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Another Man Done GoneDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Another Man Done GoneHeritage2007
Banjo Dreams - JalidongHeritage2007
Black AnnieDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Black Eye BluesHeritage2007
Black-Eyed DaisyDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Boodle-De-Bum-BumLeaving Eden2012
Briggs' Corn Shucking Jig - Camptown HornpipeLeaving Eden2012
Bye-Bye PolicemanHeritage2007
Cindy GalGenuine Negro Jig2010
Cornbread And Butter BeansHeritage2007
Cornbread And ButterbeansGenuine Negro Jig2010
Country GirlLeaving Eden2012
DixieDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Don't Get Trouble In Your MindHeritage2007
Dona Got A Ramblin' MindDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Earl KingHeritage2007
Georgie BuckDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Georgie BuckHeritage2007
Hit 'Em Up StyleGenuine Negro Jig2010
I Truly Understand That You Love Another ManLeaving Eden2012
Jack O' DiamondsHeritage2007
Kerr's Negro JigLeaving Eden2012
Kissin' And Cussin'Genuine Negro Jig2010
Leaving EdenLeaving Eden2012
Little MargaretDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Little SadieDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
MahallaLeaving Eden2012
No Man's MamaLeaving Eden2012
Ol' Corn LikkerDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Old Cat DiedDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Peace Behind The BridgeGenuine Negro Jig2010
Po' Black SheepLeaving Eden2012
Po' LazarusHeritage2007
Pretty BirdLeaving Eden2012
Read 'Em JohnLeaving Eden2012
Real Old Mountain DewHeritage2007
ReynadineGenuine Negro Jig2010
Rickett's HornpipeDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Rickett's HornpipeHeritage2007
Riro's HouseLeaving Eden2012
Ruby, Are You Mad At Your ManLeaving Eden2012
Run MountainLeaving Eden2012
Sally AnnDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Sandy BoysGenuine Negro Jig2010
Short Life Of TroubleDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Short Life Of TroubleHeritage2007
Sittin' On Top Of The WorldHeritage2007
Snowden's JigGenuine Negro Jig2010
Sourwood MountainDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Starry CrownDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Tom DulaDona Got A Ramblin' Mind2005
Trampled RoseGenuine Negro Jig2010
Trouble In Your MindGenuine Negro Jig2010
Wayward GalHeritage2007
West End BluesLeaving Eden2012
Why Don't You Do RightGenuine Negro Jig2010
Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like MineGenuine Negro Jig2010

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