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109 Pt.2Some Friendly1990
A Day For Letting GoYou Cross My Path2008
A House Is Not A HomeUs And Us Only1999
A Man Needs To Be ToldWonderland2001
A Man Needs To Be ToldForever. The Singles.2006
A Man Needs To Be Told (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
A Margin Of Sanity (Bonus Track)You Cross My Path2008
Acid In The Tea (Bonus Track)You Cross My Path2008
And If I FallWonderland2001
And If I Fall (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Another Rider Up In FlamesUp To Our Hips1994
Apples And OrangesUp At The Lake2004
Area 51Tellin' Stories1997
As I Watch You In DisbeliefUp At The Lake2004
AutographUp To Our Hips1994
Back Room WindowSongs From The Other Side2002
Bad DaysYou Cross My Path2008
Bad Days (live) (Bonus Track)You Cross My Path2008
Ballad Of The BandWonderland2001
Believe You MeSome Friendly1990
Bell And The ButterflyWonderland2001
BirdYou Cross My Path2008
Blackened Blue EyesSimpatico2006
Blue For YouUp At The Lake2004
Bona Fide TreasureUp At The Lake2004
Bullet ComesThe Charlatans1995
Can't Even Be BotheredBetween 10th And 11th1992
Can't Get Out Of BedUp To Our Hips1994
Can't Get Out Of BedMelting Pot1998
Can't Get Out Of BedForever. The Singles.2006
Chewing Gum WeekendBetween 10th And 11th1992
City Of The DeadSimpatico2006
Clean Up KidSongs From The Other Side2002
Come Home BabyModern Nature2015
Come In Number 21Up To Our Hips1994
Crashin' InThe Charlatans1995
Crashin' InMelting Pot1998
Cry Yourself To SleepUp At The Lake2004
Dead LoveUp At The Lake2004
Dead Man's EyeSimpatico2006
Different DaysDifferent Days2017
Don't Need A GunSongs From The Other Side2002
EmilieModern Nature2015
Everything ChangedSongs From The Other Side2002
Feel FlowsUp To Our Hips1994
Feel Flows (Van Basten Mix)Songs From The Other Side2002
Feel The PressureUp At The Lake2004
Feeling HolyThe Charlatans1995
FlowerSome Friendly1990
For Your EntertainmentSimpatico2006
ForeverUs And Us Only1999
ForeverForever. The Singles.2006
Forever (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
FrinckSongs From The Other Side2002
Future TenseDifferent Days2017
Get On ItTellin' Stories1997
Glory GlorySimpatico2006
Good Witch, Bad Witch 3Us And Us Only1999
Green Flashing EyesSongs From The Other Side2002
Happen To DieSongs From The Other Side2002
Here Comes A Soul SaverThe Charlatans1995
Here Comes A Soul SaverMelting Pot1998
Hey SunriseDifferent Days2017
High Up Your TreeUp At The Lake2004
How Can You Leave UsTellin' Stories1997
How HighTellin' Stories1997
How HighForever. The Singles.2006
How High (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
I Don't Care Where You LiveUs And Us Only1999
I Don't Want To See The SightsBetween 10th And 11th1992
I Just Can't Get Over Losing YouWonderland2001
I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He...Up To Our Hips1994
I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He...Melting Pot1998
IgnitionBetween 10th And 11th1992
Imperial 109Songs From The Other Side2002
ImpossibleUs And Us Only1999
ImpossibleForever. The Singles.2006
Impossible (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Indian RopeForever. The Singles.2006
Inside-Looking OutUp To Our Hips1994
Is It In YouWonderland2001
Jesus HairdoUp To Our Hips1994
Jesus HairdoMelting Pot1998
Judas (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Just Lookin'The Charlatans1995
Just Lookin'Melting Pot1998
Just When You're Thinkin' Things OverThe Charlatans1995
Just When You're Thinkin' Things OverMelting Pot1998
Just When You're Thinkin' Things OverForever. The Singles.2006
Keep EnoughModern Nature2015
Lean InModern Nature2015
Let The Good Times Be Never EndingModern Nature2015
Let's Go TogetherDifferent Days2017
Lot To SayModern Nature2015
Love Is The KeyWonderland2001
Love Is The KeyForever. The Singles.2006
Love Is The Key (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Loving You Is EasyUp At The Lake2004
Mis-TakesYou Cross My Path2008
Mis-Takes (live) (Bonus Track)You Cross My Path2008
Muddy GroundSimpatico2006
My Beautiful FriendUs And Us Only1999
My Beautiful FriendForever. The Singles.2006
My Name Is DespairYou Cross My Path2008
Need You To KnowModern Nature2015
Nine Acre CourtThe Charlatans1995
Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers Remix)Songs From The Other Side2002
No FictionThe Charlatans1995
North Country BoyTellin' Stories1997
North Country BoyMelting Pot1998
North Country BoyForever. The Singles.2006
North Country Boy (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Not Even The RainBetween 10th And 11th1992
Not ForgottenDifferent Days2017
NYC (There's No Need To Stop)Simpatico2006
Occupation H. MonsterSongs From The Other Side2002
Oh VanityYou Cross My Path2008
Oh Vanity (live) (Bonus Track)You Cross My Path2008
One To AnotherTellin' Stories1997
One To AnotherMelting Pot1998
One To AnotherForever. The Singles.2006
One To Another (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Only Teethin'Tellin' Stories1997
OpportunitySome Friendly1990
Opportunity ThreeMelting Pot1998
Over AgainDifferent Days2017
Over RisingMelting Pot1998
Page OneBetween 10th And 11th1992
PatrolUp To Our Hips1994
Patrol (The Chemical Brothers Mix)Melting Pot1998
Plastic MachineryDifferent Days2017
Polar BearSome Friendly1990
Road To ParadiseSimpatico2006
Rob's ThemeTellin' Stories1997
See It ThroughThe Charlatans1995
SensesUs And Us Only1999
So OhModern Nature2015
SolutionsDifferent Days2017
SonicSome Friendly1990
Spinning OutDifferent Days2017
Sproston GreenSome Friendly1990
Sproston Green (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Sproston Green (Us Version)Melting Pot1998
Stir It UpSongs From The Other Side2002
SubterraneanSongs From The Other Side2002
SubtitleBetween 10th And 11th1992
Sunset And VineSimpatico2006
Talking In TonesModern Nature2015
Tall GrassModern Nature2015
Tell EveryoneThe Charlatans1995
Tellin' StoriesTellin' Stories1997
Tellin' StoriesForever. The Singles.2006
Tellin' Stories (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
Thank YouThe Charlatans1995
The ArchitectSimpatico2006
The Blind StaggerUs And Us Only1999
The Blonde WaltzUs And Us Only1999
The End Of EverythingBetween 10th And 11th1992
The Forgotten OneDifferent Days2017
The MisbegottenYou Cross My Path2008
The Missing BeatsYou Cross My Path2008
The Only One I KnowSome Friendly1990
The Only One I KnowMelting Pot1998
The Only One I KnowForever. The Singles.2006
The Only One I Know (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
The Same HouseDifferent Days2017
The Setting SunDifferent Days2017
Theme From The WishMelting Pot1998
ThenSome Friendly1990
ThenMelting Pot1998
There Will Be ChancesDifferent Days2017
This Is The EndYou Cross My Path2008
This Is The End (live) (Bonus Track)You Cross My Path2008
Title FightSongs From The Other Side2002
ToothacheThe Charlatans1995
Tremelo SongBetween 10th And 11th1992
Trouble UnderstandingModern Nature2015
Try Again TodayUp At The Lake2004
Try Again TodayForever. The Singles.2006
Two Of UsSongs From The Other Side2002
Up At The LakeUp At The Lake2004
Up At The LakeForever. The Singles.2006
Up To Our HipsUp To Our Hips1994
Wake UpWonderland2001
Watching YouUs And Us Only1999
WeirdoBetween 10th And 11th1992
WeirdoMelting Pot1998
WeirdoForever. The Singles.2006
Weirdo (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
When The Lights Go Out In LondonSimpatico2006
White ShirtSome Friendly1990
With No ShoesTellin' Stories1997
You Cross My PathYou Cross My Path2008
You Cross My Path (live) (Bonus Track)You Cross My Path2008
You're A Big Girl NowTellin' Stories1997
You're Not Very WellSome Friendly1990
You're So Pretty We're So Pretty (live)Live It Like You Love It2002
You're So Pretty, We're So PrettyWonderland2001
You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty (Version '06)Forever. The Singles.2006
Your Skies Are MineSongs From The Other Side2002

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