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A Hard RoadNever Say Die!1978
A Hard RoadThe Ultimate Collection2016
A National AcrobatSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
After All (The Dead)Dehumanizer1992
After ForeverMaster Of Reality1971
After Forever (live)The End2017
Age Of Reason132013
Air DanceNever Say Die!1978
All Moving Parts (Stand Still)Technical Ecstasy1976
Am I Going InsaneThe Ultimate Collection2016
Am I Going Insane (Radio)Sabotage1975
Ancient WarriorThe Eternal Idol1987
Angry HeartSeventh Star1986
Anno Mundi (The Vision)Tyr1990
Back Street KidsTechnical Ecstasy1976
Back To EdenCross Purposes1994
Band Introductions (live)The End2017
Bassically - N.I.B. (live)The End2017
Behind The Wall Of SleepBlack Sabbath1970
Behind The Wall Of SleepThe Ultimate Collection2016
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (live)Reunion1998
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (live)Past Lives2002
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (live)The End2017
Black MoonHeadless Cross1989
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970
Black SabbathThe Ultimate Collection2016
Black Sabbath (live)Live Evil1982
Black Sabbath (live)Reunion1998
Black Sabbath (live)Past Lives2002
Black Sabbath (live)The End2017
Born AgainBorn Again1983
Born To LoseThe Eternal Idol1987
BreakoutNever Say Die!1978
Buried AliveDehumanizer1992
Call Of The WildHeadless Cross1989
Can't Get Close EnoughForbidden1995
Cardinal SinCross Purposes1994
ChangesBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
ChangesThe Ultimate Collection2016
Children Of The GraveMaster Of Reality1971
Children Of The GraveThe Ultimate Collection2016
Children Of The Grave (live)Live Evil1982
Children Of The Grave (live)Reunion1998
Children Of The Grave (live)Past Lives2002
Children Of The Grave (live)The End2017
Children Of The SeaHeaven And Hell1980
Children Of The Sea (live)Live Evil1982
Cloak And Dagger (Bonus Track)Headless Cross1989
Computer GodDehumanizer1992
CornucopiaBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
Cornucopia (live)Past Lives2002
Country GirlMob Rules1981
Cross Of ThornsCross Purposes1994
Damaged Soul132013
Danger ZoneSeventh Star1986
Dear Father132013
Devil And DaughterHeadless Cross1989
Die YoungHeaven And Hell1980
Digital BitchBorn Again1983
Dirty WomenTechnical Ecstasy1976
Dirty WomenThe Ultimate Collection2016
Dirty Women (live)Reunion1998
Dirty Women (live)The End2017
Disturbing The PriestBorn Again1983
Don't Start (Too Late)Sabotage1975
Dying For LoveCross Purposes1994
E5150Mob Rules1981
E5150 (live)Live Evil1982
Electric FuneralParanoid1970
Electric FuneralThe Ultimate Collection2016
Electric Funeral (live)Reunion1998
EmbryoMaster Of Reality1971
EmbryoThe Ultimate Collection2016
End Of The Beginning132013
Eternal IdolThe Eternal Idol1987
Evil EyeCross Purposes1994
Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Game With Me)Black Sabbath1970
Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games With Me)The Ultimate Collection2016
Fairies Wear Boots (live)Reunion1998
Fairies Wear Boots (live)Past Lives2002
Fairies Wear Boots (live)The End2017
Falling Off The Edge Of The WorldMob Rules1981
Feels Good To MeTyr1990
FluffSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
Fluff (live)Live Evil1982
FXBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
Get A GripForbidden1995
Glory RideThe Eternal Idol1987
God Is Dead132013
Guilty As HellForbidden1995
GypsyTechnical Ecstasy1976
Hand Of DoomParanoid1970
Hand Of Doom (live)Past Lives2002
Hand Of Doom (live)The End2017
Hard Life To LoveThe Eternal Idol1987
Headless CrossHeadless Cross1989
Heart Like A WheelSeventh Star1986
Heaven And HellHeaven And Hell1980
Heaven And Hell (live)Live Evil1982
Heaven In BlackTyr1990
Hole In The SkySabotage1975
Hole In The SkyThe Ultimate Collection2016
Hole In The Sky (live)Past Lives2002
Hot LineBorn Again1983
I WitnessCross Purposes1994
I Won't Cry For YouForbidden1995
Immaculate DeceptionCross Purposes1994
In For The KillSeventh Star1986
In Memory...Seventh Star1986
Into The VoidMaster Of Reality1971
Into The VoidThe Ultimate Collection2016
Into The Void (live)Reunion1998
Into The Void (live)The End2017
Iron ManParanoid1970
Iron ManThe Ultimate Collection2016
Iron Man (live)Live Evil1982
Iron Man (live)Reunion1998
Iron Man (live)Past Lives2002
Iron Man (live)The End2017
It's AlrightTechnical Ecstasy1976
It's AlrightThe Ultimate Collection2016
Jack The Stripper - Fairies Wear BootsParanoid1970
Jack The Stripper - Fairies Wear BootsThe Ultimate Collection2016
Johnny BladeNever Say Die!1978
Junior's EyesNever Say Die!1978
Keep It WarmBorn Again1983
Kill In The Spirit WorldHeadless Cross1989
Killing Yourself To LiveSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
Killing Yourself To LiveThe Ultimate Collection2016
Killing Yourself To Live (live)Past Lives2002
Kiss Of DeathForbidden1995
Lady EvilHeaven And Hell1980
Laguna SunriseBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
Letters From EarthDehumanizer1992
Live Forever132013
Lonely Is The WordHeaven And Hell1980
Looking For TodaySabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
Lord Of This WorldMaster Of Reality1971
Lord Of This WorldThe Ultimate Collection2016
Loser Gets It All (Bonus Track)Forbidden1995
Lost ForeverThe Eternal Idol1987
Master Of InsanityDehumanizer1992
Megalomania (live)Past Lives2002
Methademic (Bonus Track)132013
N.I.B.Black Sabbath1970
N.I.B.The Ultimate Collection2016
N.I.B. (live)Live Evil1982
N.I.B. (live)Reunion1998
N.I.B. (live)Past Lives2002
Neon KnightsHeaven And Hell1980
Neon Knights (live)Live Evil1982
Never Say DieNever Say Die!1978
Never Say DieThe Ultimate Collection2016
NightmareThe Eternal Idol1987
NightwingHeadless Cross1989
No Stranger To LoveSeventh Star1986
Odin's CourtTyr1990
OrchidMaster Of Reality1971
Orchid - Lord Of This World (live)Reunion1998
Over And OverMob Rules1981
Over To YouNever Say Die!1978
ParanoidThe Ultimate Collection2016
Paranoid (live)Live Evil1982
Paranoid (live)Reunion1998
Paranoid (live)Past Lives2002
Paranoid (live)The End2017
Pariah (Bonus Track)132013
Peace Of Mind (Bonus Track)132013
Planet CaravanParanoid1970
Psycho ManReunion1998
PsychophobiaCross Purposes1994
Rat SaladParanoid1970
Rat SaladThe Ultimate Collection2016
Rat Salad - Drum Solo (live)The End2017
Rock 'n' Roll DoctorThe Ultimate Collection2016
Rock'n' Roll DoctorTechnical Ecstasy1976
Rusty AngelsForbidden1995
Sabbath Bloody SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
Sabbath Bloody SabbathThe Ultimate Collection2016
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (live)Reunion1998
Sabbra CadabraSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
Scarlet PimpernelThe Eternal Idol1987
Selling My SoulReunion1998
Seventh StarSeventh Star1986
Shaking Off The ChainsForbidden1995
She's GoneTechnical Ecstasy1976
Shock WaveNever Say Die!1978
Sick And TiredForbidden1995
Sins Of The FatherDehumanizer1992
Sleeping VillageBlack Sabbath1970
Slipping AwayMob Rules1981
SnowblindBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
SnowblindThe Ultimate Collection2016
Snowblind (live)Reunion1998
Snowblind (live)Past Lives2002
Snowblind (live)The End2017
SolitudeMaster Of Reality1971
Sphinx (The Guardian)Seventh Star1986
Spiral ArchitectSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
Spiral ArchitectThe Ultimate Collection2016
Spiral Architect (live)Reunion1998
St. Vitus DanceBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
StonehengeBorn Again1983
SupernautBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
Supernaut - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Megalomania (live)The End2017
Sweet LeafMaster Of Reality1971
Sweet LeafThe Ultimate Collection2016
Sweet Leaf (live)Reunion1998
Sweet Leaf (live)Past Lives2002
Swinging The ChainNever Say Die!1978
Symptom Of The UniverseSabotage1975
Symptom Of The UniverseThe Ultimate Collection2016
Symptom Of The Universe (live)Past Lives2002
The Battle Of TyrTyr1990
The DarkBorn Again1983
The Gates Of HellHeadless Cross1989
The Hand That Rocks The CradleCross Purposes1994
The Illusion Of Power (feat. Ice T)Forbidden1995
The Law MakerTyr1990
The Mob RulesMob Rules1981
The Mob Rules (live)Live Evil1982
The Sabbath StonesTyr1990
The ShiningThe Eternal Idol1987
The Sign Of The Southern CrossMob Rules1981
The Sign Of The Southern Cross - Heaven And Hell (continued) (live)Live Evil1982
The Thrill Of It AllSabotage1975
The WizardBlack Sabbath1970
The WizardThe Ultimate Collection2016
The WritSabotage1975
Time MachineDehumanizer1992
Tomorrow's DreamBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
Tomorrow's DreamThe Ultimate Collection2016
Tomorrow's Dream (live)Past Lives2002
Too LateDehumanizer1992
TrashedBorn Again1983
Turn To StoneSeventh Star1986
Turn Up The NightMob Rules1981
TV CrimesDehumanizer1992
Under The Sun - Every Day Comes And GoesBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
Under The Sun - Every Day Comes And Goes (live)The End2017
Virtual DeathCross Purposes1994
VoodooMob Rules1981
Voodoo (live)Live Evil1982
Walk AwayHeaven And Hell1980
War Pigs (live)Live Evil1982
War Pigs (live)Reunion1998
War Pigs (live)Past Lives2002
War Pigs (live)The End2017
War Pigs - Luke's WallParanoid1970
War Pigs - Luke's WallThe Ultimate Collection2016
WarningBlack Sabbath1970
What's The Use (Bonus Track)Cross Purposes1994
Wheels Of Confusion - The StraightenerBlack Sabbath Vol. 41972
When Death CallsHeadless Cross1989
Who Are YouSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973
Wicked WorldThe Ultimate Collection2016
Wicked World (live)Past Lives2002
Wishing WellHeaven And Hell1980
You Won't Change MeTechnical Ecstasy1976
Zero The HeroBorn Again1983

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