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Black Is The ColourCara Dillon2001
Blackwater SideWanderer2017
Blue Mountain RiverCara Dillon2001
Bold JamieAfter The Morning2006
Bonny BonnySweet Liberty2003
Both Sides The TweedWanderer2017
Brockagh BraesAfter The Morning2006
Broken BridgesSweet Liberty2003
Craigie HillCara Dillon2001
Donald Of GlencoeCara Dillon2001
Erin The GreenSweet Liberty2003
EverywhereSweet Liberty2003
Falling Like A StarSweet Liberty2003
False, FalseHill Of Thieves2009
Fil, Fil A Run OHill Of Thieves2009
Garden ValleyAfter The Morning2006
GraceAfter The Morning2006
Green Grows The LaurelCara Dillon2001
Here's A HealthAfter The Morning2006
High TideSweet Liberty2003
I Am A Youth That's Inclined To RambleCara Dillon2001
I Wish I WasCara Dillon2001
I Wish You WellAfter The Morning2006
Infant Holy, Infant LowlyUpon A Winter's Night2016
Jimmy Mo Mhile StorHill Of Thieves2009
Johnny, Lovely JohnnyHill Of Thieves2009
Lakeside SwansWanderer2017
Lark In The Clear AirCara Dillon2001
Lonesome Scenes Of WinterCara Dillon2001
Maid Of CulmoreCara Dillon2001
Mother MaryUpon A Winter's Night2016
Never In A Million YearsAfter The Morning2006
O Come, O Come EmmanuelUpon A Winter's Night2016
O Holy NightUpon A Winter's Night2016
October WindsAfter The Morning2006
P Stands For PaddyHill Of Thieves2009
Rug Muire Mac Do DhiaUpon A Winter's Night2016
Sailor BoyWanderer2017
She Moved Through The FairHill Of Thieves2009
She's Like A SwallowCara Dillon2001
Spencer The RoverHill Of Thieves2009
Standing By My Christmas TreeUpon A Winter's Night2016
Standing On The ShoreSweet Liberty2003
Teh Gem Of The RoeSweet Liberty2003
The Banks Of The BannWanderer2017
The Banks Of The FoyleWanderer2017
The Darkest MidnightUpon A Winter's Night2016
The Emigrant's FarewellSweet Liberty2003
The Faughan SideWanderer2017
The Hill Of ThievesHill Of Thieves2009
The Holly And The IvyUpon A Winter's Night2016
The HuntsmanUpon A Winter's Night2016
The Lass Of GlensheeHill Of Thieves2009
The Leaving SongWanderer2017
The Parting GlassHill Of Thieves2009
The Snows They Melt The SoonestAfter The Morning2006
The Streets Of DerryAfter The Morning2006
The Tern And The SwallowWanderer2017
The Verdant Braes Of SkreenHill Of Thieves2009
The Wexford CarolUpon A Winter's Night2016
The Winding River RoeSweet Liberty2003
There Were RosesSweet Liberty2003
This TimeAfter The Morning2006
Upon A Winter's NightUpon A Winter's Night2016
WallsAfter The Morning2006
Where Are YouSweet Liberty2003

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