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1000 StarsThe Crossing1983
1000 Stars (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
After The FloodThe Journey2013
All Go TogetherThe Buffalo Skinners1993
AloneThe Buffalo Skinners1993
Angels And PromisesThe Journey2013
Another CountryThe Journey2013
Bass Dance (Bonus Track)Steeltown1984
Beat The DevilNo Place Like Home1991
Beautiful PeopleNo Place Like Home1991
Belief In The Small Man (Bonus Track)Steeltown1984
BellaDriving To Damascus1999
Blue On A Green PlanetWhy The Long Face1995
Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)Peace In Our Time1988
ChanceThe Crossing1983
Chance (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
CharlotteWhy The Long Face1995
Chester's FarmThe Buffalo Skinners1993
Close ActionThe Crossing1983
Come Back To MeSteeltown1984
Comes A TimeNo Place Like Home1991
Devil In The EyeDriving To Damascus1999
Dive In To MeDriving To Damascus1999
Driving To DamascusDriving To Damascus1999
Driving To Damascus (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Dynamite LadyNo Place Like Home1991
East Of EdenSteeltown1984
East Of Eden (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
EiledonThe Seer1986
Everything I NeedPeace In Our Time1988
Far From Me To YouWhy The Long Face1995
Fields Of Fire (400 Miles)The Crossing1983
Fields Of Fire (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Flame Of The WestSteeltown1984
Fragile ThingDriving To Damascus1999
Freedom SongNo Place Like Home1991
From Here To EternityPeace In Our Time1988
Giant (Bonus Track)The Seer1986
Girl With Grey EyesSteeltown1984
God's Great MistakeWhy The Long Face1995
GraceDriving To Damascus1999
Hail And FarewellThe Journey2013
Harvest HomeThe Crossing1983
Harvest Home (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Heart Of The World (Bonus Track)No Place Like Home1991
Hold The HeartThe Seer1986
Home Of The BraveThe Journey2013
HurtThe Journey2013
I Could Be Happy HerePeace In Our Time1988
I Walk The HillThe Seer1986
I'm Not AshamedWhy The Long Face1995
In A Big CountryThe Crossing1983
In A Big Country (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
In A Broken Promise LandThe Journey2013
In This PlacePeace In Our Time1988
Into The Fire (Bonus Track)No Place Like Home1991
InwardsThe Crossing1983
Inwards (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Just A ShadowSteeltown1984
Just A Shadow (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Keep On DreamingNo Place Like Home1991
King Of EmotionPeace In Our Time1988
Kiss The Girl Goodbye (Bonus Track)No Place Like Home1991
Last Ship SailsThe Journey2013
Leap Of FaithNo Place Like Home1991
Long Way HomeThe Buffalo Skinners1993
Longest Day (Bonus Track)Peace In Our Time1988
Look AwayThe Seer1986
Look Away (12'' Mix) (Bonus Track)The Seer1986
Look Away (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Lost PatrolThe Crossing1983
Lost Patrol (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Message Of LoveWhy The Long Face1995
Never Take Your Place (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
One Great ThingThe Seer1986
One Great Thing (Disco Mix) (Bonus Track)The Seer1986
One In A MillionWhy The Long Face1995
Peace In Our TimePeace In Our Time1988
Perfect WorldDriving To Damascus1999
Pink Marshmallow MoonThe Buffalo Skinners1993
PorrohmanThe Crossing1983
Porrohman (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Post Nuclear Talking BluesWhy The Long Face1995
Prairie Rose (Bonus Track)Steeltown1984
Rain DanceSteeltown1984
Red FoxThe Seer1986
Remembrance DayThe Seer1986
Republican Party ReptileNo Place Like Home1991
Restless Natives (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
ReturnThe Journey2013
River Of HopePeace In Our Time1988
Sail Into NothingWhy The Long Face1995
SailorThe Seer1986
See YouDriving To Damascus1999
Send YouWhy The Long Face1995
Seven WavesThe Buffalo Skinners1993
ShipsNo Place Like Home1991
Ships (Version 1993)The Buffalo Skinners1993
Somebody ElseDriving To Damascus1999
Song Of The South (Bonus Track)The Seer1986
Starred And Crossed (Bonus Track)Peace In Our Time1988
Steeltown (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Strong (All Through This Land)The Journey2013
Take You To The MoonWhy The Long Face1995
Tall Ships GoSteeltown1984
The Great DivideSteeltown1984
The Hostage SpeaksNo Place Like Home1991
The JourneyThe Journey2013
The One I LoveThe Buffalo Skinners1993
The President Slipped And FellDriving To Damascus1999
The Seer (+ Kate Bush)The Seer1986
The Selling Of AmericaThe Buffalo Skinners1993
The StormThe Crossing1983
The Storm (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
The TeacherThe Seer1986
The Teacher (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
The Travellers (Bonus Track)Peace In Our Time1988
Thousand Yard StarePeace In Our Time1988
Thunder And LightningWhy The Long Face1995
Time For LeavingPeace In Our Time1988
Trouble The WatersDriving To Damascus1999
We're Not In KansasNo Place Like Home1991
We're Not In Kansas (Version 1993)The Buffalo Skinners1993
What Are You Working ForThe Buffalo Skinners1993
When A Drum Beats (Bonus Track)Peace In Our Time1988
Where The Rose Is SownSteeltown1984
Where The Rose Is Sown (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
Wildland In My HeartWhy The Long Face1995
Winding WindThe Buffalo Skinners1993
Winter FireThe Journey2013
Winter Sky (Bonus Track)Steeltown1984
Wonderland (Extended) (Bonus Track)Steeltown1984
Wonderland (live)Dreams Stay With You - Live April 20112011
You DreamerWhy The Long Face1995
You, Me And The TruthNo Place Like Home1991
Your Spirit To MeDriving To Damascus1999

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