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From A Girl1972:
From A Girl's Point Of View We Give To You... Love Unlimited -
Love Unlimited

  1. I Should Have Known
  2. Another Chance
  3. Are You Sure
  4. Fragile Handle With Care
  5. Is It Really True Boy Is It Really Me
  6. I'll Be Yours Forever More
  7. If This World Were Mine
  8. Together
  9. Walking In The Rain With The One I Love
10. It May Be Winter Outside, (But In My Heart It's Spring)
11. I Belong To You

Under The Influence Of - Love Unlimited1973:
Under The Influence Of -
Love Unlimited

  1. Love's Theme (Instrumental)
  2. Under The Influence Of Love
  3. Lovin' You, That's All I'm After
  4. Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It
  5. Say It Again
  6. Someone Really Cares For You
  7. It May Be Winter Outside (But in My Heart It's Spring)
  8. Yes, We Finally Made It


Together Brothers (Soundtrack) - {Love Unlimited} + {Barry White} + {Love Unlimited Orchestra}1974:
Together Brothers (Soundtrack) -
Love Unlimited + Barry White + Love Unlimited Orchestra

  1. Somebody Is Gonna Off The Man (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  2. So Nice To Hear (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  3. Alive And Well (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  4. Find The Man Bros. (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  5. You Gotta Case (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  6. Killer's Lullaby (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  7. Theme From Together Brothers (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  8. Get Away (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  9. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (Instrumental) (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
10. Somebody Is Gonna Off The Man (Instrumental) (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
11. The Rip (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
12. Stick Up (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
13. Dreamin' (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
14. Killer's Back (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
15. Do Drop In (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
16. Killer Don't Do It (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
17. Here Comes The Man (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
18. Dream On (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
19. Honey Please Can't You See (Barry White)
20. Can't Seem To Find Him (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
21. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (Love Unlimited)

In Heat - Love Unlimited1974:
In Heat -
Love Unlimited

  1. Move Me No Mountain
  2. Share A Little Love In Your Heart
  3. Oh I Should Say, It's Such A Beautiful Day
  4. I Needed Love - You Were There
  5. I Belong To You
  6. I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go
  7. Love's Theme


He's All I've Got -
Love Unlimited

  1. I Did It For Love
  2. Never Never Say Goodbye
  3. Whisper You Love Me
  4. He's Mine (No You Can't Have Him)
  5. I Can't Let Him Down
  6. I Guess I'm Just Another Girl In Love
  7. He's All I've Got

Love Is Back - Love Unlimited1979:
Love Is Back -
Love Unlimited

  1. I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman
  2. High Steppin', Hip Dressin' Fella (You Got It Together)
  3. When I'm In Your Arms, Everything's Okay
  4. If You Want Me, Say It
  5. You A Love (Every Man Is Searchin' For)
  6. Gotta Be Where You Are
  7. I'm His Woman


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