live)Bestival Live 20112011
The Only One4:13 Dream2008
The Only One (live)Bestival Live 20112011
The Perfect Boy4:13 Dream2008
The Perfect GirlKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
The PromiseThe Cure2004
The Real Snow White4:13 Dream2008
The Reasons Why4:13 Dream2008
The Same Deep Water As YouDisintegration1989
The Scream4:13 Dream2008
The SnakepitKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
The TopThe Top1984
The Upstairs RoomJapanese Whispers1987
The WalkStanding On A Beach1986
The WalkJapanese Whispers1987
The Walk (Everything Mix)Mixed Up1990
The Walk (live)Show1993
The Walk (live)Bestival Live 20112011
There Is No If...Bloodflowers2000
This Is A LieWild Moon Swings1996
This. Here And Now. With You4:13 Dream2008
ThreeSeventeen Seconds1980
Three Imaginary BoysThree Imaginary Boys1979
To Wish Impossible ThingsWish1992
TortureKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
TrapWild Moon Swings1996
TreasureWild Moon Swings1996
Trust (live)Show1993
Underneath The Stars4:13 Dream2008
Untitled (live)Entreat1991
Us Or ThemThe Cure2004
Wailing WallThe Top1984
WantWild Moon Swings1996
Watching Me FallBloodflowers2000
Wendy TimeWish1992
Where The Birds Always SingBloodflowers2000
Why Can't I Be YouKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987
Why Can't I Be YouGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Why Can't I Be YouGreatest Hits2001
Why Can't I Be You (Extended Remix) (Bonus Track)Mixed Up1990
Why Can't I Be You (live)Bestival Live 20112011
Wrong NumberGalore - The Singles 1987 - 19971997
Wrong NumberGreatest Hits2001

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