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...And In A NutshellPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
A Fine CareerThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
A Man Walks Into A BarUn2004
A Slavish Duke Is Baser Than His SlavesRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
A Stitch In Time (live)Get On With It2006
Add MeThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
After ShelleyReadymades2002
Ah-MenNever Mind The Ballots1987
All Fur Coat & No KnickersThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
All In VainReadymades2002
All Mixed UpSwingin' With Raymond1995
Always Tell The Voter What The Voter Wants To HearNever Mind The Ballots1987
AmbitionRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
An Interlude: Beginning To Take It BackPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
Anachist (live)Showbusiness!1995
And In A NutshellUneasy Listening1999
Bad DogAnarchy1994
Bad SquireEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
BankrobberA Singsong And A Scrap2005
Be With YouUn2004
BehaveUneasy Listening1999
Bella CiaoA Singsong And A Scrap2005
Bella Ciao (live)Get On With It2006
Big IssueTubthumper1997
Big Mouth Stikes AgainUneasy Listening1999
Big Mouth Strikes AgainShhh1992
Blackpool RockAnarchy1994
BlurredRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
British Colonialism And The BBCPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
Bury Me DeepThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Buy Nothing DayUn2004
Buy Nothing Day (live)Get On With It2006
By And ByA Singsong And A Scrap2005
By And By (live)Get On With It2006
Celebration, FloridaWYSIWYG2000
CharlieThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Chartist AnthemEnglish Rebel Songs1988
Chartist AnthemEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Chase PC's Flee Attack By Own DogSlap!1990
Coal Not DoleEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Coca-ColanisationPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
Colliers MarchEnglish Rebel Songs1988
Colliers MarchEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Come On BabyNever Mind The Ballots1987
Commercial BreakPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
Compliments Of Your WaitressThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Creepy CrawlingTubthumper1997
Digger's Song (live)Get On With It2006
Dog (live)Showbusiness!1995
Don't Pass GoReadymades2002
Don't Try This At HomeReadymades2002
Don't Try This At Home (Revengers Version)Revengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
Drip, Drip, DripTubthumper1997
Dumbing DownWYSIWYG2000
Dutiful Servants And Political MastersPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
El FusiladoThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Enough Is EnoughAnarchy1994
Enough Is EnoughUneasy Listening1999
Everything You Know Is WrongUn2004
Fade Away (I Don't Want To)A Singsong And A Scrap2005
Fine LineThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Following YouUn2004
GeorginaUneasy Listening1999
Give The Anarchist A CigaretteAnarchy1994
Give The Anarchist A CigaretteUneasy Listening1999
Good Ship LifestyleTubthumper1997
Grateful (live)Showbusiness!1995
Hanging On The Old Barbed WireEnglish Rebel Songs1988
Hanging On The Old Barbed WireUneasy Listening1999
Hanging On The Old Barbed WireEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire (live)Get On With It2006
Happiness Is Just A Chant AwayShhh1992
Hard Times Of England (live)Get On With It2006
He Did Assault My BrotherRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
Heaven - HellAnarchy1994
Heaven - Hell (live)Showbusiness!1995
Here's The Rest Of Your LifeNever Mind The Ballots1987
Hey Hey We're The JunkiesWYSIWYG2000
Hey You Outside NowSwingin' With Raymond1995
Home With MeReadymades2002
Homophobia (live)Showbusiness!1995
Homophobia (live)Get On With It2006
How To Get Your Band On TelevisionPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
Hull Or HellThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
I Did It For AlfieUn2004
I Want MoreTubthumper1997
I Wish That They'd Sack MeThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
I'm Coming OutWYSIWYG2000
I'm In Trouble AgainWYSIWYG2000
I'm Not Sorry I Was Having FunWYSIWYG2000
I'm With StupidWYSIWYG2000
Idris Strike SongEnglish Rebel Songs1988
Idris Strike SongEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
If It Is To Be, It Is Up To MeReadymades2002
InvasionPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
Jacob's LadderReadymades2002
Jacob's Ladder (live)Get On With It2006
Jesus In VegasWYSIWYG2000
Just DessertsUn2004
Just Look At Me NowSwingin' With Raymond1995
Ladies for Compassionate LynchingWYSIWYG2000
Laughter In A Time Of WarA Singsong And A Scrap2005
Learning To LoveA Singsong And A Scrap2005
Learning To Love (live)Get On With It2006
Lie Lie Lie LieWYSIWYG2000
Liverpool - Drive With CareRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
Look No StringsShhh1992
Look No StringsUneasy Listening1999
Lord Bateman's MotorbikeThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Love Can Knock You OverSwingin' With Raymond1995
Love MeAnarchy1994
Lullaby DemonsRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
Mary, MaryTubthumper1997
Morality (live)Showbusiness!1995
Morality Play In Three ActsUneasy Listening1999
More WhitewashingPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
Moses With A GunWYSIWYG2000
Mouthful (live)Showbusiness!1995
Mouthful Of ShitAnarchy1994
Mouthful Of ShitUneasy Listening1999
Mr. Heseltine Meets His PublicNever Mind The Ballots1987
Nazi (live)Showbusiness!1995
Never Do (live)Showbusiness!1995
Never Do What You Are ToldAnarchy1994
Never Gave Up (live)Showbusiness!1995
Never Let GoSwingin' With Raymond1995
New York Mining Disaster 1941WYSIWYG2000
Not The Girl I Used To BeSwingin' With Raymond1995
Nothing Knocks Me OverUneasy Listening1999
Nothing That's NewShhh1992
On Being PushedAnarchy1994
On Being PushedUneasy Listening1999
On eBayUn2004
On eBay (live)Get On With It2006
On The Day The Nazi DiedUneasy Listening1999
One By OneTubthumper1997
One Way Or The OtherReadymades2002
OxymoronSwingin' With Raymond1995
Pass It AlongWYSIWYG2000
Pop Star KidnapShhh1992
Poverty KnockEnglish Rebel Songs1988
Poverty KnockEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Rappoport's Testament: I Never Gave UpSlap!1990
Rebel CodeUn2004
RefugeeThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Right Around The WorlThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Rip RpThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Rubens Has Been ShotSlap!1990
Salome (Let's Twist Again)Swingin' With Raymond1995
Salt Fare, North SeaReadymades2002
Same Old Same OldThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Shake Baby ShakeWYSIWYG2000
She's Got All Her FriendsWYSIWYG2000
Shwing Up GrapReadymades2002
Sing About LoveThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Slag Aid (live)Showbusiness!1995
Smart BombWYSIWYG2000
Smash Clause 29Uneasy Listening1999
Smashing Of The VanEnglish Rebel Songs1988
Smashing Of The VanEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Smith And TaylorA Singsong And A Scrap2005
Snip Snip SnipShhh1992
Social DogmaWYSIWYG2000
Sometimes PlunderShhh1992
Song For Len ShakletonReadymades2002
Song Of The Mother In DebtUneasy Listening1999
Song Of The TimesEnglish Rebel Songs1988
Song On The TimesEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Song On The Times (live)Get On With It2006
Stitch (live)Showbusiness!1995
Stitch ThatShhh1992
Sweet Angel Of RevengeRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
That Eternal EyeRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
That's How Grateful We AreSlap!1990
The Candidates Find Common GroundNever Mind The Ballots1987
The Cutty WrenEnglish Rebel Songs1988
The Cutty WrenEnglish Rebel Songs1988
The Cutty WrenEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
The Diggers' SongEnglish Rebel Songs1988
The Diggers' SongEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
The Dress KillsSwingin' With Raymond1995
The Health-And-Happiness-ShowWYSIWYG2000
The Land Of Do What You're ToldA Singsong And A Scrap2005
The Morning After (The Night Before)Swingin' With Raymond1995
The OgreThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Jerry SpringerWYSIWYG2000
The Standing StillWYSIWYG2000
The Triumph Of General LuddEnglish Rebel Songs1988
The Very Core Of LustRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
The WastelandNever Mind The Ballots1987
The Wizard Of Menlo ParkUn2004
This GirlSwingin' With Raymond1995
This GirlUneasy Listening1999
This Year's ThingAnarchy1994
Tiananmen SquareSlap!1990
TimebombUneasy Listening1999
Timebomb (live)Showbusiness!1995
Timebomb (live)Get On With It2006
To A Little RadioThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Today's SermonNever Mind The Ballots1987
Top Of The World (Ole, Ole, Ole) (Bonus Track)Tubthumper1997
Triumph Of General LuddEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
Ugh Your Ugly HousesSwingin' With Raymond1995
Ugh Your Ugly HousesUneasy Listening1999
UnileverPictures Of Starving Children Sell Records1986
UnpindownableThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Villain Strumpet SlapperRevengers Tragedy (Soundtrack)2003
Waiting For The BusThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Waiting, ShoutingUneasy Listening1999
Waiting,ShoutingSwingin' With Raymond1995
Walking Into Battle With The LordA Singsong And A Scrap2005
We Don't Go To God's House AnymoreUneasy Listening1999
We Don't Want To Sing AlongUn2004
What We WantThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
When Alexander Met EmmaA Singsong And A Scrap2005
When An Old Man DiesThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
When Fine Society Sits Down To DineUn2004
When I'm BadReadymades2002
William FrancisA Singsong And A Scrap2005
William Francis (live)Get On With It2006
Without Reason Or RhymeReadymades2002
Word BomberThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
Words Can Save UsThe Boy Bands Have Won2008
World Turned Upside DownEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-19842003
World Turnes Upside DownEnglish Rebel Songs1988
You Can (Mass Tresspass, 1932)A Singsong And A Scrap2005
You Can't Trust Anyone NowadaysShhh1992
You Watched Me DanceThe Boy Bands Have Won2008

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