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A Thousand FacesFull Circle2009
Are You ReadyHuman Clay1999
Are You ReadyGreatest Hits2004
Away In SilenceFull Circle2009
BeautifulHuman Clay1999
Bound And Tied (Bonus Track)My Own Prison1997
Bread Of ShameFull Circle2009
BulletsGreatest Hits2004
Catch MeFull Circle2009
Don't Give UpFull Circle2009
Don't Stop DancingWeathered2001
Don't Stop DancingGreatest Hits2004
Faceless ManHuman Clay1999
Freedom FighterWeathered2001
Full CircleFull Circle2009
HigherHuman Clay1999
HigherGreatest Hits2004
IllusionMy Own Prison1997
In AmericaMy Own Prison1997
Inside Us AllHuman Clay1999
Just FineFull Circle2009
Milan SongFull Circle2009
My Own PrisonMy Own Prison1997
My Own PrisonGreatest Hits2004
My Own Prison (acoustic) (Bonus Track)My Own Prison1997
My SacrificeWeathered2001
My SacrificeGreatest Hits2004
Never DieHuman Clay1999
OdeMy Own Prison1997
On My SleeveFull Circle2009
OneMy Own Prison1997
OneGreatest Hits2004
One Last BreathWeathered2001
One Last BreathGreatest Hits2004
Overcome 3:47Full Circle2009
Pity For A DimeMy Own Prison1997
Say IHuman Clay1999
SisterMy Own Prison1997
Slow SuicideFull Circle2009
Stand Here With MeWeathered2001
SuddenlyFull Circle2009
TornMy Own Prison1997
TornGreatest Hits2004
UnforgivenMy Own Prison1997
Wash Away Those YearsHuman Clay1999
WeatheredGreatest Hits2004
What IfHuman Clay1999
What IfGreatest Hits2004
What's This Life ForMy Own Prison1997
What's This Life ForGreatest Hits2004
What's This Life For (acoustic) (Bonus Track)My Own Prison1997
Who's Got My BackWeathered2001
With Arms Wide OpenHuman Clay1999
With Arms Wide OpenGreatest Hits2004
Wrong WayHuman Clay1999

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