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Arrow Of TimeThe Dark Tower2023
Battle Hymn (+ Ross The Boss + Michael Lepond)Dance With The Devil2020
Black MagicDance With The Devil2020
Black WidowBurning Witches2017
Bloody RoseBurning Witches2017
Burning WitchesBurning Witches2017
Creator Of HellBurning Witches2017
Creatures Of The NightBurning Witches2017
Dance With The DevilDance With The Devil2020
Dark CompanionBurning Witches2017
Dead EnderHexenhammer2018
Don't Cry My TearsHexenhammer2018
Doomed To DieThe Dark Tower2023
Dragon's DreamThe Witch Of The North2021
Dungeon Of InfamyHexenhammer2018
Eternal FrostThe Witch Of The North2021
Evil WitchThe Dark Tower2023
Flight Of The ValkyriesThe Witch Of The North2021
For EternityThe Witch Of The North2021
Hall Of The Mountain KingThe Witch Of The North2021
Heart Of IceThe Dark Tower2023
Holy DiverHexenhammer2018
House Of BloodThe Dark Tower2023
Into The UnknownThe Dark Tower2023
JawbreakerBurning Witches2017
Lady Of The WoodsThe Witch Of The North2021
Lords Of WarHexenhammer2018
Lucid NightmareDance With The Devil2020
Maiden Of SteelHexenhammer2018
Metal DemonsBurning Witches2017
NecronomiconDance With The Devil2020
Nine WorldsThe Witch Of The North2021
OmenThe Witch Of The North2021
Open Your MindHexenhammer2018
RenegadeThe Dark Tower2023
Rise Of DarknessThe Dark Tower2023
Save MeBurning Witches2017
Sea Of LiesDance With The Devil2020
Six Feet UndergroundDance With The Devil2020
Tainted RitualThe Witch Of The North2021
The Circle Of FiveThe Witch Of The North2021
The Dark TowerThe Dark Tower2023
The DeathlistBurning Witches2017
The Final FightDance With The Devil2020
The IncantationDance With The Devil2020
The Lost SoulsThe Dark Tower2023
The Sisters Of FateDance With The Devil2020
The Witch CircleHexenhammer2018
The Witch Of The NorthThe Witch Of The North2021
ThrallThe Witch Of The North2021
Threefold ReturnDance With The Devil2020
TomorrowThe Dark Tower2023
Unleash The BeastThe Dark Tower2023
We Eat Your ChildrenBurning Witches2017
We Stand As OneThe Witch Of The North2021
Wings Of SteelDance With The Devil2020
Winter's WrathThe Witch Of The North2021
World On FireThe Dark Tower2023

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